Things to Do in Nigeria

Nigeria Things to Do

Visit Yankari Game Reserve, Take a tour of Lekki Conservation Centre, Hike to Idanre Hill Peak, Stroll at Elegushi Royal Beach Lekki Lagos, Check out the Ogbunike Cave and many more.

Dig out those unfulfilled dreams from the recesses of your mind and unleash them by trying out some of the best things to do in Nigeria. If you're a traveler who has a penchant for culture and history, you should definitely visit Abuja Arts and Crafts Village. Allow yourself to be swept over by the ravishing seascape of Elegushi Royal Beach, where people gather to host the wildest parties.

For history enthusiasts, the carvings inside the mysterious Ogbunike Cave mirror the region's rich prehistoric civilization. If you're looking for a rather offbeat experience, you can take a tour of Lekki Conservation Centre that educates visitors about biodiversity.

There is no shortage of Nigeria things to do for those looking for a bouquet of experiences to color their holidays. You can hire a cycle and pedal through this wonderful town to discover its amazing sights. If you're wild at heart, you can visit Yankari Game Reserve that is home to rare birds and animals. Feel on top of the world by hiking to Idanre Hill Peak that has six hundred and eighty-two steps from the ground. A holiday here truly translates to bliss and beauty beyond your expectations with the abundant activities on offer for the travelers.
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The Ibeno Beach
The longest beach along the West African coast, Ibeno Beach is one of the most sought after tourist places in Nigeria. Flanked by palm trees along the shores, the gorgeous white sand beach is known for its natural splendor. Beach sports and boating are common activities here, and the beach sports a personal golf course as well.

Location: Ibeno, Nigeria
Ngwo Pine Forest
Located at the very heart of Enugu, the Ngwo Pine Forest is among the most beautiful Nigeria famous places. The forest was initially planted to combat erosion. Now teeming with thickets of tall pines, the Forest is oft-visited for picnics and other recreational outings. The forest is also home to a limestone cave at the centre, sculpted with a small waterfall by its side that falls into a shallow pool. The Ngwo Pine Forest is also ideal for hiking sports or nature photography.

Location: Old Enugu-Onitsha Road, Ngwo-Asaa, Nigeria

Timings: 08.00AM-06.00PM on all days of the week
Awhum Waterfall & Cave
It is quite impossible to talk of the many Nigeria famous places without bringing up Awhum Waterfalls- nature’s gift to Enugu. Nestled beneath gigantic walls of limestone, the natural falls consists of two cascading streams falling from varying heights. The first fall intrudes the cave about midway from the entrance, while the larger one is at the very end of the path. The thick forests canopying the falls on all sides adds to the beauty of the place. A statue of the Virgin Mary occupies the head of the caves, and serves as an added attraction here.

Location: Ohum, Nigeria
The Giant Footprint Of Ukhuse Oke
One of the most unique and interesting places in Nigeria, the Giant Footprint is said to be a preserved print of a prehistoric giant in the village of Ukhuse Oke. The footprint is preserved on a set of granite rocks, although its origin remains unknown. According to local legend, the footprint was made when the world was still in its molten state.

Between Ukhuse Oke and Ukheosi, Edo, Nigeria
Gashaka Gumti National Park
The largest of Nigeria’s eight national parks, Gashakti Gumpti is renowned for its splendid scenic landscapes. One of the most popular tourist places in Nigeria, the expansive park sprawls across the country’s two highest peaks- the Chappal Wadi (Mountain of Death) and the Chappal Hendu (Mountain of Wind.) The diverse flora and fauna at the park has led the Gashaka Gumti to be flagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the many animals found here are the roebucks, the antelopes, several chimpanzees, and African elephants. The National Park is especially well known for its bid population, being home to over 1 million native and migratory birds. Activities like hiking tours and chimpanzee tracking are offered by the park. There are several resorts and camps within the Park as well.

Location: Gashaka, Nigeria
Sacred Osun Grove
Nestled along the Osun River, the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove is regarded to be the abode of the African goddess of fertility, Osun. The Grove resides in a vast area of undisturbed forest, and is known for its serene ambience. One of the last remaining tokens of the previously thriving Yoruba culture, the Grove is said to be among the holiest of places in Nigeria. The path leading to the grave is dotted with sculptures and artworks dedicated to the Goddess.

