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An up and coming hub for tourism and industrialization, there has also been a rise in the number of Resorts in Noida. From the fully-flexed 5-star luxury properties to easy on the attainable and laid-back ones. So, for your upcoming trip to the city of Noida can be the perfect opportunity for exploring the becoming lodging options, especially the resorts in Greater Noida, which is an extension of the original Noida landscape.

Places like the Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort or the Grand Heritage Resort are choices that display a range available for all types of visitors and their stay requirements. Options like the former are ideal for leisure and romantic getaways, while the latter is more well-suited for corporate and larger crowds.

With that said, there are a few resorts in Noida with activities. Such picks are for families, particularly with kids, official outings or day trips with friends. These resorts have a plethora of outdoor games and special arrangements for group activities. Thus, depending on the kind of experience you would like to have, there is a resort in Noida for you.
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Which are the best resorts in Noida?

1. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort: Offering superior luxury, Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa is among the best resorts in Greater Noida. Spanning over 9 acres of lush lawns that double as the golf course, this place is heaven for a recreational vacation in and around Noida.

Also being awarded and accoladed for their world-class hospitality, guests at Jaypee Greens can relax and unwind by exploring a range of facilities, such as - the spa, restaurant, bar, indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool etc. One can also arrange their special events like weddings and corporate events with much ease and a premium experience.

Location: Old Kasna, Road, Surajpur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Gym, Spa, Golf Course, Housekeeping, Sanitization, Security, Kid-friendly, Doctor on Call, Room Service and more.
Price: Starts from INR 9000 per room/night.

2. Fortune Inn Grazia: This is one of the best resorts in Noida, a modern lodging for the new-age travellers, the Fortune Inn Grazia is a part of the Fortune ITC Group. Situated in the commercial district of Noida, there are many places, restaurants, shopping outlets and so on nearby.

Apart from that, the property itself has a contemporary design and ambience with many spacious and tastefully appointed rooms, restaurants and bar, swimming pool spa, gym and many other features that the guest can access for a more comfortable stay experience.

Location: Plot No. 1A, I Block, Pocket I, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Bar, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Gym, Conference Hall, Housekeeping, Security, Sanitization, Parking and more.
Price: Starts from INR 2400 per room/night.

3. Park Ascent: Staunch followers of premium hospitality and being the topmost lodging facility in Noida, Park Ascent is a renowned hotel that has all the right ingredients to make every guest’s stay a wondrous experience.

There are about 72 well-installed lux rooms, a restaurant, a gym, travel desk from where you can get a guided tour of the city’s best places, and much more. Besides this, people on business trips or wanting a place for corporate events can also look at Park Ascent for their great packages and Conference/Banquet spaces.

Location: Plot No.126 Noida-Khoda Road, Campus, opp. IIM Lucknow, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Gym, Parking, Conference and Banquet, Travel Guide, Housekeeping, Laundry, Security, Sanitization, Wheelchair Accessible and more.
Price: Starts from INR 4500 per room/night.

4. Radisson Blu MBD: This 5-star property is located in the very busy and commercial 18 Sector of Noida. The perfect positioning of Radisson Blu MBD also makes it easy to enjoy sightseeing and going around the different places in the Delhi-NCR area.

Meanwhile, the premises of the hotel are exquisite with modern exteriors, rich interiors and 152 luxuriant rooms. Some of the other facilities worth checking out here during your stay include the different dining outlets - R.E.D, Made in India, the Chocolate Box and the lounge-bar SXVIII, the spa where you can get a good knead to release the tension out of these muscles, the poolside to sit or take a dip, and much more.

Location: L-2, Pocket J, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Bar, Conference and Banquets, Swimming Pool, Wheelchair Accessible, Doctor on Call, Spa, Gym, Security, Sanitization, Housekeeping and more.
Price: Starts from INR 3995 per room/night.

5. Grand Heritage Resort: The Grand Heritage is an upright resort in the Greater Noida Area. Surrounded by ample verdure, this resort is also in reach of nearby attractions and places like Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad.

Guests staying at Grand Heritage would be treated with exceptional service from welcoming staff. Other than that, the property boasts of comfortable accommodations, and many apparent facilities like - a multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor game area and so on which can be enjoyed by the athletic guests very much.

Location: R-4, Sector 20, Block B, Nawada, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Gym, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Airport Shuttle, Business Center, Lawn, Housekeeping, Security, Sanitization and more.

6. The Hideaway Greater Noida: The Leisure Hotels have their signature hospitality and lodging experience in Noida with the Hideaway Greater Noida Resort. This 4-star property is for the urbane travellers who come from all walks of life.

Thus, offering their tremendous service and facilities to leisure business, family, couples and all other visitors. Starting out with the thoroughly designed and instilled rooms, to the different dining outlets, to the spa where you can let go. Moreover, for the ones with an upcoming celebration or an office event can also look into the packages and apt arrangements offered here.

Location: Knowledge Park I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Bar, Meeting Venue, Banquets, Spa, Housekeeping, Wheelchair Accessible, Kid-friendly, Security, Sanitization and more.
Price: Starts from INR 1399 per room/night.

