Things to Do in Chittorgarh

The trip to this gorgeous town in Rajasthan is not only enticing but also rejuvenating with a range of thrilling and relaxing things to do in Chittorgarh. Known for its rich landscapes, royal palaces, historical structures, temples, panoramic views, mouth-watering cuisine, and lots of handicrafts to shop, the city attracts visitors for its activities suitable for every sort of traveller.

You can immerse yourself in the town's heritage tour as there are plenty of forts and palaces located in and around the city carrying significant historic importance. Or, visit the town's religious places like Meera Temple, Kumbh Shyam Temple, and many more to offer prayers and feel blissful. For foodies also, there is a wide range of authentic Rajasthani cuisine to try and endure all new and appealing flavours.

Chittorgarh, like other Rajasthan's cities, is full of colours and vibrancy. The shopping experience in this city is unique and enthralling with lots of handmade products, locally grown spices, etc. to fill your bags and take back home as lovely reminiscences. From witnessing the panoramic natural views to taking part in breath-taking adventures to exploring rich heritage, pinpointing on what to see in Chittorgarh is definitely up to your likings and preferences. But, each and every activity in Chittorgarh is amazing and would leave you with unforgettable memories.

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Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort is one of the most important places to visit in Chittorgarh. This historical fort is the pride of the Rajasthani town as it stands imposingly upon the top of a hill, looking down protectively over the city. Nearly all of Chittorgarh’s attractions are housed inside the fort. The Chittorgarh Fort is a massive structure which was first built in the 7th century and covers an area of approximately 700 acres.

Tower Of Fame (Kirti Stambh)

The Tower of Fame (Kirti Stambh) in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, is a 12th-century marvel, standing as a symbol of Jain architecture. Adorned with intricate carvings and statues, it commemorates the victory of Jainism over opposition, depicting the Jain philosophy and heritage.

Rana Kumbha Palace

Rana Kumbha Palace, nestled in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, is a historic marvel reflecting Rajput architectural grandeur. Built in the 15th century, the palace showcases intricate carvings, stunning courtyards, and resonates with tales of valor, making it a significant testament to Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage.

Vijay Stambha (Victory Tower)

Vijay Stambha, also known as the Victory Tower, stands proudly in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century, this nine-story structure symbolizes valor and triumph, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, narrating tales of Chittorgarh's historic resilience and glory.

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Price: You only need to pay the entry price for the fort 

Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001

Padmini's Palace

Padmini's Palace, nestled in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, is a historic structure showcasing Rajput architectural elegance. Built in the 13th century, it overlooks a serene pond. The palace, associated with the legendary Queen Padmini, captivates with its reflection in the water, adding to its mystique.

Fateh Prakash Palace

Fateh Prakash Palace, part of the City Palace complex in Udaipur, Rajasthan, is a royal heritage hotel. Built in the early 20th century, it exudes opulence with its traditional architecture, ornate interiors, and scenic Lake Pichola views, offering a regal experience in the heart of Udaipur.

Kalika Mata Temple

Kalika Mata Temple, dedicated to Goddess Kalika, is a Hindu pilgrimage site in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Perched on a hill, it offers panoramic views of the city. The temple, adorned with intricate carvings, attracts devotees seeking spiritual solace and architectural enthusiasts alike.

Sanwariaji Temple
Sanwariaji Temple is one of the most renowned places to visit in Chittorgarh. The massive temple complex is considered second in religious importance only to the Krishna Temple in Nathdwara, and is a popular pilgrimage shrine in Rajasthan. Located approximately 40 kilometres away from Chittorgarh, this temple is a lovely place to spend a couple of pious hours in.

Serenity and positivity enrich the ambience of the temple, and the sacrosanct halls make for a peaceful place to mediate and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Visiting the temple as soon as dawn breaks is a pleasant way to experience the solitude and quiet that the temple offers.
Timings: 5 am to 12 pm; 2.30 pm to 11 pm
Price: Free entry 
Location: Bhadsoda and Mandphiya village, Dist. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, Bhadsora, Rajasthan 312024
Sathis Deori Temple

Located inside the Chittorgarh fort, close to Fateh Prakash Palace, this temple is one of the best sacred places to visit in Chittorgarh fort. The temple forms a part of the Jain temple complex, and is the largest amongst them. This massive Shwetamber Jain Temple was built in the 11th century and celebrates the life and virtues of Bhagawan Adinatha. 

