Barron Gorge National Park, Cairns: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Barron Gorge National Park

Stretching from Lake Placid to Atherton Tableland in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Barron Gorge National Park is a superb experience for all nature lovers among tourist places in Cairns. Believed to be formed 400 years ago, the national park was a part of the supercontinent Gondwana. In the midst of verdant green mountains, cascading waterfalls and exotic wildlife, Barron Gorge National Park enchants everyone with its pristine natural beauty.

The tropical rainforest is dominated by the Barron River that creates the beautiful Barron Falls. The park is renowned as one of the traditional lands where the local Aboriginal people known as the Djabagandi Bama used to live. Many of the walking trails that you see now are a part of the Bama trails which were developed back then.

It is well known for its tropical rainforests and the evolutionary history drawing in nature lovers and history buffs.

Wrights Lookout Rd, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia 

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