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Cairns Day Trips

Cairns Day Tours lets you take through the Great Barrier Reef, surreal rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and ancient villages to give you a glimpse of laid-back vibes and magnificent esplanade. You can enjoy the amazing day trips from Cairns and discover some of the best Australian adventures in and around the city.

When you head out to Fitzroy Island, you get to enjoy the tropical paradise of beaches and rainforest with families and friends. On your days trips to Green Island National Park you can unravel and discover thousands of years of deposition of sand and coral rubble to form the island. You will also get to come across many marine species like juvenile fish, clams, stingrays and terrestrial life like green and hawksbill turtles. Kuranda is yet another amazing place to plan out a day trip for relaxation and unlimited picturesque views.
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Cairns Day Tours FAQs

What are the best day trips to take from cairns?

1.Great Barrier Reef-
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the world and is located around 140 km to the north coast of Cairns.
  • The sheer underwater coral reef beauty is extremely vibrant in colour and expands vast ecological communities and habitats.
  • The expansive biodiversity includes innumerable beautiful and endangered tropical fishes, and over 2900 individual reefs.
  • It also offers a variety of underwater activities like snorkelling, diving for marine life viewing experience.

Off the east coast of the Queensland mainland, Australia
Duration: 1 Day
  • Explore about 3,000 distinct reefs, 900 islands, and a length of 2,600 kilometres.
  • The old, dead structures are now supported by the living corals that make up the reef. These ancient corals could date back up to 20 million years.

2.Fitzroy Island-
  • Within the tranquil, protected waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy Island is a pristine tropical paradise with beaches and vegetation.
  • Fitzroy Island is more than a tropical paradise of beaches and rainforests.
  • You can enjoy this Cairns Day Tours at Fitzroy Island offshore from Cape Grafton that is 29 km south-east of Cairns, Queensland Australia.
  • The fascinating island is an ideal destination for family and friend trips as the island is too welcoming and abundant in both local life and marine life respectively.
  • The unspoilt Island is worth visiting as you wont regret a bit of sighting marine life, relaxing and enjoying beautiful crystal clear water on your own.

30 minutes to 3 hours

3.Green Island National Park-

  • Green Island National Park is one of the most well known destinations for day trips from Cairns.
  • The island is basically formed over thousands of years by deposition of sand and coral rubble.
  • The rainforest environment is accumulated with vast tropical vines which is home to a diverse range of birds and wild animals.

Boad Access, Green Island QLD 4871, Australia
Duration: 7 hours
  • Green Island National Park is one of the most significant attractions included in Cairns Day Tours to make contact with the wonders of the reef.
  • The Island is owned by precious corals, reefs such as juvenile fish, clams, stingrays and terrestrial life like Green and hawksbill turtles seen at the offshores.


  • Enjoy day trips from Cairns by visiting the picturesque mountainous village of Kuranda located just 25 km northwest of Cairns in North Queensland, Australia.
  • The authentic and adorable tropical rainforest village is attracting visitors from all over the world to relax and have one of the finest vacation experiences.

7 hours
  • Kuranda is one of the great options in Cairns Day Tours one is able to avail during the trip and explore the beautiful little village and its wildlife heritage.
  • Indulge in the natural adventure and discover the marvels and hidden gems of Kuranda village in your Cairns trip.

5.Barron Falls-

  • Nestled at Kuranda, Barron Falls is one of the iconic natural attractions one should head to for the day trips from Cairns.
  • The falls allows you to witness the pristine natural view, breathtaking panoramic shots around the beautiful waterfall amidst the lush green rainforest.

Centenary Park, Coondoo St, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia
Duration: 3 Hours
  • The waterfall is easily accessible via the Kennedy Highway that crosses the Barron river upstream near Kuranda.
  • The attraction is one of the most visited places around Cairns especially during the wetter months because of its natural splendour.

6.Chillagoe Caves-

  • Chillagoe Caves is a spectacular gallery of small limestone jagged to form a collection of historical limestone caves.
  • This ancient heritage of Australia is a 3 hour drive far from the west of Cairns to venture and have an amazing Cairns Day Tours experience.
  • The epic cave tour exploration and discovery will allow you to witness Donna, Trekkinn and Royal arch caves during your day trips from Cairns.

Frew St, Chillagoe QLD 4871, Australia
Duration: 2 - 3 Hours
  • Take a magnificent stroll in the limestone caves of the Chillagoe-Montana National Park to explore the amazing structures, and ancient culture.
  • The caves are one of the five discovered places for the white-rumped swiftlet Aerodramus terraereginae

7.Atherton Tablelands-

  • Atherton Tablelands is one of the most fertile plateau of the great dividing range which you can witness during your Cairns Day Tours.
  • Cuddled with a cooler climate and a huge range of landscape’s complex with wetlands, rainforest and savanna, Atherton Tablelands is a highland region which has everything worthy of a vacation.
  • This region consists some coffee plantations, national parks, waterfalls and hikes in Far North Queensland (FNQ)

1 - 2 Hours
  • Atherton Tablelands is home to some of the best national parks, waterfalls, hikes, and other experiences.
  • Plan the day trips from Cairns and head straight to Atherton Tablelands on behalf of exploring the lush greenery, magnificent views.
  • Spend your holiday amidst the best adventures and treks of Australia.

8.Josephine Falls-

  • Ranked among the most heavenly waterfalls, Josephine Falls in Tropical North Queensland is definitely a must visit attraction to tour around.
  • One of the most pleasing regions in Australia allows you to indulge in some amazing experience away from the city life which starts after a 700 metre bushwalking adventure.
  • The day trips from Cairns to these falls is a great place for fun with family and friends in the dense rainforest.