The name of the temple signifies that at some point in history, there were twenty-seven temples inside this temple alone. Though no trace of these monuments remains, the SathisDeori Temple is a grand sight to behold in and of itself. The architecture is to be marvelled at for its intricate detailing and awe-inspiring domes. Sitting quietly in the temple allows you to immerse yourself in its ancient solitude.

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Price: You only need to pay the entry price for the fort

Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001

Ratan Singh Palace
The “Winter Palace” of the royal family, Ratan Singh Palace is a scenic palace in the massive grounds of the Chittorgarh fort. Though the palace wears a rundown look today, it has played a significant part in the history of Chittorgarh in its heyday.

It was used for great ceremonies and functions by the royal family, and has a beautiful architectural style made up of towering domes, sculpted pillars, embellished walls and more. The palace is located along the Ratneshwar Talab, and thereby offers pleasant views of the fort grounds. The beautifully carved Ratneshwar Mahadeva Temple is also located in the palace grounds and is one of the best places to visit in Chittorgarh.

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Price: Rs 15 for Indians and Rs. 200 for Foreigners
Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001

Samadhisvara Temple
Samadhisvara Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva originally built BhojaParmara in early 11th century AD but later on renovated by Mokalin 1428. Apart from the grandiose image of lord Shivaenshrined in the heart of the temple, it also consists of garbhagriha, an antarala and a gudha-mandapa with mukhmandapa (entrance porch) on all the three faces, i.e., northern, western and southern sides. The temple too lies inside the Chittorgarh Fort and is among the most popular attraction with tourists in Chittorgarh. 
Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Price: You only need to pay the entry price for the fort 
Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001

Meera Temple
The Meera Temple is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Chittorgarh, reflecting as it does the beautiful history of devotion played out in the story of the Rajputani princess, Meera and her Lord Krishna.

The temple, with its Indo-Aryan architecture, is located inside Chittorgarh Fort, has several intricately carved idols that adorn its sanctum sanctorum. A small temple dedicated to lord Krishna can also be found inside. The history and culture of the age can be understood comprehensively when you pay a visit to this temple and is one of the best places to visit in Chittorgarh.

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Price: You only need to pay the entry price for the fort 
Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001
Gaumukh Reservoir
One of the most important water tanks in the Chittorgarh Fort, the Gaumukh Reservoir is a sacred site in the Hindu religion, so much so that a tour of sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites is considered incomplete without a visit to this reservoir.

Water from a natural spring constantly flows from the “cow mouth” into the reservoir. A shiva-linga and an icon of Goddess Lakshmi adorn the base of the Gaumukh where the water falls. A popular activity indulged in by visittors to the reservoir is the feeding of the fishes that dwell there. The Samadheswar Temple is located close at hand and provides a lovely complement to the holy reservoir. 

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Price: You only need to pay the entry price for the fort 
Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001
Shyam Temple
Names after one of its feistiest rulers, Rana Kumbha, this temple is a magnificent place to visit in Chittorgarh. The temple was built by Rana Kumbha in an Indo-Aryan architectural style, and is dedicated to Varaha, an incarnation of Vishnu. Apart from being a holy shrine, the temple is also a great place to understand the artistic taste of rana Kumbha.

The temple is decorated with holy artworks chosen by the king, and its domes, pillars and idols are mesmerising. The dominating pyramidical roof of the temple captures the eye long before the temple is reached, and once inside, the carvings on the walls keep one in a constant state of fascination and is one of the best places to visit in Chittorgarh.

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Price: You only need to pay the entry price for the fort 
Location: Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001
Mahanal Temple
Approximately 80 kilometres from Chittorgarh lies one of the best places to visit in Chittorgarh- Mahanal Temples and Math. The temple complex is dedicated to Lord Shiva and also houses some other deities. Though partially in ruins, it is nonetheless a scenic place to visit.

