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Dubrovnik is a historic city in Croatia closer to the Adriatic Sea. There are well preserved buildings on this city built in baroque and Gothic style. Many historic buildings and converted into historic museums now. This is a walled city and has many tourist resorts. This is also a sea port and has lesser population. This city has seen its development during 15th and 16th century. This is a city with scenic spots and landscapes. You can visit this city for its architectural beauty, splendid churches, monasteries, fountains, and museums. There are many places to visit and things to do in this old city.

There are beautiful valleys, towns, islands, peninsula, and other neighbouring towns that can be visited. You can take bus as a local transportation. You can also take ferry and boats rides and go sightseeing nearby places. In this city you can take many of the “Game of Thrones” walking tours. There are nearby islands where many movies have been filmed. You can visit beaches, take boating trips, attend local festivals, and enjoy tasting the local cuisine. This place also offers bars, lounges, and clubs for a swish nightlife. The locals are friendly. This city is safe, but you must follow the local customs to stay safe.

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  1. Travel Advice

    • Take a ferry to Korcula and enjoy the view of limestone streets and scenic mountains.

    • Stay in an apartment that has water front with your own room, terrace, and other amenities.

    • Don’t go to the Old Town when the ships are reaching the harbour.

    • Take a cable car to get a ecstatic view of the city walls, islands, and sea.

    • Do take the cable car which affords thrilling views over the walled city of Dubrovnik and the surrounding sea and islands.

    • You can take a walk on the city walls late in the day and enjoy the view of the sea. Avoid walking the city walls when the weather is hot and humid.

    • Listen to the live music at the bars near the Dubrovnik cathedral.

    • If you buy more than one glass of wine or a meal, you will be charged with outrageous prices.

    • Swim at the pebble beaches and take a cruise to the nearby islands. Don’t go to the beahes when the weather is hot.

    • Make sure to taste fresh fish and sea food at the local roof top restaurants near the harbour outside the limits of the city.

    • Do not eat ice creams and soft bread in this city.

    • Try the local wines but do not drink the local beer.

  2. Drinking Law

    The minimum age for purchasing liquor is 18 years of age. There is no minimum age for drinking in Croatia.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Sailing, boating, adventure, and outdoor activities

    Cliff Jumping at Cafe Buža is a popular activity. You can also visit the Dubrovnik Escape Room and solve puzzles, play games as this place are inspired by Game of Thrones theme. You can also go kayaking on the Pile beach, which lies outside the walls of the city. You can swim in the Adriatic Sea but avoid stepping on the sea urchins. There are many nearby islands where you can hire charter boats and go sailing. You can take sailing trips to islands like Korcula, Mljet, and Pelješac. Take a ferry ride to the Lokrum Island and enjoy the view of monasteries, forts, nature parks, botanical gardens, and enjoy the serenity and landscape view of this island.

    Beaches and museums

    Lapad Beach is a sandy beach and a few kilometers away from the old town. There are many trees and cafe bars closer to the beach. You can take a stroll on these beaches and enjoy the local cuisine at these restaurants. Banje Beach is a free beach and gives an amazing view of the city. You can play volleyball and water polo here. The Lokrum Island is great for swimming and enjoying the tranquillity of the island. You can get the view of the city by climbing the fort.

    Bukovac House showcases paintings of modern painters and young artists. Dubrovnik Natural History Museum has taxidermy specimens that are 100 years old. Franciscan Monastery Museum exhibits artifacts from the world’s oldest pharmacies. Synagogue and Jewish Museum is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. Dominican Monastery Museum has artifacts and paintings from the previous eras of the city. The Sponza Palace Museum has artifacts, furniture, and painting from the Dubrovnik Republic. The Treasury of Cathedral has relics from the feast of Saint Blaise. Maritime Museum showcases exhibits of sailing and ships from the times of Dubrovnik Republic. The Ethnographic Museum showcases cultural and spiritual development, folk customers, textiles, from the 15th century.

    Places of sightseeing in old town

    Big Onofrio´s Fountain is a place where you can see pigeons resting and is a local hangout of the youth of the city. Old Port has cruise ships. Fort Lovrijenac has a waterfront and is a tall fort that is built on a high rock. Visia Dubrovnik 5D theaters are your place to experience virtual reality and take guided tours through the history of the city.

    Roland's Column is a stone flag that symbolizes the legendary knight. Bell Tower has statues in bronze and a large sized bell. Sponza Palace has Gothic architecture and stores many historic archives. Rector's Palace is a museum now that stores information about the history of the city.

    Pile Gate is the starting point where you can take walking tours in the old Town. Placa Stradun is the Old Town, and you can enjoy the sight of the streets, houses, baroque architecture of the buildings, Gothic and renaissance palaces and more.

  4. What you will like there?

    Sightseeing and beaches

    There are not too many water sports activities except for boating and sailing. But for tourists who love the Game of Thrones, there are many thematic spots to be visited. The beaches are pristine and there are churches, monasteries, and historical sites that can be visited. The local cuisine is nothing to vouch for, but something different you can try from the run of the mill places.

  5. Books

    Dubrovnik City Walk 2016 - Palaces, Streets and Squares by Maximilian Just

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