Ban Pang Ha village, Chiang Rai - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Ban Pang Ha village

If you are looking forward to get an authentic experience of the culture in Chiang Rai, head straight to Ban Pang Ha Village and spend a couple of days here observing people and their slow pace of simple life. Knife-making and agriculture are two major sources of income for the villagers, so you can also learn a skill or two from them. 

Besides, the village also features breathtaking landscapes with a rich variety of flora which will also add to your pleasure here. Staying with a local family at their house is recommended so that you can learn about the local way of living from a closer distance. All things considered, Ban Pang Ha is an excellent destination in Chiang Rai with some rich experiences to offer.

Location: 66 km from Chiang Rai
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