Location: Osogbo, Nigeria

Monday to Saturday: 08.00PM- 06.00PM
Sunday: Open throughout the day 
Kainji National Park
Sprawling across over 5,000 kilometers, the Kainji National Park is a shining example of Africa’s natural wealth. The park consists of three separate areas- the Kainji Lake, the Borgu Game Reserve and the Zugurma Game Reserve.

Dominated by the savannah grass, the Kainji National Park is scattered with streams and waterfalls across its length. The Park is home to over 30 species of animals and reptiles, along with more than 350 species of birds.  Wild hogs, Cheetahs, monkeys and crocodiles are some of the many animals that can be spotted here.

Location: Kwara and Borgu State, Nigeria
Yankari Game Reserve
One of the most popular tourist places in Africa, the Yankari Game Reserve is a large wildlife park in the Bauchi State. The state-governed park is known to conserve the few remaining endangered lions and elephants in Nigeria. Apart from its flourishing flora and fauna, the game reserve is also home to a number of additional attractions such as the Marshall Caves and the Ducky Wells, which were used by slave traders in ancient Africa.

Also located within the Reserve is the Wikki Warm Spring, a natural hot water spring known for its healing qualities. The Reserve is home to a Museum as well. Apart from this, there are several resorts and camps within Yankari, where tourists  should choose to spend a night.

Location: Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi State, Nigeria

Timings: 07.00AM-10.00PM on all days of the week

Entry Fee: Children: 800 Nigerian naira
                   Adults: 2,000 Nigerian naira
Cross River National Park
Home to one of Nigeria’s oldest rainforests, the Cross River National Park is a sight to behold. One of the most important biotic reserves in the world, this National Park is one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world. The array of animals and birds protected in the park include elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and about 950 species of butterflies. The park conducts several safaris, allowing tourists to enjoy its natural wealth to the fullest extent.

Location: Ikom - Abaniko Rd, Basua, Nigeria
Okomu National Park
Located within the Okomu Forest Reserve, the Okomu National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in the Edo state of Nigeria. The smallest of Nigeria’s seven national parks, Okomu prides in its quaint beauty. The park encompasses the thick natural rainforests of West Africa that are now dwindling, and is home to several endangered elephants and monkeys.

Okomu Forest Reserve, Edo State, Nigeria
The Ancient Nok Settlement
The settlement of the Noks is one of the most underrated tourist places in Nigeria, but is one that reveals a lot about the country’s cultural richness. Located close to the capital city of Abuja, the ancient settlement is a site of the ruins of the settlements that the Nok civilization originated from. Tourists are encouraged to revel in the beauty of the structural patterns and the terracotta artefacts, much of which are found in museums all across the world. The ruins echo the history of the Nok people, and are a testament to their resilience.

Kwoi, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Coconut Beach
Nigeria famous places are aplenty, and the Coconut Beach is one of the primary attractions amongst the tourist places in Nigeria. The beach is located in the coastal town of Badagry, which is infamous for previously having been a spot for slave trade practice. The Coconut Beach however, holds nothing of the tragic tinge of history, and tourists throng there to bask themselves in its abundant sunshine and relax in its cool breeze. The weather and ambience are perfect in the coasts, making this a joyous hotspot. There is also an island called Coconut Village nearby, adding to the beauty of the beach.

Location: Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria  
Ogbunike Cave
As the name suggests, the Ogbunike caves are a plethora of caves located in the town of Ogbunike, and are a site that definitely make into the Nigeria famous places. The caves also contain tunnels within them, which were built for use in the Nigerian civil war. Aside from the historical and cultural relevance, the caves are a marvel of nature, and attract visitors from all over the world. The caves are made for the adventurous soul, and tourists with a liking for history shall also find the caves interesting. The caves have been branded as a UNESCO World Heritage site, making them one of the most famous tourist places in Nigeria.

