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Tarkwa Bay Beach, Victoria Island, Lekki Conservation Centre, Freedom Park Lagos, LUFASI Nature Park, Yankari Game Reserve, Gurara Waterfalls and many more.

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A Honeymoon in Nigeria is the perfect choice for couples who are nature lovers and are looking forward to spending their first vacation together in the midst of mesmerising beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Nigeria boasts of a landscape of awe-inspiring mountains, lush green dense forests, cascading waterfalls, clear sea with white sandy beaches and magical springs. This magical beauty creates a romantic ambience.

To ignite the sparks of their romantic relationship, newlyweds prefer to spend some time in a place like this. With several exquisite romantic getaways on offer, honeymooners are spoilt for choice. Those with a love for the coast can head towards Tarkwa Beach, Eleko Beach, Port Harcourt Tourist Beach or one of the many others and others with a love for mountains, can spend some idyllic days in the Obudu Mountain Resort and go for a hike to Idanre Hills.

Most of the honeymoon packages in Nigeria includes visiting some of the country's wildlife conservations with dense lush green forests and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Honeymooners who are wildlife lovers would surely feel thrilled visiting Lufasi Nature Park, Yankari Game Reserve, or Okomu National Park. They would also feel excited to indulge in activities these places offer.

A must visit place during the honeymoon trip is Lekki Conservation Centre where they can together walk on the 401 meter long canopy walkway. Honeymooners also look forward to visiting the breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria such as Gurara waterfalls, Owu Waterfalls etc. Overall, Nigeria offers the honeymooners a dream vacation which they cherish in their memory for years to come.

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Nigeria Honeymoon FAQs

Which are the best places to visit in Nigeria for a honeymoon?

1. Tarkwa Bay Beach: The beautiful Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria and is a must inclusion in any of the honeymoon packages in Nigeria. This beautiful artificial sheltered beach is located in Onisiwo Island and is a 20 minutes ride in a boat or water scooter from Victoria Island, Lagos. Honeymooners can spend some lazy time sitting in the gazebo or can opt to indulge in watersports such as surfing, jetski etc. They can also opt to go for a fun-filled quad bike ride.

Location: Onisiwo Island off the Lagos coast, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Timing: Activity time is from 8 am to 6 pm.
Entry fee: Tarkwa Bay Entrance Fee is 200 naira

2. Victoria Island: Victoria Island lies between the Lekki Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean. Originally surrounded by water, the place is currently a major city hub with an upper market area. The place is always bustling with life. Honeymooners would love to hang out in this place visiting the shopping malls for their souvenir shopping and shop for Nigerian handicrafts and paintings. They can frequent the bars and restaurants for tasting some delicious local as well as European cuisines and drinks. Evening in this area can be enjoyably spent in one of the famous nightclubs.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

3. Lekki Conservation Centre: Lekki Conservation Centre is one of Africa’s most diverse and prominent urban nature parks. The place is known to be rich in varied species. The place is well known for its 401 meter long canopy walkway with an amazing view. This has made it a must inclusion in all the honeymoon packages in Nigeria. Other attractions of this place include exciting pathways for nature walk and bird watching, Swamp look-out station, jungle gym with ziplines and monkey bars etc.

Location: Km 19 Lekki - Epe Expy, Lekki Peninsula II, Lekki, Nigeria
Timing: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily
Entry fee: Adult - N1,000, Children (1 - 10 years) - N200, Children (11 -17 years) - N300, Canopy Walk / Head - N1,000

4. Freedom Park Lagos: Freedom Park Lagos is a National Memorial narrating the history and cultural heritage of Nigerian people. This prison turned historical landmark has a lot to offer to its guests. During their Honeymoon in Nigeria, honeymooners would be thrilled to feel the “Spirit of the Prison” at the FP Museum. They will not be able to resist admiring the exhibits placed at the Kongi’s Harvest Art Gallery. They might even be lucky to catch a live performance or a rehearsal at the open air amphitheater or the main stage and finally enjoy some food and drink at Small Stage, the food court.

Location: Freedom Park Lagos, 1 Hospital Road, off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Timing: Monday to Saturday 11 am to 11 pm, Sunday 2 pm to 11 pm

5. LUFASI Nature Park: The magnificent LUFASI Nature Park thrills the honeymooners by providing them a place to spend some time being surrounded by the forest atmosphere and wildlife. This park covering 20 hectares offers an option for birdwatching and spotting some species such as the endangered hooded vultures, African Pied Hornbills etc. Honeymooners would love to take a walk along the garden and admire the well known Ekki “Iron Wood” trees.