7. Stardom Hotel and Resort: This is a 3-star resort property in Noida that excels at special events and hosting functions. They have open lawns, indoor banquets and spacious halls in which one can arrange dinners and parties of large groups with ease.

Apart from that, this expansive and modern resort also offers well-maintained accommodations in four categories. Guests booking a stay or planning their events here can expect top-class service and professionalism from the staff, be it the catering or housekeeping or some other facility.

Location: Plot num 20, institutional green 1, Suthiyana, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306.
Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Banquet, Conference, Parking, Room Service, Reception, Laundry, Housekeeping, Security, Sanitization and more.
Price: Starts from INR 4000 per room/night.

8. GINGER Noida: This is one of the best affordable resorts in Noida if you are looking for less spending but great comfort and adequate facilities. A part of the GINGER hotels, the Noida outlet is a sophisticated place to enjoy your stay.

The place covers all the primary facilities as well as features like banquets and conference rooms to be more providing for a diverse range of visitors. And to meet the new sanitization and safety precautions, the GINGER Noida is following the best practices, ensuring the stress-free stay experience.

Location: Near Corenthum Business Park, BLOCK - H, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.
Price: Starts from INR 1300 per room/night.

Which are the best resorts in Greater Noida?

1. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort: Located in Greater Noida, the Jaypee Greens Resort is a fine piece of property that boasts of luxuriant accommodations, lush surroundings, manicured lawns that also make up a part of the professional golf course on-site. Besides this, this high-end resort is also great for organizing family gatherings, weddings and even corporate outings, making it one of the go-to resorts in Greater Noida.

2. The Hideaway Greater Noida: One of the most sight-after resorts in the Greater Noida area, the Hideaway by Leisure Hotel Group is the favoured choice for all types of travellers. Along with being budget-friendly, this place is also compatible with catering and servicing to a diverse group of visitors, ranging from corporate to leisure to families and even special events and more.

3. Grand Heritage: The Grand Heritage is a lavish vacation stay facility in Greater Noida that can appeal to all types of visitors. With many different accommodation options, and just as many facilities available, you are sure to enjoy your time here. The ideal positioning of the resort offers lush surroundings and soothing views, it also makes sightseeing and touring around the whole Delhi-NCR area very comfortable.

4. Stardom Hotel and Resort: This is the first choice for large events, wedding celebrations and other group events in Noida. The Stardom Hotel and Resort has many spacious and accommodating indoor and outdoor event venues. Besides this, the property also has cushy rooms in different variants, each of them being well-appointed.

Which are the resorts near Noida for the weekend?

1. Western Resort Country Club: Located in Manesar near Noida, the Western Resort Country Club is one place where you can spend a fun weekend exploring a selection of adventure activities and later plenty of rest and leisure within plush accommodations. Tucked away in a less crowded area, this resort is the perfect getaway for a short break with family, friends or a loved one.

2. The Lalit Mangar Resort: The Lalit Mangar Resort is situated near Mangar Lake in the Mangar Bani Valley. The more than picturesque surroundings are a welcomed escape from the thriving Noida city. With a brand association like the Lalit Group, this resort is where you can get a lavish hospitable experience as guests. Whether it is the accommodations, the restaurant, the spa or any other facility on site.

3. Heritage Village Resort: Yet another property in Manesar, near Noida, the Heritage Village Resort is a luxuriant place to spend a relaxed and unbothered weekend. Considered to be one of the best resorts for honeymooners, families, celebrations, and other types of vacations, anyone and everyone is welcomed at the Heritage Village. The lush surroundings, palatial architecture and modern-day facilities like -restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and more make it a memorable stay experience.

4. Golden Huts Resort: In Rewari District near Noida lies the Golden Huts Resort, an eminent property that has ranked quite high on the list of top resorts near Noida. Surrounded by lush greenery, landscaped gardens and the soaring Aravalli Hills, this place is a scenic relief for the eyes as well as a comfortable retreat to be able to enjoy lux accommodations, fine-dining, spa and other amenities and activities.

Which are the resorts in Noida for couples?

1. Fortune Inn Grazia: This is an upscale and plush Noida Resort, ideal for all types of travellers, but especially for couples. The property lies in a lucrative area that has all the amenities and recreational places.

Couples can easily spend their days and even evenings exploring those, or just stay in their expansive and cozy rooms with utmost privacy, dine at the in-house restaurant and enjoy the couple's spa treatments.

2. Radisson Blu MBD: Radisson Blu MBD is among the topmost luxury resorts in Noida. A part of the Radisson chain, this outlet is an outstanding lodging facility that offers the best stay experience.

Known for their hospitality and a wide range of facilities, guests of all types, especially couples can have a great time enjoying each other’s company at the restaurant, swimming pool, spa and even private accommodations.

3. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort: Couples looking for a nice and relaxing sojourn, must take a look at one of the topmost Resorts in Greater Noida - Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort.

This is a part of the Jaypee Group and is a place where you get excellent service and pampering. Both you and your partner can explore the dining outlets, the golf course by trying your hand at the game, the couple’s sessions at the spa facility and more during the stay.

