Gamlehaugen Overview
Known for being the Royal Residence of the Norwegian royal family, the Gamlehaugen is a marvelous structure that reflects the architecture of the Renaissance period. It now personalizes and stands fortified as the power of the royals in Bergen. The structure in itself is absolutely exquisite. Moreover, the enchanting beauty of nature encompassing the Gamlehaugen is simply breathtaking.

The tourists are allowed various tours of the house. You can visit the roof and take in the enthralling views of the surrounding area. If you love medieval-era movies and have always wanted to visit a real-life dungeon then you will find one here, and the setting will definitely not disappoint you!

Apart from that, you can also explore the well-maintained garden circling the Residence. Walk hand and hand with your partner and absorb the cultural diversity and beauty of Norway together!

Location: Gamlehaugvegen 10, 5230 Paradis, Bergen
Timing: 24 hours
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