Location: Ifite Ogbunike, Ogbunike, Nigeria

Timings: Monday to Friday- 8am to 5pm; Saturday- open 24 hours; Sunday- closed
Idanre Hill Peak
The Idanre Hills, also known as Oke Idanre, constitute one of the most beautiful tourist places in Nigeria. The hills are majestic structures made of huge stone monoliths, and surround the city in their protection. It is believed to have always stood as a protector of the city and its people.

The hills span an immense area, and are adorned by the best of natural beauty and vegetation. The hills are considerably difficult to climb, and it is advised to not do so without expert supervision. The peaks are a pride of the Ondo, and make a splendid addition to the Nigeria famous places.

Location: Elebisere Road, Idanre, Nigeria.

Timings: Monday to Saturday- 8am to 6pm; Sunday- 10am to  4pm

Entry fee: 1000 Naira
Surname Cultural Landscape
The Surname Cultural Landscape is a site famous for its historical and cultural value, and is notable amongst the tourist places in Nigeria. The visitors still get to see the ancient walls standing, albeit most of them being broken now or in dilapidated condition.

The site is a witness of ancient settlements of Nigeria and the millet stalks used to construct the walls provide an insight into their lifestyle. The whole area is basically constructed as a kingdom, with fortifications made of stone, trenches, wells and other structures abound. The place is definitely a heaven for tourists with an archaeological interest, and attracts people throughout the year.

Location: Sokoto, Nigeria
Tarkwa Bay Beach
If you are in Lagos, Tarkwa Bay Beach is definitely a slice of heaven within your arms’ reach. Accessible by just a thirty-minute boat ride from Victoria Island, the beach is the perfect getaway from the hectic life in the city. Adorned with palm trees and lush waters, the beach is a regular hotspot for tourists to spend quality time at. When not relaxing in the sunshine, horse riding is one of the favourite activities for the tourists to indulge in. The beach is full of local vendors and is a great place for you to check out some Nigerian souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones.

Location: Tarkwa Bay Beach, Lagos, Nigeria

Entry fee: 200 Naira
Agbokim Waterfalls
If your soul desires adventure then Nigeria is the perfect place for you, and the Agbokim Waterfalls are one of the many places in Nigeria that offer a thrilling experience. The waterfall is located just ten kilometers from Cameroon. The waterfall finds its way through lush tropical rainforests, which adds to the mystic aura of it. Seven streams converge into cohesion to form the gushing stream of the waterfall, and viewing the sight in its mesmerizing ambience is definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. In keeping with the streams, the waterfall is aptly known as one of the seven wonders of Nigeria, and is a popular site for excursions, picnics and other outdoor activities

Location: Etung government area, Nigeria
Kwa Falls
The Kwa Falls are also locally known as the Kwa Falls and Rapids, and constitute one of the most thrilling experiences in the heart of Nigeria. The falls and rapids, as most Nigerian streams, flow through dense rainforests of lush greenery and flora and fauna.

Amongst tourist places in Nigeria, this is especially reputed for having famously served as the natural backdrop for the Miss World photoshoot in 2002. Visitors will definitely find themselves immersed in the tremendous natural beauty that the rapids offer, which encourage a plethora of outdoor activities such as fishing. Kayaking and hiking in the trails are also undertaken under expert supervision

Location: Aningeje Town, Akamkpa LGA, Nigeria

7am to 6pm everyday

Entry fee: 500 Naira
Alpha Beach
Like all beaches in the country, the Alpha beach is one of the famous tourist places in Nigeria for outings and guarantees a great time of enjoyment and relaxation. The beach is infamous for the incident of a whale being washed ashore, which has since doubled the beach’s popularity.

The beach is known especially for its cleanliness, which allows a healthy environment for people of all ages to make the most out of. With open skies, sparkling waters and warm sands, it is a perfect place for you to test out your volleyball or beach football skills or enjoy in the relaxing shade of the shacks

Location: Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Entry fee: 1000 Naira

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Nigeria Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Nigeria?

1. Visit Yankari Game Reserve: Reconnect with nature by visiting Yankari Game Reserve, which is a huge wildlife park situated in Bauchi State. It spans about 2,244 square kilometers and is home to natural warm water springs and a wide variety of rare animals and plants. It is a refuge for over fifty mammal species, including olive baboon, African bush elephant, patas monkey, roan antelope, Tantalus monkey, western hartebeest, African buffalo, and West African lion.