Which are the resorts in Noida with a swimming pool?

1. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort: Spread over 9 acres of land, this meticulously designed resort is the one that stands out from all the resorts in greater Noida. The Jaypee Greens is a property designed for luxury and leisure offers every possible facility, including a full-sized outdoor swimming pool.

2. Radisson Blu MBD: Offering the best of facilities and hospitality, the Radisson Blu MBD in Greater Noida is a luxury lodging property for discerning guests on a leisure or work trip. There are over 150 rooms, in 7 different variants. Other than that, there are three dining outlets, a spa, fitness centre and an open-air swimming pool to name a few features.

3. Fortune Inn Grazia: The Fortune Grazia Inn is among the best 5-star resorts in Noida. It is an extension of the ITC Group, ensuring the highest of service and hospitality standards. There are several different well-equipped accommodations, eating outlets, gym and swimming pool, among other amenities for the guests.

Which are the best spa resorts in Noida?

1. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort: Offering an exceptional spa facility on the premises, the guests staying at Jaypee Greens can indulge in a range of pampering and mollycoddling massages, treatments, couple’s sessions and other therapies. Besides this, the resort also has immaculate accommodations, dining outlets and more such facilities worth experiencing.

2. Radisson Blu MBD: There is a professional and high-end spa facility at the Radisson Blu MBD in Noida. The guests staying in can access the spa to indulge in many massages, therapies and other full-body treatments to get relaxed and rejuvenated. Besides this, the accommodations, restaurant, swimming pool, gym and other facilities are also where one can unwind and make the most of their vacation.

3. Fortune Inn Grazia: There is the Fortune Wellness Center at the Grazia Noida property. Deemed as one of the finest resorts in Noida, their spa and relaxing facilities are top of the line. Apart from that, there are also a gym, restaurant, bar etc. where guests can spend some time relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Which are the best resorts near Noida for day outing?

1. Western Resort Country Club: The Western Resort in Manesar is located at an ideal distance and area that can be visited during a one-day outing. The resort near Noida offers plush accommodations, a range of elemental facilities as well as many activities like golf, horse-riding, outdoor sports and more to keep the guests entertained.

2. Golden Huts Resort: This premium resort property in Rewari is a few hours away from Noida and a fun place to plan a day trip. Golden Huts, deemed as the finest resort in the region offers all the amenities, needful facilities, spacious and comfortable accommodations and many activities like - bonfires, outdoor games, swimming, BBQ etc. that are perfect to be enjoyed in a day.

3. Awara Adventure Farm: Located around 70 kilometres from Noida, the Awara Adventure Farm much like its name is a one-stop destination to participate in adventure activities and satiate the need for a thrill.

At this popular resort property in Manesar, you can spend a day trying out obstacle courses, zip-lining, outdoor and indoor games, among other things. Apart from that, Awara Adventure also has comfortable arrangements for accommodation for the less enthusiastic visitors.

What facilities will I get at Noida resorts?

Here is a list of facilities that you can expect at the Resorts in Noida:

- Front Desk
- Kid-friendly
- Swimming-pool
- Parking
- Airport Shuttle
- Fitness Center
- Spa (limited)
- Business Center
- Concierge
- Banquet Hall
- Sanitization
- Wheelchair Accessible
- Doctor on Call.

Which locations have the largest number of resorts in Noida?

The top location with the most number of resorts in Noida is the Greater Noida area. A commercially viable district, all major attractions and sociable places can be found here, ex - malls, theatres, residential sectors and so on. Apart from that, the IIM Lucknow Campus Road, Sector 18 and 20 are also great to look for lodging in Noida city.

Noida Resorts Reviews

Dhanpati Bhat
Reviewed: 15 Sep 2021
The Botanix Nature Resort was wonderful, and we went there for our college trip. We, a group of females, felt extremely safe at the resort and had a fantastic time.
Pratik Chauhan
Reviewed: 01 Aug 2021
If you’re looking for a good resort in a natural setting, Botanix might just be the place. My partner and I stayed here for two nights. The resort was fantastic, with well maintained rooms and good views.
Daksha Kapoor
Reviewed: 11 Feb 2021
The Fortune Inn Grazia was a fantastic location to unwind. My whole vacation was spent in the lounge chairs near the indoor pool, sipping cocktails.
Mayank Sharma
Reviewed: 09 Feb 2021
Resort was good with nice and clean rooms. Facilities were all there although most of them were out of bounds because of the COVID protocols in place.
Dinakar Joshi
Reviewed: 22 Jan 2021
Recently visited this beautiful property for our family vacation. And, I must say, they really deserve full rating in terms of staff, stay and food. I would happily give 5 out of 5 in every aspect. I would also recommend to try staying in their tents instead of cottages for a more adventurous experi... Read More
Geeta Marar
Reviewed: 18 Apr 2021
I recently went to the hotel with my family for a staycation, and it was a great experience! Starting from the food and our rooms, to the staff and not to mention, the spa, all of the things here were perfect. I would like to specially mention their coffee shop, which has many delicious desserts and... Read More

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