Not only is the complex architecture of the complex still awe-inspiring, there is also a lovely waterfall nearby that adds grace and charm to the location. Spending a couple of hours leisurely exploring the temple complex and the waterfall is a beautiful and serene way to pass some time. A day-trip from Chittorgarh to the temple is a good idea- the drive is delightful and the destination exclusive.

Timings: Open 24 hours 
Price: Free entry
Location: Mahanal Temples and Math, Menal, Chittorgarh, India
Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary
Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the loveliest places to visit in Chittorgarh. This wildlife sanctuary is a place where nature works its wonders in the form of teak, bamboo, tendu, amla and salar forests, the Jakham and Karmoi rivers, and the countless birds and animals that inhabit it.

The forest takes its name from the legend of Sita attached to it. Sita, the wife of Lord Ram of Ayodhya, is said to have inhabited the ashram of Saint Valmiki in this forest dring her separation from Lord Ram. Animals like the flying squirrel, spotted deer, wild bear, four horned antelope, nilgai, jungle cat, jackal, hyena, caracal wild boar, leopards, wild pangolin can be spotted here. 

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm
Price: Rs 10 for Indians adults; Rs 2 for Indian students; Rs 80 for foreigners
Location: Pratapgarh, Rajasthan 
Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary, near Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Spanning diverse landscapes, it shelters wildlife like deer, leopards, and various bird species. With picturesque surroundings and a tranquil ambiance, it provides a serene escape, enhancing the allure of Rajasthan's natural beauty.

Bhainsrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
One of the prettiest places to visit near Chittorgarh, the Bhainsrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary best places to visit in Chittorgarh nestled in the lap of the Aravalli ranges. The sanctuary is situated near the impenetrableBhainsrodgarh fort, and makes for a unique outing rich in both natural beauty and history

The Chambal and Brahmani rivers flow nearby and the entire area has a stillness and calm that few places can match. A visit to this sanctuary is an excellent way of viewing wild boars, four horned antelopes, deer, jackals, panthers, foxes, chinkaras and hyenas. Many migratory birds are also to be found here. Several small waterfalls add further relish to the pretty spectacle. 

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
Location: Bhainsrorgarh, Via Kota, Bhainsrorgarh, Rajasthan 323304
Mandalgarh Fort
The Mandalgarh Fort is an ancient fort located 54 kilometres away from Chittorgarh, and is one of the grandest tourist attractions of Chittorgarh. Considered to be the oldest fort in Rajasthan, Mandalgarh has been the site for many historical battles.

The fort was built by Rana Kumbha and has features typical of the architectural style of that ruler. A Shiva Temple is also housed inside the fort. 

Timings: 9:30 am to 5 pm
Location: Mandalgarh Fort, Rajasthan 311604

Tulja Bhawani Temple
An ancient temple with roots going deep down into the culture and traditions of Chittorgarh, the Tulja Bhawani Temple, located west of the fort of Chittorgarh, is a shrine dedicated to the worship of local goddess Tulja Bhavani. 

The temple is adorned with various idols celebrating the greatness of the goodness, and the architecture with its delicate carvings and embellishments, is typical of the 16th century Rajasthani architecture. A visit to this temple should definitely be included within the tour of the Chittorgarh fort complex and also best places to see in chittorgarh.

Timings: Open 24 hours
Price: Free entry
Location: Near Ram Pol, Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001

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Chittorgarh Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Chittorgarh?

1. Bird watching at Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary: Perfect for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, visiting Bassi lifetime sanctuary is one of the exciting things to do in Chittorgarh as it lets you witness wide species of animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Jeep safaris are arranged by forest officials and opting for a morning safari gives you the chance to spot numerous migratory and local birds found in the region. The place is surrounded by lush beauty and is thronged by wildlife photographers to capture some memorable clicks.

Location: Bassi, Chittorgarh - 312022, Rajasthan.
Time: 6:30 AM - 5:00 PM.
- Indian Nationals: INR 10
- Students: INR 2
- Foreign Nationals: INR 80
- Car Entry: INR 65
- Two Wheelers: INR 10
- Buses: INR 100.

2. Enjoy a luxurious stay at Bassi Fort: Looking for options to enjoy luxuries like a Royal, then book a stay at the grand Bassi Fort. This 16th century Fort is a heritage property and outlines the old charm, grandeur and architecture.