Location : Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi Nigeria
Price: 3,565.30 NGN per person
Timings: 9 am-6 pm

2. Take a tour of Lekki Conservation Centre: If you're looking for one of the best things to do in Nigeria, you should definitely take the world's longest canopy walk at Lekki Conservation Centre. It is a natural reserve designed to educate visitors about biodiversity and protect a pristine natural area. As you traverse through the reserve, you'll spot monkeys, squirrels, giant tortoises, crabs, monitor lizards, pangolins, and antelopes. You can organize a picnic under the ninety-six-seater gazebos, enjoy birdwatching and climb the treehouse.

Location: KM 19, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos 550104 Nigeria
Price: 1,020.28 NGN
Timings: 8: 30 am- 5 pm

3. Hike to Idanre Hill Peak: One of the most adventurous things to do in Nigeria is hiking to Idanre Hill Peak that has six hundred and eighty-two steps from the ground. It is believed that the people of Idrane lived on these boulders for more than a millennium. On the way up the hill, you'll witness notable monuments such as the primary school, the prison yard, the court of justice, the marketplace, and the mausoleum built by the Idanre people. The hike is not suitable for faint-hearted people as the trails are rugged, uneven, and straight.

Location: Idanre, Ondo State
Price: 1,020.28 NGN

4. Stroll at Elegushi Royal Beach Lekki Lagos: In the atrocities of worldly affairs, Elegushi Royal Beach comes as a breather as it is a canvas of wonder with its white sand, turquoise blue water, and swaying palm trees. It is a 24 hours beach where people gather to host the wildest parties and shake their hips on to the loud beats. It also has restaurants, bars, cafes, and lounges that take your fun and entertainment quotient a notch higher. You can also enjoy horse riding, sea-shell hunting, and photography over here.

Location: Lekki, Lagos, 550104, Lagos State

5. Check out the Ogbunike Cave: One of the best Nigeria things to do is checking out the Ogbunike Cave that is made up of various tunnels that lead to different places. The tunnels provided refuge for Nigerian people during the Nigerian civil war and protected slave traders during the pre-colonial era. The walkway into this cave is made of three hundred and seventeen steps, and at the end, there is an open space used as a reception point. The water in the cave is considered to be therapeutic, and many visitors take the water home.

Location: Ifite Ogbunike, Ogbunike, Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria

6. Explore the Kajuru Castle: One of the best things to do in Nigeria is exploring the Kajuru Castle, which is a luxury villa in Nigeria. It was built by a renowned German expatriate, and it has been designed in European and German-style. This castle operates only on an exclusive basis and can accommodate twelve individuals or five couples at a time. The rooms are spread across three floors and feature four dungeon rooms, a central building with a knights' hall, and a bedroom fitted with televisions, sofas, air conditioners, beds, and private bathrooms.

Location: Kajuru St., Kaduna 800251, Nigeria
Price: 1,983.87 NGN
Timings: 11 am- 5 pm

7. Visit Gurara Waterfalls: End your search for the best things to do in Nigeria by visiting Gurara Waterfalls that are thirty meters tall and span up to two hundred meters. You can take a sunbath at the waterfall's rocky front and enjoy a barbecue and picnic at the sandy shore part. Towards the end of the waterfall, there is a small swimming area where you can take a relaxing dip. A picturesque beach is formed downstream with many interspersed banks.

Location: Kajuru St., Kaduna 800251, Nigeria
Price: 538.48 NGN
Timings: 8 am- 6 pm

8. Go to Abuja Arts and Crafts Village: One of the best Nigeria things to do is visiting Abuja Arts and Crafts Village that is laced with tranquillity and attracts every art lover with its unique collection. The villagers here sell a variety of handicrafts such as wooden equestrian statuettes and stuffed crocodiles. You can also buy beaded necklaces, bracelets, leather bags, traditional masks, adire fabrics, and clothes here.

