Surya Mandir Overview
Also known as Suraj Mandir, Surya Mandir is one of the ancient Places to see in Somnath. The temple is believed to be 5000 years old and is located in the northern part of Triveni Ghat. Sun God is the main deity at the temple and just above the entrance doorway lies the image of Surya with his two wives riding on seven horses.

There is a circumambulatory passage around the main shrine with three niches. The temple walls have sculptures of lions, birds, elephants, etc., The temple is small and is located within a residential area. There is a small water body, the Surya Kund within its premises.

Location: Near Triveni Ghat, Gujarat

Timing: 7.00 am - 7.00 pm on all days

Best Time to Visit: All round the year
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