Equipped with modern comforts, rooms are elegant and stylish and offer a relaxing ambience. Staying at this fort must be on top of your bucket list of things to do in Chittorgarh to collect splendid memories.

Location: Bassi Fort, Bassi, Chittorgarh - 312022, Rajasthan.

3. Plan a sightseeing tour: With so many marvellous historical forts and structures located in and around Chittorgarh, you will have plenty of opportunities to decide on what to see in Chittorgarh.

Explore the heritage of the city by visiting famous landmarks like Padmini Palace, Chittorgarh Fort, Rattan Singh Palace, Rana Kumbha Palace, Kirti Stambh, Vijay Stambh, etc. and get a taste of Rajput royalty and opulence.

Timings: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (approx.).

4. Indulge in thrilling activities: Chittorgarh lets you enjoy the trip to the city in mind-blowing activities like cave exploration, water sports, sound & light show at Chittorgarh Fort, trekking, hiking, etc. While light & sound show amuses all and is great to have fun with family, trekking and hiking like activities are for adventure lovers who love to test their adrenaline.

5. Visit temples and offer prayers: With plenty of grand and beautiful ancient temples present in the city, it is heaven for spirituality seekers and Hindu devotees to seek blessings.

The Meera Temple, Kalika Mata Temple, Samidheshwar Temple, Avari Mata Temple, and many Jain Temples are a few sacred holy places located in the city that draw tourists for their religious significance, marvellous architecture, and serene surroundings. Even if you are not a Hinduism follower, these places deserve a visit for being ancient and classic.

6. Go for shopping around the alleys: It is said that no trip is complete without buying a speciality of the area and Chittorgarh boasts of its share of exclusive pieces. Here, you will find small shops to big malls for souvenir shopping.

With exclusive items like miniature painting, marble figurines, lac and glass bangles, camel leather goods, silver and chunky jewellery, handicrafts, wooden articles, and many more, the range of local products is unlimited and impressive. Sadar Bazaar, Rana Sanga Market, and Fort road markets are a few of the best areas in Chittorgarh where you can go shopping and satisfy the shopaholic in you.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (variable).

7. Savour the taste of Rajasthan cuisine: With a vast variety of authentic Rajasthan dishes, desserts and drinks on the offer, foodies find Chittorgarh absolutely delightful.

Daal Baati Churma, Kachoris, Samosa, Wadas, etc., are few of the delights that must not be missed while in the city while Ghewar, Kulfi Faluda, Jalebi are there to satiate your sweet cravings. As the dishes are prepared using locally grown fresh spices and ingredients, these burst out different flavours in your mouth and make your trip more tempting and pleasurable.

What are the adventure things to do in Chittorgarh?

1. Trekking: The trek to Bhimlat Mahadev temple at an altitude of 150 feet is one of the most adventurous things to do in Chittorgarh and is a must for thrill-seekers. Also, there is a natural waterfall that makes the place more deserving and mesmerising.

2. Go for Cycling: To explore the rustic landscapes of Chittorgarh, go paddling through the alleys of the city and explore its culture, art and life differently.

3. Jeep Safari to explore wildlife: Book a jeep safari to watch beautiful birds and wildlife from close in their natural habitat and capture the special moments to share with your friends and loved ones.

4. Camel/Horse Riding: Riding a trained horse or camel through the countryside is not only thrilling but lets you explore the city in a more interesting way.

What are the popular things to do in Chittorgarh with kids?

1. Watch Light & Sound Show: Wondering about what to see in Chittorgarh with kids? Head to Chittorgarh Fort and be part of a grand sound and light show. This show is held daily after 7:00 PM and is a unique way to learn about the city's history and culture.

2. Visit famous landmarks: With Chittorgarh Fort, Kirti and Vijay Stumbhs, Rani Padmini's Palace, Jain Temples, Meera Temple and many more attractions, you have plenty of choices to explore the city's heritage and religious significance with kids.

3. Explore wildlife: Go for a jeep safari to interiors of Bassi, Sita-Mata, or Bhainsrorgarh sanctuaries and enjoy a fun-filled excursion with your kids.