Location: 1161 Sani Abacha Way, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

9. Walk to Ngwo Pine Forest: One of the fun things to do in Nigeria is walking to Ngwo Pine Forest, which is home to a massive limestone cave, awesome canopy, and beautiful array of pine trees. It is a tranquil sanctuary where sparkling waters are hemmed by lush green pine trees. You can party, camp, and enjoy many other interesting activities in this forest. It's best to hire a tour guide to explore the forest's hidden areas about which tourists usually don't know.

Location: The Ajala Bug Lagos Nigeria

10. Witness Sukur Cultural Landscape: If you wish to know about the cultural and spiritual traditions that are still practiced in Nigeria, you should definitely witness Sukur Cultural Landscape. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site dotted with unique structured palaces, terraced fields, and beautiful villages. The architecture of the village reflects the prevailing social hierarchy and ancient rituals. It has paved walkways, traditional cemeteries, and iron-smelting furnaces.

Location: Madagali, Nigeria

11. Picnic at Millennium Park: Your visit to Nigeria is incomplete without a jaunt to Millennium Park, one of the most iconic green spaces with jaw-dropping sceneries. Commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II of England in 2004, it is the largest public park in Abuja. You can also enjoy this outdoor picnic while lazing on the green grass. It has walkways with night lights and fountains, which gives the park a picture worthy look.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Price: 113.36 NGN
Timings: 6 am- 6 pm

12. Visit Gashaka Gumti National Park: One of the best Nigeria things to do is visiting Gashaka Gumti National Park that spans sixty-seven square kilometers and is dotted with montane forest and savannah. It is the largest national park in Nigeria that is home to the most primate habitat of West Africa and millions of birds. It also houses over five hundred different forms of wildlife such as colobus monkey, warthog, klipspringer oribi, and baboon.

Location: Nigeria
Price: 566.82 NGN
Timings: 9 am- 6 pm

What are the adventurous things to do in Nigeria?

1. Kayaking: Experience an up-close and personal encounter with an orca, sea lion, or humpback whale while kayaking at La Campagne Tropicana or Lil Zanzibar.

2. Hiking: Feel on the top of the world as you hike through the Idanre Hills that are steep-sided and dome-shaped hills. Once you reach the top of the summit, you will be rewarded with majestic views.

3. Ziplining: Get strapped to a pulley, and remain propelled from top to bottom with a suspended cable as you enjoy ziplining at Lekki Leisure Lake.

4. Quad Biking: Get ready to have the ride of your life and capture stunning views of the oasis as you enjoy Quad biking in La Campagne Tropicana and Sumu Wildlife park. With super-high and super-low speeds in an SUV, your head will spin like a tossed coin while navigating the terrains.

5. Go-kart racing: Turn your fantasy of being a race car driver into reality by enjoying go-kart racing at Get Arena or Omu Resort in Ibeju-lekki.

What is Nigeria best known for?

1. Oil: Nigeria is known for its petroleum exploration and production. It is the largest producer in OPEC of sweet oil.

2. Entertainment: The Nigerian film industry is the second-largest based on the number of movies produced every year. The entertainment industry here is known as “Nollywood” and it sprang up in 1992.

3. Lagos: Known as the Big Apple of Africa, Lagos is a center of attraction for visitors. It has an exploding music and arts scene that will keep you engaged forever.

4. Third-Mainland Bridge: This is the longest bridge in Africa that connects Lagos Island to the mainland. It has become an icon of Lagos, offering splendid views of the Lagos Lagoon, Makoko, and the University of Lagos Waterfront.

5. Biltong: This is the most popular food in Africa, made with cured meat. It is prepared typically with a non-vinegar marinade.

Is it safe to visit Nigeria?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Nigeria, but you should take extra caution here not to travel alone at night as there is a heightened risk of maritime crime and kidnapping. You should also not eat anything offered by strangers and take care of your personal belongings.

What is Nigeria's famous food?

1. Joll of rice
2. Bean and plantain pottage
3. Akara
4. Suya
5. Zobo
6. Moin moin
7. Edikang Ikong
8. Dodo
9. Ogbono
10. Puff puff
11. Pepper soup
12. Chin chin
13. Banga
14. Deep-fried battered yams
15. Efo riro

What is the best time to visit Nigeria?

