Pong Phra Soet Hot Spring, Chiang Rai - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Pong Phra Soet Hot Spring

Chiang Rai claims some of the most popular hot springs in Thailand, and Pong Phra Soet is one of them. If you are planning to visit Lam Nam Kok National Park, you must spend a few hours here, soaking in the lavishness of nature. There is a big pool of hot water that can be used by the public for taking dips and relaxing their body. 

However, if you would like to enjoy a natural spa with an air of solitude and seclusion, there are 8 private spa rooms available here. The natural surroundings and the fresh air are the extras you get to relish while you are here.

Location: Lam Nam Kok National Park

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

Price: INR 45/THB 20
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