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Activities in Oman

Visit the Emerald Water at Wadi Shab, Spend a day at Wahiba Sands, Visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Spend a day exploring Nizwa Fort, Local Stay at Misfat Al Abriyeen, Explore the Jabal Akhdar Mountains and many more.

Beginning with making a splash in the emerald waters of Bimmah Sinkhole to hiking through the rugged trails of Jebel Akhdar, there are numerous things to do in Oman. Every spot in Oman is truly offbeat in nature and offers a charismatic blend of natural wonders, religious shrines, undulated mountains, thrilling activities and shopping promenades.

If you are in search of enthralling activities in Oman, your hunt ends here! Indulge in a Night Camping at the Wahiba Sands and unwind into a retreat after exploring the regal splendour of the desert. Next, plan a visit to the Sultan Qaboos Mosque and marvel at the intricate works of sandstone. If you are someone who is willing to watch turtles in their natural habitat, Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve Would be the ideal place to get a sneak peek of these harmless creatures. Shopping at Muttrah Souk and purchasing souvenirs like Perfumes, Garments and Jewellery is another unmissable activity in Oman.

Oman is also known for adrenaline-rushing scuba Diving at the Musandam Peninsula where you will get an exclusive opportunity to get close to marine lives like Manta Rays, Critters, Whale Sharks and Coral Reefs.

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Wahiba Sands
Named after the Bani Wahiba tribe, the Wahiba Sands are a desert region in Oman. One of the most sought after places in Oman, the desert presents vast stretches of undulating sands in all directions.

The sands here are seen to change color from golden, to orange and then yellow as the sun gradually travels across the sky. While one can spend a day at the desert enjoying a safari or a dune bashing tour, the nights at the desert are ideal for stargazing as well.

Location: Eastern Oman

Highlights: desert safari tours, stargazing, camping, camel rides
Musandam Fjords
Giving Oman the title of ‘The Norway of the Middle East’, the gorgeous Musandam Fjords closely parallels the typical Norwegian fjords in its beauty. Regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Oman, the tall limestone cliffs sweep at Musandam gracefully into the aquamarine waters of the fjords.

While traditional boat tours are pretty popular in the waters here, the fjord area is also a good place to enjoy some casual trekking.

Location: Strait of Hormuz, Northern Oman

Highlights: boat cruises, trekking, photography, sunset views
Ras Al Jinz
Boasting of untouched shorelines, golden desert sands and unspoilt waters, the Turtle Reserve at Ras al Jinz demands a visit. The expansive Reserve is home to several important nesting sites for four different species of turtles, and turtle watching tours are quite popular here.

The Reserve allows visitors to witness turtles hatching at close distance, without interrupting the animals themselves. The Reserve also offers accommodation facilities for those desiring to spend a night here.

Location: Ras al Jinz، Sur, Oman

Highlights: Turtle watching tours, interactive museum, on-premises stay
Jebel Akhdar
Also known as the Green Mountain, Jebel Akhdar is a prominent peak in the AL Hajar Mountain Ranges. Rising to a height of over 2,900 meters above sea level, the mountain is known for its fantastic vantage views of the surrounding city.

One of the most beautiful places in Oman, Jebel Akhdar is best known for its many Wadis and terraced orchards abounding in pomegranate, apricots and roses. While hiking is a pretty popular activity here, the mountainside is also riddled with several adventurous caves that visitors can explore at their own leisure.

Location: Al Hajar Mountains, Oman

Highlights: Tanuf castle ruins, caving, trekking, Bait Al Safah Museum
A city of ghosts and myths, this UNESCO World Heritage spot is a must visit when in Oman. Home to the ancient Bahla Fort, this ancient city is known for its architectural marvel. Reflecting typical Islamic designs, the Fort here is a series of labyrinthine alleys, walls and towers that offer an adventure in themself.

Bahla is also home to a renowned Omani souq, selling a variety of spices, traditional sweets and locally crafted jewelry.

Location: Ad Dakhiliyah region, Oman

Highlights: Bahla Fort, traditional souq, pottery sites
Masirah Island
Home to an array of nesting turtles, Masirah Island is a popular weekend destination around Oman. Presenting a gorgeous rim of sandy beaches, this natural oasis is among the most beautiful tourist places in Oman. The beaches here mostly always remain deserted, making it a popular haunt among several species of birds.