Location: Majek 1st Gate, Km 41, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Timing: Monday to Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday 12 pm–6 pm
Entry fee : N1000 for adults and N500 for children

6. Yankari Game Reserve: One of the must inclusion in a Honeymoon in Nigeria is Yankari Game Reserve, one of the popular tourist attractions of the country. This vast park, located in Bauchi state, is known for its varied wildlife species such as African bush elephants, African buffalo, Tantalus monkey, olive baboon, West African Lion, hippopotamus etc. Honeymooners love sighting these wildlife species and also watching numerous colourful birds during their jungle safari. The park is also famous for its four warm water springs.

Location: Yankari National Park, Bauchi State, Northeastern Nigeria, New Lagos
Entry fee: N2000 for adults and N800 for children

7. Gurara Waterfalls: The beautiful Gurara waterfalls is one of the popular tourist locations which is a must inclusion in all honeymoon packages in Nigeria. Honeymooners feel elated while visiting this place with a captivating scenic beauty with a serene atmosphere. The sound of the cascading waters adds to the effect. Those with a brave heart dare to descend to the base of the fall to enjoy watching colourful birds. Some even go hiking in the fall.

Location: Gawu-Kafin-Adunu-Beni Road, Nigeria
Timing: Everyday 8 AM to 6 PM
Entry fee: USD 115.90 per adult, USD 69.75 per child upto the age of 12 years.

8. Nike Centre: Nike Art Centre, the art gallery owned by Nike Davies Okundaye is the largest of its kind in West Africa. This five-story art centre with 8000 diverse artwork by Nigerian artists should be visited during Honeymoon in Nigeria. There is a shop at the Centre where the honeymooners can purchase some African artwork as souvenirs.

Location: 2 Oba Yekini Elegushi Rd, Lekki Phase I, Lekki, Nigeria
Timing: Monday to Saturday - 10 AM to 6 PM, Sunday- 1 PM to 6 PM

What are the romantic things to do in Nigeria?

1. Relax at Eleko Beach: Eleko beach, situated in the Lekki Peninsula, is well known as a peaceful retreat which honeymooner would love. It is less crowded and offers private beach features in the form of bamboo huts. Some honeymooners prefer to spend some relaxing time enjoying the scenic beauty of the beach sipping coconut juice and tasting grilled fish. There are others on a Honeymoon in Nigeria who prefer to join one of the several fun activities that the beach has on offer such as horse rides, kayaking, etc. creating wonderful memories of their special vacation

Location: Lekki, Nigeria
Price: N500 per head as Gate fee

2. Stay at Obudu Mountain Resort: The Obudu Cattle Ranch, better known as Obudu Mountain Resort is one of Africa’s most astounding tourist destinations located in the tropical forests of Cross River State. With a mesmerizing view of natural vegetation, magnificent mountains and countryside, the mountain villas of the resort is a popular place to stay during a Honeymoon in Nigeria. The resort also has several amenities that honeymooners enjoy such as a golf course, a natural swimming pool, gym, squash court etc.

Location: P.M.B 1037, Obanliku Local Government Ar, Obudu, Ng, Obudu, 1037, Nigeria
Timing: Check-In: 12 noon, Check-Out: 10 AM
Price: Starting from N25,000 for a standard double bedroom.

3. Witness the beauty of Owu Water Falls: A must inclusion in all honeymoon packages in Nigeria is the spectacular Owu Water Falls, which is known as the highest waterfall in West Africa. Honeymooners feel spellbound looking at the water cascading 330 feet down the rocky outcrops to form a small pool at the base of this fall termed as the “Wonder in the wilderness”. Those looking for some adventure can take a dip in the ice cool pool or stand under the cascading water.

Location: Owa-kajola, Kwara state, Nigeria.

4. Explore Rojenny Tourist Village: Honeymooners must explore the Rojenny Tourist Village during their Honeymoon in Nigeria. They take part in the various activities offered at the village such as swimming, lawn tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc and bask in doing these together. Honeymooners with a love for animals would feel excited visiting the zoo inside with various animals and birds such as baboons, green monkeys, flamingo etc. For night time enjoyment, they can spend some time dancing at the village’s nightclub.

Location: 11 Onitsha - Owerri Expy, Onitsha, Nigeria

5. Enjoy at Port Harcourt Tourist Beach: The beautiful white sand beach of Port Harcourt located along the Kolabi Creek is one of the most popular vacation destinations loved by those on a Honeymoon in Nigeria. Honeymooners love to spend time together enjoying the cool sea breeze and scenic beauty of the sea with the stretch of white sand. The beach is also well known for delicacies such as palm wine, assorted spicy meats etc.

Location: Port Harcourt, Kolabi Creek Line, Rivers, Nigeria

6. Spend some quality time at Millennium Park: A must inclusion in all the honeymoon packages in Nigeria is the beautiful Millennium Park with its fountains and pools. The park has been divided into two parts by a flowing river. The natural brilliance of the park has been kept untouched in one of the parts with mountain vegetation, rain forest, brushwood etc. This landscape is the ideal place for the honeymooners to feel enchanted while they spend some quality time with their new relation. The park also has greenhouses with colourful butterflies and tropical birds.

