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Best Things To Do in Bheemeshwari

The fishing village of Karnataka is in Malavalli Taluk, Mandya District. Nature is abundant in Bheemeshwari; the lofty mountains, the clouds, lush green forest, and Cauvery river. The best thing to do in Bheemeshwari is viewing wildlife like a leopard, wild boars, jackals, crocodiles, and deer. Bheemeshwari is bird watching abode too, you can watch birds like kingfisher, white-browed Bulbul, green-billed Malkoha, Sirkeer cuckoo, and the pigmy woodpecker. From its origin as Talacauvery in the mountains of Coorg, winding among the valleys, bouncing on the rocks, River Cauvery reaches the border of Bangalore at a beautiful place called Bheemeshwari. It is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Bheemeshwari is between Mekedatu (Goat's Leap) and Shivanasamudra falls. It is a native abode of the mighty Mahseer fish. Far away from maddening crowd and concrete jungle, spend time in the actual jungle. The music that you hear is going to be the singing of birds and paean of the river. On the banks of Cauvery, you can enjoy the tranquil waters of the river. A perfect gateway to the tired body and soul, Cauvery river on one side and lush green and dense forest on another side is a sight to behold. Instead of waking up to the alarm sound, you wake up to the birds singing. If you are lucky, you can see peacocks dancing around and deer running around.

Bheemeshwari is 100 kilometers from Bangalore. Bangalore is well connected to all major cities in India through air, rail, and bus. KSRTC buses from all major cities in Karnataka as well as private buses to Bheemeshwari are available. You can hire a taxi or self-drive. Bheemeshwari is accessible to tourists around the year. The monsoons are the best times. This is the time when the forest and hills are lush green and Cauvery river will be in its full form - June to August. Post monsoon, August to October is also a good time. November to February, winter, and post-winter the climate will be pleasant to chilly. March to June, change in temperature starts. April and May are hot and the river will not be in its full form. There are many nature camps and forest stays here, as well as guesthouses and resorts are available. Check out the Best things to do in Bheemeshwari on your vacation here.

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  Night Outing at Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp 2D 1N ₹ 6514 5.0 star View Details
  Adventure at Bheemeshwari and Ramnagara, Bangalore 2D 1N ₹ 3000 4.0 star View Details
  Night Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari 2D 1N ₹ 6136 5.0 star View Details
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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Spend some amazing and relaxing time in these peaceful jungle lodges located in Bheemeshwari, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is 100 kms away from Bangalore.Reach the resort and check in at around 12:30 and start your day with a sumptu...

    Excellent 5.0
    82 ratings

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity: This tour is a perfect excuse for a getaway. This time around, spend some rip-roaring moments in the untamed wilderness of Bheemeshwari and Ramnagara. Activities like coracle ride, jumaring, trekking and rock climbing ensure that there is never a dull...

    Very Good 4.0
    25 ratings

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Experience a fun visit to the Jungle Lodges in Bheemeshwari; a forest range located near the town of Mutati and engage in adventure activities! One of the closest resorts to Cauvery River, it has a wide variety of adventure activities like Jumaring and...

    Excellent 5.0
    555 ratings

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Traveller Tales From Bheemeshwari


Veda Balan

14 May 2015

This was one of the very good trips that I had with my family. A tough set of activities over the rope made the kids and adults entertained. The children enjoyed their own set of rope activities an...

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  • Bheemeshwari_outing_-_7.jpg
  • Bheemeshwari_outing_-_14.jpg

Satyen Naik

19 June 2015

It was a nice experience and enjoyed all the activities. Staff was cooperative and polite. Looking forward to river rafting to be started.


Gudakesa Bhattacharya

16 June 2015

It was really a fun filled trip with good experience to carry. The location is superb and the staff over there were extremely cooperative. I would say it is worth trying for all those wish to have a ch...


Sarla Khatri

14 December 2015

My family and I went there without too many expectations and we were pleasantly surprised. The accommodation as such is very basic, but very well kept. The food again was very basic but served with a l...


Ambar Dwivedi

13 August 2014

My family and I went there without too many expectations and we were pleasantly surprised. The accommodation as such is very basic, but very well kept. The food again was very basic but served with a l...