The coastline here is dotted with dhows and boats at all times, with traditional fisherman hard at work in the clear blue waters. The weather here remains windy throughout the year, making it a good place to enjoy water sports like kitesurfing. 

Location: Arabian Sea, Ash Sharqiyah Region

Highlights: Turtle hatcheries, kitesurfing, birdwatching
Misfat Al Abryeen
Nestled in the foothills of the Al Hajar Mountains, Misfat AL Abryeen is a little mountainous hamlet in Oman. Although not well equipped with tourism facilities, Misfat Al Abryeen makes for an offbeat side trip while in the city. Labyrinthine alleyways, flat terraced mountains and quaint little houses on stones imbue a rustic old charm to the place.

Most of the village abounds in plantations growing pomegranates, apricots and bananas, and offers quite the sight to behold.

Location: Mis al Abryeen, Oman

Highlights: Viewpoints, plantation tours, trekking
Wadi Darbat
A favorite picnic spot among locals and tourists alike, Wadi Darbat is a quiet valley area in the Dhofar region of Oman. Preserved in a near-pristine condition, the vast meadows and lakes at the valley are a nature lover’s paradise.

The valley is also home to two seasonal waterfalls, which can be seen gushing in gorgeous cascades during the rainy months. At the heart of the Wadi is a clear green lake, where visitors can try their hand at boating. The fresh green grounds by the lake also offer an ideal location for picnic on dry days.

Location: Dhofar region, Oman

Highlights: Trekking, waterfall, boating, picnic area
Wadi Shab
Located between Muscat and Sur, the hidden beauty of Wadi Shab often goes unnoticed by tourists. The stunning valley has a river running right through its centre, with the towering cliffs on both sides being riddled with caves and ridges.

The valley is best explored on foot, traversing through the red sands of the gorge as you go. The crystal green waters of the river here is also perfect for a quick dip on a hot summer’s day. The little caves by the side of the cliffs are known to hide secret waterfalls beneath its folds, which come to live during the rainy season.

Location: Between Muscat and Sur

Highlights: Waterfalls, trekking, swimming
Ras Madrakah Beach
With its black rocks gorgeously contrasting against the soft white sands of the beach, Ras Madrakah is a popular favorite among locals and tourists alike. Whether you choose to stroll along the coast with a loved one, enjoy a gorgeous sunset from the bay, or simply take a dip in the clear azure waters, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Ras Madrakah is a popular point among campers as well, with its quiet bayside offering the perfect spot for pitching an overnight tent.

Location: Ras Madrakah, Oman

Highlights: Camping, sunset point, swimming
Al Hoota Cave
Estimated to be over 2 million years old, this ancient cave system nestles near the edge of Oman’s Jebel Sham mountains. One of the most unique tourist places in Oman, the Al Hoota Cave is a trekker’s paradise.

Treks at the cave are completely guided, with the trekkers being greeted by fantastic stalagmite and stalactite formations as they pass by. There are four major lakes scattered throughout the cave. The central lake at AL Hoota is known to house the rare blind Hoota Fish, which is not found anywhere else.

Location: Jebel Shams, Oman

Highlights: Guided tours, rare fish views, geological exhibitions, gift shop
Khasab Fortress
Built by the Portugese forces in the 17th century, this ancient fort is now one of the best known historical sites around Oman. The Fortress now houses a little ethnographic museum, along with some ancient structures such as the Bait AL Quafl, or the House of Keys, on the courtyard.

Four turrets surround the fort on all sides, featuring elaborate carvings that beg scrutiny. Commanding gorgeous views of the surrounding bay, the fortress serves as a popular trekking destination as well. 

Location: Khasab, Oman

Highlights: Museum, floral exhibition, House of Keys, vantage point
Taqah Castle
One of the most prominent historical landmarks in Oman,the fairly new Taqah Castle is an architectural gem. Now functioning as a museum, the Castle is home to some of the best ancient Omani artefacts, including an array of craft items, jewelry, weapons and much more.

The hilltop location of the Fort also commands excellent views of the surrounding city and white sand beaches.

Location: Taqah, Oman
Highlights: Trekking, museum tour, vantage point
Sumhuram Ruins
Built in the 3rd century BC, the ancient fort city of Sumhuram now lies entirely in ruins. A recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins are one of the most popular tourist places in Oman.