4. Picnic at Meenal Waterfall: Complete with stunning surroundings, the place proves to be a perfect location to enjoy leisure time with your family and kids.

5. Taste local delicacies: Kids love to try new flavours and foods, and tasting various delectables at any of the posh dining restaurants or street food joints would definitely make them happy and delighted.

Which are the famous historical places in Chittorgarh?

1. Chittorgarh Fort: Known for Rajput architecture style, this fort features several towers, temples, and beautiful sculptures. Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh are also located within the premises that get illuminated at night. These look amazing and tops the list of what to see in Chittorgarh.

2. Rani Padmini's Palace: Built on the bank of the lotus pool, it is the palace where Ala-Ud-Din Khilji saw Queen Padmavati's reflection in the pool and got fascinated with her beauty.

3. Ratan Singh Palace: Built in 1530AD, this palace holds historical significance for being the place for royal’s ceremonies and events.

4. Fateh Prakash Palace: Constructed by Maharana Fateh Singh, this place depicts Rajputana architecture style. It is a museum now housing a collection of weapons and traditional costumes.

5. Meera Temple: Chittorgarh is the birthplace of Meera Bai, a 16th-century Rajput princess, who abandoned the worldly luxuries and devoted her life to Lord Krishna. This temple was made to give due respect to her devotion.

What is famous in Chittorgarh?

Chittorgarh is famous for its forts, palaces, Jain temples, Meera Bai Temple, waterfalls, and serene landscapes. It is also known for Rani Padmini and Rani Karnavati who performed Jauhar to protect their dignity. It is also known for its colourful handicrafts, paintings, apparels and mouth-watering dishes.

What is the best time to visit Chittorgarh?

The ideal time to visit Chittorgarh is during winter months from October to March. These months see comfortable temperatures and idyllic climatic conditions for sightseeing, excursions, trekking, or to indulge in any outdoor activities.

Is Chittorgarh worth visiting?

Yes, Chittorgarh is absolutely worth visiting as it is a place complete with natural beauty, heritage, art, culture, shopping and food. The trip to this city is full of thrills and excitement with a plethora of things to do in Chittorgarh that can keep you happy and engaged for days to weeks.

How many days are required to visit Chittorgarh?

You need at least two nights and three days to explore the city's major landmarks, heritage, culture, taste local food, and do some souvenir shopping.

There are several grand forts, alluring temples, ancient palaces, and Minal Waterfall like attractions that it would be difficult to decide what to see in Chittorgarh in one day.

What are the best stays in Chittorgarh?

1. Castle Bijaipur: Enjoy a royal stay without breaking your bank at this resort, which offers luxuries, premium services and warm hospitality.

2. The Elegance Resort: Complete with classy interiors and plush comfort, this resort promises a blissful stay with its modern amenities, a multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, spa, pool, Wi-Fi and business centre.

3. Nahargarh Resort: Set on a private lake, this resort is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing stay in lavish quarters packed with modern amenities, Wi-Fi, pool, restaurant, kids’ zone, and amazing views of the Aravalli Hills.

4. Menal Resort: Located near the Menal Waterfall, the resort features relaxing stay along with adventure activities like Jungle Safari, Trekking, etc.

5. Padmavati Lake Resort: If you are looking for unique things to do in Chittorgarh, then plan a stay in the Swiss tents of this resort, which will mark your vacation with pleasant memories of sojourn amid lush landscapes.

What are the best shopping places in Chittorgarh?

1. Fort Road Market: Proudly displaying its diversified items and products, this market is famous among tourists for its convenient location and reasonable prices.

2. Rana Sanga Market: Another destination to do souvenir shopping in Chittorgarh this market sells authentic Rajasthan artisan crafts and locally gown spices.

3. Sadar Bazaar: If still looking for options of what to see in Chittorgarh then tour Sadar Bazaar and be amused by the rich culture and vibrancy of the city through its collection of handmade fabrics, camel leather products, metal wares, jewellery, wooden toys and much more.

4. Gandhi Chowk: Known for its unique shopping items, this market is preferred over others for its street food, lovely ambience and diverse range of metal, wooden and leather products.

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