November-March is considered the best time to visit Nigeria as it is the dry season. The weather remains pleasant with no to minimum rainfall, giving you a chance to enjoy outdoor activities.

How to reach Nigeria?

By flight: Nigeria has thirty-one airports, out of which The Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport is the main airport that receives flights from all around the world. The airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, and Air India operate flights in this country.

By Train: You can get a train to Nigeria from Lisbon. There are many fast intercity trains and regional trains running between Nigeria and Faro.

Do we need a visa to visit Nigeria?

Yes, you'll need a tourist visa and a valid passport to visit Nigeria. If you hope to return home, you'll need a visa at departure time, too.

How to reach Nigeria from India?

Several reputable airlines offer both indirect and direct flights from India to Nigeria. Some of these are AirAsia India, GoAir, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Vistara. You can also take an indirect flight from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai to Lagos. Most of the flights are routed via Istanbul or Dubai.

How many days are enough to visit Nigeria?

Three days are enough to visit Nigeria.

- On the first day, you can visit Gashaka Gumti National Park, Ngwo Pine Forest, and Idanre Hills.
- On the second day, you can visit Mount Patti, Gurara Waterfalls, and Millennium Park.
- Reserve your third day to enjoy a date at Civic Center Floating Restaurant and go-kart racing at Get Arena or Omu Resort.

What are the best trekking trails in Nigeria?

1. Shere Hills: Feel on top of the world by hiking to Shere Hills, a scenic collection of fascinating boulders arranged in different formations. Getting to the peak can be challenging, but once you reach the top of the summit, you're rewarded with a breathtaking aerial view of the city.

2. Idanre Hills: Indulge in some rip-roaring adventure by hiking through Idanre Hills that are steep-sided and dome-shaped hills. To get to the top of this majestic hill, you must climb six hundred and sixty-seven steps with five resting spots along the way.

3. Mount Patti: Mount Patti is located around fifteen hundred feet above sea level, and it has well-marked trails that take you on an exciting hike to the summit with breathtaking views of the city and Rivers Benue and Niger.

4. Aso Rock: Standing at about thirteen hundred feet above sea level, Aso Rock is the highest rock in Abuja. It is quite steep, and you need to take permission from the authorities to climb the rock.

What are the best things to do in Nigeria at night?

1. Enjoy sunset boat trip: One of the best things to do in Nigeria at night is enjoying sunset boat trips. Boats depart from Marina of Lagos and glide along with the current giving you a unique opportunity to watch the sun disappear on the horizon.

2. Stroll around downtown Lagos: Take your nighttime adventure to the next level by strolling around downtown Lagos that is dotted with several shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can unwind after a busy day.

3. Enjoy a late-night stroll at Meia Praia: One of the best things to do in Nigeria at night is strolling along the Meia Praia, which is the biggest beach in Nigeria. While strolling here, you can see the waves crashing through the shores and touching your feet.

4. Hop on to the bars: One of the best Nigeria things to do at night is hopping onto the hip and happening bars that have an intimate environment and vibrant interiors. MJ Bar, Legends Bar, The Star, and The Lionheart are the best bars in Nigeria.

What are the famous things to do in Lagos, Nigeria?

1. Explore Lekki Market: One of the best things to do in Nigeria is exploring the Lekki Market that offers a mix of hand-made art like traditional clothing items, wood carvings, pictures, and jewelry.

2. Seek peace at The Cathedral Church of Christ:One of the best Nigeria things to do is visiting The Cathedral Church of Christ that is a landmark of Lagos. It serves as the burial place of Dr. Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who was the first African bishop.

3. Revisit history by exploring Kalakuta Republic Museum: If you're a history lover, you must visit the Kalakuta Republic Museum that is dedicated to Fela Kuti, who was the most influential musician in Africa.

4. Ride in a keke: Driving around Lagos in a Keke is considered to be one of the best Nigeria things to do for unlimited recreation and enjoyment. Keke is a popular mode of street transportation in Nigeria, it has three wheels, one at the front and three at the back.

5. Discover archaeological artifacts at Nigerian National Museum: If you wish to learn about Nigeria's traditions and cultures, you must visit Nigerian National Museum. It houses an extensive collection of local art, including statuary, wood carvings, and paintings.

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