Visitors at the site can take a walking tour of the place, watching the archaeologists here hard at work. The site features a museum as well, where most of the excavated items are kept on display. 

Location: Taqah, Dhofar, Oman

Highlights: walking tours, museum, beach access
The National Museum Of Oman
Detailing the history of the Oman Peninsula from its very inception, the National Museum is one of the must visit tourist places in Muscat for those desiring to explore the country’s history and heritage. Fairly contemporary in its approach, the Museum presents the history of the country through temporary exhibits and galleries.

The galleries at the Museum are divided by subject- Maritime History, History of the People, Oman and the World, Renaissance and so on. The Museum also offers 43 fully digitally immersive experiences, using audio visual presentations to dole out stories of the past.

Location: Al Saidiya Street, Muscat, Oman

Highlights: Interactive shows, arts display, children's learning Centre

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Oman Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Oman?

1. Visit the Emerald Water at Wadi Shab: Visiting the Wadi Shab is one of the fascinating things to do in Oman. It is truly a hidden gem consisting of aqua-marine water, rugged sandstone cliffs cascading waterfalls and a hidden cave.

Hiking for 40-50 minutes bypassing a unique landscape will lead you to this picturesque spot. Once you reach there, gear up to jump into the pool and have a relaxing time. Overall, it takes 3-4 hours to explore the entire region. It is recommended to visit the Emerald Water at Wadi Shab in the morning to get a respite from the unbearable heat.

Location: Al Sharqiyah, Oman
Timings: 8 AM -5 PM

2. Spend a day at Wahiba Sands: Day Excursion to the Wahiba Sands which is currently known as The Sharqiya Sands is one of the remarkable things to do in Oman. The region houses stretched-out dunes which appear splendid during the noon, thereby, enhancing the charm of the territory.

Besides, Wahiba Sands is also home to a large variety of flora (150 Species) and fauna (16,200 Species). Owing to the large influx of travellers, Bedouin-style luxury camps and tents are set up at the Wahiba Sands where one can spend a night.

Location: Jalan Bani Bu Hassan, South-East Wilayat, Ash Sharqiyah Region, Oman
Timings: 8 AM -1 PM | 4 PM- 7 PM

3. Visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque: Overlooking the skyline of Oman, Sultan Qaboos Mosque was established in 2001 and exudes grandeur. If you are clueless about what to do in Oman, visiting this religious place can turn out to be a good idea. It is the tallest and the largest Mosque in the nation which was constructed out of sandstone, exclusively purchased from India.

Having the capacity to house 8K people in the Outer Paved Ground, 6.5K people in the Main Musalla, 700 people in the Women’s Musalla and summing up other spaces, Sultan Qaboos Mosque can accommodate a total of 20000 worshipers inside its premise. Plus, Sultan Qaboos is the only Mosque in Oman which permits non-Muslim visitors.

Location: Sultan Qaboos St, Oman
Timings: 4 AM -9:30 PM

4. Spend a day exploring Nizwa Fort: Spending a day exploring the Nizwa Fort is one of the lovely activities in Oman. Inspired by Omani Architecture, it was constructed in the 1650s. Once upon a time, Nizwa Fort used to be the centre of administration where the Walis aka the governors used to reside and rule.

Major highlight of the Niza Fort is the 30 metres high tower which comprises secret shafts and deceptive doors. One can reach the top of the tower by climbing twisty and narrow staircases.The monument is a true testament to Oman's tumultuous history and is one of the popular sight-seeing spots in the nation.

Location: Nizwa, Oman
Timings: Saturday-Thursday: 8 AM- 8 PM | Friday: 8 AM- 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM- 8 PM

5. Local Stay at Misfat Al Abriyeen: Nestled in the Jebel Sham Mountain Range, Misfat Al Abriyeen is a 300-year old hamlet. If you are in search of unique things to do in Oman, opt for this place! Here, the mud houses are a true reflection of Omani Architecture and have been existing for many years.

As you trek through the village, you are bound to get mesmerized by the succulent Date Groves, passageways and manicured gardens. Stay overnight at Misfah Old House to get the real feel of living like a local. It is equipped with all the primary facilities, serving conventional lodging and lip-smacking Omani Cuisines.

