Christ Church Cathedral Overview

Christ Church Cathedral located in the heart of the city center stands out for having the only college chapel that is also a cathedral founded in the eighth century. Christ Church is one of Oxford University’s largest colleges. Several famous people have been educated at Christ Church including historians, scientists, lawyers, and authors.

Thousands of people visit the Christ Church Cathedral to enjoy the stillness of the place and the history it inspires. Christ Church Cathedral is considered to be the major place for pilgrimage. If you want to take home some gifts such as Wonderland-themed gifts, Harry Potter memorabilia, and several products related to the University and the Christ Church Cathedral then you can visit the Christ Church shop located in the Visitors center in Christ Church meadow.

The Christ Church Cathedral hosts Christmas and other concerts which are held by Music at Oxford. The Cathedral has a truly mesmerizing atmosphere during the time of Christmas. The Christ Church Cathedral has gone through several obstacles in the past and still glows with the glory of God. You can book your tickets online to visit the Christ Church for a multimedia guide tour and the tickets will be released every week. 

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• Step into the place of divinity to pray, worship, and enjoy the calmness and stillness the place offers.
• This amazing building is home to a community of worshipping people with a rich tradition and a world famed Cathedral Choir. 
• Discover the shrine and tombs of St Frideswide, Oxford’s patron saint in the cathedral which was built in the 12th century. 
• Christ Church Cathedral offers amazing meadows where you can sit and feel the calmness around you amid the city noises.
• Walk along the pathways to witness the beauty of the St. John River, Oxford’s famous skyline, and the Christ Church’s buildings. Don’t miss out on one of the stunning places to go in oxford.

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