Gashaka Gumti National Park Overview
The largest of Nigeria’s eight national parks, Gashakti Gumpti is renowned for its splendid scenic landscapes. One of the most popular tourist places in Nigeria, the expansive park sprawls across the country’s two highest peaks- the Chappal Wadi (Mountain of Death) and the Chappal Hendu (Mountain of Wind.) The diverse flora and fauna at the park has led the Gashaka Gumti to be flagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the many animals found here are the roebucks, the antelopes, several chimpanzees, and African elephants. The National Park is especially well known for its bid population, being home to over 1 million native and migratory birds. Activities like hiking tours and chimpanzee tracking are offered by the park. There are several resorts and camps within the Park as well.

Location: Gashaka, Nigeria
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