Location: Al Hamra, Ad Dakhiliyah, North-Eastern Oman

6. Explore the Jabal Akhdar Mountains: Exploring the Jabal Akhdar Mountains is one of the thrilling and exhilarating activities in Oman. The Mountain Range is home to numerous Natural Pools. One can also spot many agricultural terraces which are utilized for the cultivation of Walnuts, Apricots, Black Grapes, Peaches Roses and Pomegranates.

Several Rock Sites which are 600 years old have also been found in this region. Besides, Jabal Akhdar Mountains is also considered to be an ecological hot spot consisting of Shrubs, Grasslands and Semi-Evergreen Woodlands.

Location: Jabal Akhdar Mountains, Al Hajar Mountains Range, Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, Oman
Timings: 10 AM- 3 PM

7. Swim in Bimmah Sinkhole: One of the exceptional natural sites in Oman, Bimmah Sinkhole is a belle vision. Taking a swim in the Bimmah Sinkhole is one of the enjoyable things to do in Oman. Getting there is quite easy and doesn't involve treacherous hiking or trekking.

The attached restrooms are present on the site where visitors can quickly change into modest swimwear before hitting the emerald water. If you are bringing kids along with you, it is recommended to stick to the shallower parts and avoid venturing into the deep waters.

Location: Dabab Sinkhole, Oman
Timings: 8 AM- 8 PM

8. Take a Visit to Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve: Visiting the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve is one of the exciting things to do in Oman. Currently, it is maintained and operated by Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran). Along the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, get a sneak peek of the Green Turtles and how they nest in their natural habitat.

Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve is also home to a Museum and a Laboratory where travellers can learn more about these creatures. It is advisable to visit between the months of May-September to get the best out of the region. One can also choose to stay overnight at Al Jinz Turtle Reserve for an extensive experience.

Location: Ras al Jinz? Sur, Oman

9. Visit Khor ash-Sham: 
Along the shoreside of Musandam Peninsula, spending a day at Khor ash-Sham is one of the gratifying activities in Oman. To reach this stunning locale, one needs to take a quick cruise ride. Sprawling over 16 kilometres, the inlet is surrounded by Fjords and offers a picture-postcard landscape.

Numerous Seabirds like Gulls and Cormorants can be spotted here marking their presence. One can also indulge in Snorkelling Sessions to get a glimpse of the vibrant coral reefs and other underwater features.

Location: Khor Ash-Sham, Khasab Bay, 400 meters From Musandam Peninsula, Oman
Timings: 9:30 AM- 2:00 PM

10. Visit Muttrah Souk: If you are confused regarding what to do in Oman, Muttrah Souk will come to your rescue. It is a heritage shopping promenade in Oman and is approximately 200 years old.

Once upon a time, it used to be a hub of trade and commerce before the Oil boom. Today, travellers come down here to channel their inner shopaholic and purchase fashionable garments, ornate jewellery, shoes and household goods. Other products include exotic perfumes, incense sticks and potteries.

Location: Muttrah Market, near Mutrah Corniche, Muscat, Oman
Timings: 8 AM -1 PM, 4 PM - 10 PM

11. Outdoor Adventure at Wadi Nakhr Canyon: Wadi Nakhr Canyon is an excellent place to indulge in outdoor activities in Oman.It is popularly called the Grand Canyon of the middle-east. It is a result of the mind-boggling geological phenomenon which took place over millions of years.

Camping is one of the exciting things to do at Wadi Nakhr Canyon. In the middle of the gurgling waterfalls and eroded valleys, set up your tents, place your mats and get close to nature.

Location: Wadi Sahtan Road, An Nakhur, Oman
Timings: 9 AM -4 PM

What are the best adventure activities to do in Oman?

1. Swimming at Wadi Shab: Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Wadi Shab is one of the adventurous activities in Oman. Start off with an extended hike of 45 minutes through a rugged trail to reach the 1st natural Pool. Next, hit the turquoise waters to calm your senses and for a once in a lifetime exp[erience.

2. Night Camping at the Wahiba Sands: After a long day of exploring the Wahiba Sands, indulging in a Night Camping is one of the adventurous things to do in Oman. Imagine sitting under the starry sky, midst the panoramic desert landscape and unperturbed silence.

3. Scuba Diving at the Musandam Peninsula: Scuba Diving at the Musandam Peninsula is one of the adventurous things to do in Oman. The spot is rich in marine lives like Turtles, Critters, Manta Rays and colourful Coral Reefs. In addition, Whale Sharks are found here swimming in the shallow waters.