Devika Mehrotra

12 August 2015

Bheemeshwari is so beautiful and calm. What i really liked about this place was no cellular connectivity which actually helps you in enjoying the place more. Really beautiful views, the services were g...


Kashyapi Rana

16 November 2015

Bheemeshwari is one of a kind place. So calm and beautiful that the moment you reach ther you will your muscles relaxing. Kayaking was a great thing as I tried it for the first time. Food was good and


Indra Mahajan

29 October 2014

Wonderful experience.People in Bangalore are busy with work a good place to visit weekends with they family.


Devagya Verma

29 December 2015

it was a much needed break for me.. after a tiring relaxing and peacefull it was.

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What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Bheemeshwari

  • Q. What are the different activities to do in Bheemeshwari?

    Best things to do in Bheemeshwari:
    Fishing: The fishing season is in November, December, January, and February.
    Mountain biking: Wild biking trails are there traversing through the rough landscape and the woods.
    Kayaking: It is one of the adrenaline-rush adventurous activities. It is an amazing experience as you sail through the river with the lush green forest around.
    Coracle ride: A bowl-shaped boat is coracle. It is exciting to ride in coracle; you can paddle for a short distance for the experience.
    The Mad Monkey Crawl [Parallel Walk]: A walk on rope bridge is a memorable and adventurous activity. In olden days, people used to use rope bridge, as a connection between two villages.
    The Inca Walk (Burma Loops): Inca bridges are built by local available materials. A walk on loops of rope.
    Zip-line: It is fun to traverse across the river and drink in all the greenery around, it is adventurous as well as fun.
    Appropriate safety measures are taken for all these adventurous sports.

  • Q. Which are the best night adventures in Bheemeshwari?

    Bilikal Ranganathaswamy hill night trek. Best time to gaze at stars or trek in moonlight night. It is 60 kilometers away from Bheemeshwari.
    Night kayaking at Bheemeshwari. This is a surreal escapade. Sailing through at night guided by moonlight or the stars is a lifetime experience. Watching the sunset while kayaking will be another wonderful happening.
    Night kayaking and trek on the hills are the best things to do in Bheemeshwari.

  • Q. Which are the best trekking routes in Bheemeshwari?

    One of the best things to do in Bheemeshwari is trekking. There are many trekking trails. From easy to medium to advance, 4 kilometers to 40 kilometers treks are available. In the forest, you pass through the canopy of trees. Viewing of the valley from the top is an amazing experience. The mountains are rich in fauna and flora. During the trek, you can see rare birds. Viewpoints on top of the hill are where you can enjoy your picnic. Trekking in the forest is therapy to mind and body. One's mind becomes fresh and energetic after a trek in the forest and hills and body remains fit too.
    From Bheemeshwari to Doddamakali is 7 km. This is a trek into the deep forest.
    From Bheemeshwari to Chelluri Hill it is 7.5 km. You have to cross Cauvery river in the boat at the starting of the trek to reach Chellure hills.
    From Bheemeshwari to Galibore is 16 km. Around Galibore Terminalia Arjuna is grown.

  • Q. Where are the best sites for fishing in Bheemeshwari?

    Fishing and angling are best things to do in Bheemeshwari.
    Jungle Lodges - Bheemeshwari Nature & Adventure Camp. This is a fishing camp, people go fishing Mahseer fish. Mahseer is the biggest river fish.
    Cauvery fishing camp. It is a wonderful place for angling and fishing.

  • Q. Where can I enjoy rafting in Bheemeshwari?

    White rafting has got 3 gradients according to International rafting. Cauvery river, in general, is a gentle river except at few places where water flows through the stones and the current of the water is more, which is a challenge to the rafters. The high current areas are the challenging stretch to navigate the raft, where the most thrill is. In every raft, an experienced guide will be available to guide the rafter and help in high current areas. For beginners rafting at calm waters is accessible. All rafting companies follow perfect safety measures. The best time to raft is in the monsoon when the river will be at its best form that is from June to September. Indulge in rafting in the monsoon which is one of the best things to do in Bheemeshwari.