Location: 5 Usuma St, Three Arms Zone 900271, Abuja, Nigeria
Timing: 7 am to 8 pm

7. Hike to Idanre Hills: Honeymooners, who opt for one of the honeymoon packages in Nigeria, feel excited while going for a hike up the 667 steps of the 800 year old dome shaped Idanre Hills, a place listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They find the journey up the stairs to be worth it when they reach the top, and feel enchanted looking at the panoramic view of the surrounding natural landscape.

Location: Idanre Hill Peak, 1 Nice Street, elebisere road, Idanre, Nigeria
Timing: Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm, Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm

8. Visit Okomu National park, Edo State: The Okomu National park, earlier known as Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary, is a part of the Okomu Forest Reserve. A visit to this park is a must inclusion in any of the honeymoon packages in Nigeria. The park is known for being the last habitat for many endangered species such as African Forest Elephants. Honeymooners love to spend some time in the midst of wilderness. They spend some time in one of the two tree houses, from where they spot rare species of animals such as Angola Pitta, Grey Parrot, Cattle Egret etc.

Location: Okomu National Park, Edo State, Nigeria. (50 km west of Benin City, Nigeria)

What is the best time to visit Nigeria for Honeymoon?

The best time to visit Nigeria for Honeymoon is around the months of November to January. This is the quieter time of the year which will allow honeymooners the privacy that they prefer. During this time, the weather is dry with the spell of the rainy season just over. The temperature during these months are average making it pleasant for a Honeymoon in Nigeria.

How to reach Nigeria?

Nigeria is well connected with other countries by flight to its international airports situated at Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Enugu. While in Nigeria, honeymooners can travel from one part of the country to another by domestic air flights and buses.

How much time do we need to explore Nigeria on our honeymoon?

You can embark on one of the 10 day honeymoon packages in Nigeria. You can start by visiting Lagos, the largest city of Nigeria where you can spend 2-3 days and then cruise down the Third Mainland Bridge to reach the coastal town of Badagry for 2-3 days before flying to Abuja to spend the last few days in this lively capital city.

Is it worth spending a honeymoon in Nigeria?

This fascinating country, known as the “Giant of Africa'', is an excellent choice for an enjoyable honeymoon. The ensemble of the country’s natural landscape with mountain peaks, dense forests, cascading waterfalls, white sand beaches and azure sea view creates an idyllic atmosphere with a breathtaking scenic view. Adding to the beauty are wildlife reserves along with the diversity of ethnic groups. After sunset, pulsating nightlife offers just the choices honeymooners crave for during their special vacation.

Do I need a Visa for Nigeria?

Yes, you will need a visa along with a passport with six month validity to enter Nigeria unless you are from any one of the seventeen countries that are neighbours to this beautiful country. You can obtain the visa from a Ngerian embassy or consulate before you embark on your trip to Nigeria.

Which are the romantic beaches to visit in Nigeria?

1. Tarkwa Bay Beach: This man-made sandy stretch with calm waters is only accessible from the mainland by boat or water taxi. Honeymooners would love to spend some time indulging in swimming or trying few of the water sports. They can also opt to just laze around the beach tasting delicious coconut water along with grilled fish available on the beach.

2. Elegushi Beach: This is a private beach that offers a combination of relaxation and partying ambiance. Honeymooners can pay an entrance fee to enter this beach to enjoy swimming, horseback riding or just having some good time with a few cold drinks.

3. Calabar Beach: This beach with its mesmerizing view is just the place honeymooners would want to spend some ‘us’ time while enjoying the endearing solitude of the place.

4. Patigi Beach: This unusual beach, known to be one of the most romantic beaches, is one of the places to visit during a Honeymoon in Nigeria. The lush greenery surrounding the beach along with the view of the flowing river Niger provides the perfect romantic ambiance honeymooners hope for during their special trip.

What are romantic places to stay in Nigeria?

1. Obudu Mountain Resort: Popularly referred to as Obudu Cattle Ranch, the Obudu Mountain Resort with its mountain villas, natural swimming pool, squash court, golf course, gym etc. is ideal for couples to spend their special days together.

2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: Known to be one of the best romantic gateways of Lagos, this resort is just the place to enjoy the Nigearian charm. Apart from being situated in a beautiful location near the sea, the resort offers couples hosts of activities such as hiking, canoeing, ocean fishing etc

3. Eko Tourist Resort: The deluxe beach villas of Eko Tourist Resorts, located on the private beach, with luxuriously decorated rooms with modern amenities, has just the right ingredients for a romantic stay.

4. La Manga Beach Resort: The beautifully furnished luxury villas of La Manga Beach Resort are well known for their perfect romantic setting with breathtaking scenery of the sea, beach all complete with coconut and palm trees swaying all around.

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