Bimbisara Jail Overview
After becoming a King, Ajatshatru put his father King Bimbisara in this jail built inside the Ajatshatru Fort. It is one of the most well-known places to visit in Rajgir because of its ancient history. The king was detained here because of his devotion to Lord Buddha and was moved to another small room during his last days so that he can see and hear Lord Buddha who was staying in the fort at that time.

Surrounded by stone pillars and high walls, this jail is situated near the Maniyar Math. You can admire the ruins and learn about Indian history and also get a panoramic view of the famous Japanese Peace Pagoda at the top of the hill. You can also explore the Ajatshatru fort, Shanti Stupa, and the Cyclopean wall nearby.

Location: NH 82, Rajgir, Bihar 803116, India
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