Mutrah Souq Overview
A popular sideway trip for those at the Mutrah Corniche, the Mutrah Souq still retains the charm of a traditional Arab Market. Rows after rows of timber stalls at the Souq sell a variety of Indian and Omani artefacts, with a selection range of antique goods at the jewelry and textile stores.

Special items at the market include the antique mandoo, or wedding chests, fitted with thumbtacks brought down from the Al Hajar mountains; the traditional Omani suit for men; and rope twined muskets that were used in the Dhofar wars of 1970. Although some stalls here sell a variety of snacks, the coffee served at the gate is an ancient traditional relic.

Location: Mutrah Corniche, Muscat

Timings: 05.00PM- 09.00PM
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