Monkey Temple Overview

Wat Tham Pla is a popular site among locals as well as outsiders due to its religious significance and all the surprises it holds within its divine realm. The temple is popularly called Monkey Temple due to the large number of macaques that live here. Located close to the Burmese border, the temple complex has a modest but attractive façade and a very tranquil ambiance.

Visitors can witness playful monkeys roaming freely, adding a lively charm to the serene atmosphere. For an unforgettable experience, consider exploring this enchanting temple as part of Thailand holiday packages, where cultural wonders and natural beauty seamlessly blend. Apart from the temple complex, there is much more for visitors to see here like Fish Tail Cave, Turtle Cave, and Yunnanese Settlements. All in all, Monkey Temple will amuse you in various ways and visit for a few hours.

Location: Pong Ngam, Mae Sai

Timings: No Information

Price: Free Entry

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