Ghora Katora Lake Overview
Ghora Katora Lake, near Rajgir, is a very lovely and mesmerizing place. The horses of the Rajgir kings are said to have drunk water from here and therefore, the lake's form is similar to that of a horse. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains and is next to the World Peace Pagoda. You need to take the traditional "tonga" as private vehicles are not allowed. It's 6 kms from the main road and the journey towards this place is very mesmerizing.

The first glimpse itself will take your heart away. The lake looks picturesque and is ideal for strolling across it and taking wonderful pictures. Boating is also available here and visitors can enjoy a quality time with their family and for seeking some calmness away from the chaos of hustling life. The preferable time to visit this place is during the early winters.

Location: Near the city of Rajgir in the Indian state of Bihar

Timings: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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