Hot Air Balloon in Namibia

Hot Air Balloon Safari Namibia

- Swakopmund
- Solitaire
- Sossusvlei
- Windhoek
- Sesriem

Opt for a Hot air Balloon safari in Namibia to experience the spectacle of nature and the panoramic view of the desert spread over this country. It lets you glide over the oldest desert of this earth and the activity is surely a must try during your visit to Namibia. This is truly a once in lifetime activity when you would be ballooning close to the desert to know things more exclusively as well as exploring the hotspots without touching anything.

You will get to explore some of the ancient townships like Swakopmund which is known for its colonial landmarks, Solitaire which is famous for being a important supplier of basics and fuel in between the vast spread desert lands, Sossusvlei which is most sought after for soaring sand dunes, surreal shipwrecks, rare wildlife encounters, coastal fogs, and prehistoric vegetation.

The ride of a hot air balloon in Namibia is not only the best way to explore the oldest desert but also the best way to capture a glimpse of ancient civilizations and heritage. It’s time to live it rather than dream about it. You will get to witness the spectacular views of hot air balloon inflation from the platform, take up in the most romantic way soaring with the winds over the sand and mountains letting your capture endless shadows and lights. This activity will also give you a chance of taking a leisurely nature drive to make the experience unlike any other.
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Namibia Hot Air Ballooning FAQs

Which are the best places to do hot air balloon in Namibia?

1. Swakopmund: Swakopmund happens to be a coastal city in Namibia which is located to the west of the capital city. This city was established by German Colonists in the year 1892. With sandy beaches facing the majestic Atlantic Ocean, you will be able to indulge in some wonderful hot air balloon activity during your trip.

The city is also home to some of the iconic colonial landmarks like the Swakopmund Lighthouse, Mole, Old Sea Well, Swakopmund Museum, and the elegant railway station. During your Balloon safari in Namibia, you can capture a bird’s eye view of all these places.

Location: Erongo, Namibia
Best time: January, February, March. April

2. Solitaire: Solitaire is a small settlement located in the Khomas Region of Central Namibia close to the Namib Naukluft National Park. This place is very much famous for offering fuel between the sand dunes at Sossusvlei and Coast at Walvis bay. Taking a Balloon safari in Namibia over this quaint city will give you a chance to explore its charm in the middle of a vast desert.

This is the only location where you can find some restrooms, garages, cafe, and restaurant during your ongoing Balloon safari in Namibia. The best part of coming over to this place is that you will get to spend some time in a secluded environment free from all stress of life.

Location:Khomas Region of central Namibia
Best time:Summer (December through February)

3. Sossusvlei: A hot air balloon flight over Sossusvlei is truly a once in a lifetime experience as you will get a chance to pass through the dunes of the Namib Desert which is the oldest desert in the world.

You will get to witness soaring sand dunes, surreal shipwrecks, rare wildlife encounters, coastal fogs, and prehistoric vegetation during your Balloon safari in Namibia.

Location: Southern part of the Namib Desert, in the Namib-Naukluft National Park of Namibia
Best time: Autumn Season from March until May and Spring Season from August to October

4. Windhoek: Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia located in the central highland. The city is sprawling with many notable heritage sites as well as Acre War Memorials commemorating the 1990 independence movement of Namibia.

You will also come across former military headquarters on the top of the hill with zillions of historical exhibits and artefacts. You will also be able to capture a number of colonial influences such as buildings of Sandstone Lutheran Christus Church while soaring high in the sky.

Location:Country’s central highlands, Namibia
Best time: May to October

5. Sesriem: Sesriem happens to be a small settlement in the vast spread Namib Desert located close to the southern end of Naukluft Mountains. This place is very much famous for being the main access point to the Namib Naukluft National Park.

Sesriem is also famous for its hot air balloon safari in Namibia over the city which lets the visitors have a bird’s eye view of all the important hotspots.

Location: Namib Desert, Namibia
Best time: April, may, june, july, august, september, october, november

What is the best time to go for a hot air balloon ride in Namibia?

The hot air balloon in Namibia can be taken all through the year. However the activity is mainly carried out in the early morning hours when the climate is cool over the desert.

How much does a hot air balloon ride cost in Namibia?

The hot air balloon ride cost in Namibia would cost you around N$ 6950 per person.

How long do hot air balloon rides last?

The hot air balloon ride in Namibia typically lasts for an hour in Namibia. The activity takes place at an average wind speed of 5 mph and the balloon will fly for 2 - 8 miles.

What is the weight limit for a hot air balloon?

The weight limit for a hot air balloon ride in Namibia is around 200 lbs. The weight restrictions are to be strictly followed while taking part in this activity to make sure that there is an equal distribution of load.

What are the things to keep in mind while experiencing a balloon safari Namibia?

- Make sure you are physically sound for taking part in this activity.
- Be attentive during the initial introductory sessions.
- Gear up with all required safety harnesses.
- Do follow all the safety instructions in the middle of the flight.

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