LOT 1 Josephine Falls Walk, Bartle Frere QLD 4861, Australia
Duration: 1 - 1:30 Hours
  • Josephine Falls are a great place to relax and have fun with family in the cascading waters.
  • Witness the crystal clear waters at the end of some sandy beaches and dense rainforests.
  • Get to enjoy the swimming experience as well as climb uphill to have wildlife encounters and picturesque scenery.

9.Palm Cove-

  • While proposing a trip with Cairns Day Tours to Green Barrier Reef, make sure you toggle around the palm-lined beach enjoying the sun and relaxing the day out.
  • One of the top 3 tourist attractions of the country allows you to relax by your hotel pool, or stroll through some romantic beaches. You can also relish in amazing dining at the local restaurants.
  • Palm Cove is best to be visited during tropical spring as the beach is occupied with cheerful visitors and magical atmosphere.

4- 5 hours
  • Palm Cove is home to some of the lavish beachfront hotels and resorts confronting the charming colonial beach.
  • The attraction is also an active training ground for the air-force and army of the country.

10.Port Douglas-

  • If you are the one searching for a romantic getaway, then book your trip with Cairns Day Tours to a chic attraction named Port Douglas, a seaside village that is renowned for its natural heritage.
  • Enjoy a whole new experience and a plethora of new lifestyles in a tropical holiday destination around in these luxe resorts and pristine rainforests.
  • The tropical town has two UNESCO World Heritage-listed wonders.

5 hours
  • Get easy access to the coral sea, the Daintree rainforest, and the great barrier reef from Port Douglas.
  • The coastal town introduces you to its various aspects of the city alongwith lot more places to go into the town.

How to reach Cairns?

By Air: You can take an international flight to Australia which connects to Cairns Airport. Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Air New Zealand and Singapore Air are the major flight operators in Cairns.

By Sea: Take the Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise, P & O, Princess Cruises, among many others, at the Cairns Cruise Terminal. You can hop off at the Port of Cairns, one of the major ports of the region.

By Trains: You can also reach Cairns by train with Spirit of Queensland, which operates 5 times a week from major cities of Australia.

By Car: You can take the Bruce Highway (M1) to reach Cairns which connects Brisbane to North Queensland.

How many days are enough to visit Cairns ?

If you wish to cover the whole of Cairns then you would need to stay about 3 - 4 days. In this time, you can enjoy the city vibes as well as explore the nearby gorgeous surroundings. During your stay, you can take a chopper tour to get a bird’s eye view of the region, and take snorkelling trips to the Great Barrier Reef. You can think of exploring the Kuranda's rainforest, taste local delicacies, and more.

What is the best month to go to Cairns?

The best month to visit Cairns is during the month of June to August, when you can choose to plan various day trips from Cairns. During these months you can partake in almost all the activities as the average temperature is between 17 to 26 degrees, with clear skies and calm winds.

What are the some best places to visit in Cairns ?

1. Cairns Aquarium- 
  • Heading over to Cairns Aquarium, visitors can experience the natural splendours of the Gulf Savannah, Cape York, Wet Tropics, and Great Barrier Reef.
  • Every visit is remarkable thanks to the approximately 16,000 species and special possibilities to come up close to some of the most fascinating, elusive, or dangerous creatures in the world.
  • You can also dive along with the curious sharks and stingrays in the Reef tank.

 5 Florence St, Cairns CityQLD 4870, Australia

2. Skyrail Rainforest-
  • Skyrail Rainforest cableway is a 7.5 km scenic way through which visitors can enjoy the lush greenery of the oldest tropical rainforest.
  • It’s an enchanting way to discover the ancient rainforest above the Barron Gorge National Park and partake in its various activities.
  • You will get to glide over the surreal jungle canopy as well and have an adrenaline rushing experience.

 6 Skyrail Dr, Smithfield QLD 4870, Australia

3. Cairns Botanic Gardens-
  • Cairns Botanic Gardens is one of the top gardens in Australia with a collection of over 4000 species like Rubber Trees, Cocoa, Hog Plum, and more.
  • You can witness the beauty and indulge in the enriching tropical surroundings and get to learn about horticulture and tropical flora.

 78-96 Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870, Australia

4. Cairns Esplanade Lagoon-
  • Cairns Esplanade Lagoon stretched to 4800 square metres of swimming area allows tourists to swim and have fun.
  • The location offers all year round, safe swimming opportunities to encourage active play around the city’s foreshore.
  • You can take a stroll along the Esplanade and witness the amazing public artworks.

52/54 Esplanade, Cairns City QLD 4870, Australia

5. Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome-
  • The renowned Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome is a must-see location for you if you're looking for excitement and adventure.
  • This incredible park offers a variety of exciting activities in addition to the chance to interact with and view diverse wildlife critters. You can also attend various wildlife shows, get amazed by the famous adventure park and enjoy zipline over the zoo and wildlife
  • Learn more about the Australian exotic animals by attending interactive feeding and talking demonstrations.

 The Reef Hotel Casino,35-41 Wharf st

How to get around in Cairns ?

By Bus: You can take various buses from Greyhound Australia and Premier Motor Services to travel around the city. The city has regular bus services by which it is easy to travel to towns like Palm Coves, Port Douglas and Mission Beach.

By Train: The most enchanting travel system at Cairns is the Kuranda Scenic Rail that runs from Cairns to the town of Kuranda.

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