4. Hiking at Jebel Akhdar: Oman is home to marvellous hiking trails. Some of the top-notch trails lie in the Jebel Akhdar which is a part of the Al Hajar Mountains Range. Get acquainted with the unique panorama as you walk through the mystic routes and experience the thrill.

What are the best things to do in Oman at night?

1. Shop at Muttrah Souk: After a full day of exploring the sight-seeing spots in Oman, shopping at Muttrah Souk is like therapy. Purchase items like exotic perfumes, household goods, stylish garments as a souvenir to take a piece of Oman back to your hometown.

2. Stargazing: In the north-eastern part of Oman, Stargazing at Wadi Kabir is one of the exhilarating things to do in Oman at night. Clear skies and less light pollution makes it a memorable experience.

3. Witness Turtle Nesting: After the sun sets below the horizon, opt for witnessing Turtle Nesting at Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve. Excursions are conducted where a professional and a knowledgeable guide escorts the visitors to explain the process of nesting in detail.

What are the best watersports one can experience in Oman?

Scuba-Diving: Oman has plenty of Scuba Diving Spots where you can catch sight of marine lives like Turtles, Whale Sharks, Rays, Dolphins and Coral Reefs in their habitat. Major Scuba Diving Spots in Oman are Daymaniyat Islands, Musandam Peninsula, Hallaniyat Islands, and Salalah.

Jet-Skiing: One of the popular water sports in Oman, Jet-Skiing is ideal for every age group..All you have to do is to sit on a motorized scooter and a professional pilot will manoeuvre it in the open waters. Tour Operators in Oman who conduct Jet-Skiing are Al Nimer Tourism at Al Qurum and Al Mouj Marina at Al Seeb.

How to reach Oman?

By Air: Having 2 International Airports i.e. Muscat International Airport and Salalah International Airport, Oman is well-connected with major cities of the world. Major airlines which fly to Oman from international cities are Ethiopian Airlines and Royal Jordanian Airlines and Emirates.

By Road: Oman can be reached from Dubai via Bus through Route No 201.The Bus leaves 3 times a day from Abu Hail Bus Station and it requires 6 hours to cover the journey.

What is the best time to visit Oman?

The best time to visit Oman is between November- March. During this period, temperatures hover around 18 - 34 degrees Celsius and the climate remains pleasant. As a result, salubriousness permits travellers to explore the outdoors without any hassle.

Is Oman safe?

Yes, Oman is one of the safest countries in the Middle-East. Here, the crime rate is very low and any sort of nuisance is treated with severe punishment. Nevertheless, travellers need to strictly adhere to the laws of the land.

What is Oman known for?

Oman is known for its natural pools, dunes, mountain ranges, river-cut canyons, lip-smacking cuisines, charming mosques, exotic perfumes, rich heritage and good-natured Omani people.

What to buy in Oman?

When in Oman, you must purchase Bedouin-style Silver Jewellery, Exotic Perfumes, Incense Burners, Frankincense, Honey, Dates, Woven Baskets, Potteries, Carpets, Woolen Textiles and Mosaic Lamps.

Is it safe to visit Oman?

Yes, it is safe to visit Oman for an extensive trip. Omani people are extremely respectful towards women and the crimes rarely take place. Any sort of misdemeanour is treated with stringent actions. Besides, people are cooperative and heartily welcome travellers. However, it is recommended not to venture to unknown places without proper guidance.

How to reach Oman from India?

To reach Oman from India, one needs to reserve flights that take off from India and land at Muscat International Airport. Mostly, flights leave from the metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Chennai.

How many days do you need in Oman?

An itinerary of 4 Nights 5 Days is enough to explore Oman.

Day 1: Hike and reach the Wadi Shab where you can indulge in a relaxing swim in the turquoise waters. Another alternative to Wadi Shab is the Bimmah Sinkhole.

Day 2: Take a drive to Wahiba Sands to explore the edgy Sand Dunes. In the evening, catch the charming sunset and indulge in NIght Camping for an unrivalled experience.

Day 3: Visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque and the Nizwa Fort.

Day 4: Take a roadtrip to Wadi Nakhr Canyon and camp in the middle of the wondrous nature.

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