Things to Do in Myanmar

Activities to Do in Myanmar

Ride A Hot Air Balloon, Explore Hidden Temples Of Bagan, Stay At A Boutique Winery, Go Motorbiking On The Road From Mandalay, Explore Indiana Jones-style Waterfalls, Visit The Reclining Buddha and many more.

The exhilarating things to do in Myanmar lets you escape the boredom of regular life in the midst of alluring natural beauty. Tourists can not only enjoy sightseeing tours at age old monasteries and heritage sites but they can also indulge in a wide range of activities like trekking, hiking tours, and biking tours. Myanmar also lets you indulge in some of the most sought after water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling in some of its remote coastal areas that are home to enthralling coral ridges.

Wandering about what to do in Myanmar, then stop thinking and get ready for the trip as the land has got gazillion offerings for its guests to enjoy as well as make cherishable memories. Guests can take time to indulge in some of the exceptional activities to do in Myanmar like riding a hot air balloon over the pagodas, exploring the hidden temples of Bagan, staying at a boutique winery and learning about the heritage wine manufacturing process.
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Myanmar Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Myanmar?

1. Ride A Hot Air Balloon: Riding a hot air balloon in Myanmar would definitely be one of the best activities to do in Myanmar as it gets you an opportunity to float into the sky capturing the views of the brilliant pagodas. You will go up in the basket over the Bagan or Inle lake to capture some mystical and wonderful views. This most sought after thing to Do in Myanmar will be carried out in the presence of expert tour guides who will assist you in case of any need.

Location: Balloons Over Bagan Sales Office Near Hotel Zfreeti, Thiripyitsaya Block No. (5, Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma)
Price: U$300–U$400

2. Explore Hidden Temples Of Bagan: The hidden temples of Bagan are a must visit during your trip to Myanmar. Bagan is a place that has been attracting visitors with its scenic sunrises and sunsets. Tourists love to climb up to the top of the stupa in the dark and navigate hundreds of temples and lesser known places. During your hiking tour, it is very evident that you will come across some of the best local artists selling sand paintings and lacquerware. You can purchase them as souvenirs for your friends and loved ones at home.

Location: Mandalay Region, Myanmar

3. Stay At A Boutique Winery: Thinking about what to do in Myanmar? Burma is very much popular for its vineyards and exotic whisky and beer. You will surprisingly get good wine in Myanmar. During your visit, you must find time to visit the German Run Aythaya Winery which was established in the year 1999 close to the Inle Lake. The more interesting part is that you can stay in the boutique hotel present in the winery overlooking the brilliant hillside vineyards. The bedrooms of the hotel have got large balconies to keep you connected with the pristine beauty without any hindrance.

Location: Htone Bo, Taunggyi 11181, Myanmar (Burma)
Price: 7,058.72 Myanmar Kyat

4. Go Motorbiking On The Road From Mandalay: Going motorbiking on the road from Mandalay is one of the most sought after things to do during your trip to Myanmar. The biking tour through a self guided route will give you a chance to capture the awe inspiring country wide epics. You can rent bikes and book dedicated tours out of Mandalay from Zach Benoy who happens to own a chicken farm and runs a biking tour firm. He is an adventurous American who settled in Burma about 10 years in the past.

Location: Mandalay, Myanmar

5. Explore Indiana Jones-style Waterfalls: Indiana Jones Style Waterfalls exploration tour has been one of the most loved Things to Do in Myanmar that tourists love to indulge. Located in the historic township of Pyin Ol Lwin, which served as the summer getaway during the British Colonial Rule. It is a relaxing place to visit where you can escape far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and get lost in the lap of mother nature. The falls of Dat Taw Gyaint has crystal clear waters which will surely lure you to spend time swimming with your loved ones.

Location: Anesakhan, Myanmar (Burma)

6. Visit The Reclining Buddha: The reclining Buddha temple which is also known as Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple happens to be one of the most sought after religious places to visit in Myanmar. The temple is home to one of the reclining images of Buddha which is about 66 meters long and happens to be one of the largest in the whole country. Tourists can visit this place during their trip to offer prayers at the temple and seek blessings from the almighty. You will surely be impressed by the image of the lord not only because of its massive size but also because of its intricate works.

Location: Bahan Township, Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar.

7. Take A Burmese Taxi: Getting driven in a Burmese Taxi through the townships and scenic routes is truly one of the best activities in Myanmar that tourists should experience. You will get to travel safely as well as cost effectively from one place to another. This would be one of the best means of transport for various hop on and hop off tours in the cities.

Location: Myanmar.
Price: K1,500-K2,000

8. Discover Burmese Schools: Discovering the Burmese Schools you will be able to capture the diversity of Myanmar starting from its cultures to its natural beauty. The trip will offer you a once in lifetime opportunity to interact with the students and gather a deeper understanding of the authentic life of people. It is one of the best destinations for young masses visiting Myanmar. During the tour of the schools, you will also be able to capture some scenic natural beauty in terms of pristine beaches, alluring scenic mountains and much more.

9. Visit The Royal Palace: The Royal Palace which is also known as the Mandalay Palace happens to be the last palace in Burmese Monarchy. The construction of the palace started in the year 1857 and was complete in the year 1859. The palace was set up as a part of Mindon’s founding of the new capital city. Visitors will come to know more about the style of architecture of this place which is more or less similar to the traditional Burmese Palace designs. There is a walled fort which is again surrounded by a moat. In the past era, the palace had served as the royal residence of the last two kings of the province.

Location: Mandalay, Myanmar
Price: 10,000 Ks per person

10. Explore Shwedagon Pagoda: Shwedagon Pagoda enshrining the strands of Buddha’s hair in Yangon can be considered as one of the best places to visit in Myanmar. It is a sacred place with impressive buddhist influences and heritage. The construction of the pagoda dates back to almost 2500 years in the past. The pagoda is covered with gold plates and the top part of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds of 72 carat. Visitors will definitely fall for the heritage, art, sculpture and architecture of this place. You will get to meet a number of monks here who wash the statues, offer flowers and spend time worshiping and meditating.

Location: Shwedagon east gate Yangon, 11201, Myanmar (Burma)
Price: 11,293.95 Myanmar Kyat

Which are the best adventure activities to do in Myanmar?

1. Jungle Trek in Ngapali: Trekking through the jungles of Ngapali lets you capture the stunning views of the bay. It is one of the popular trekking destinations that takes you close to the vibrant jungle wildlife of Myanmar. It would be better if you can take guided tours through the jungles so that you don’t get lost in the timberland. Wandering about what to do in Myanmar, then just close your eyes and head out on these jungle treks to explore the timberlands.

2. Hike Up Mt. Zwe Ka Bin: Hiking up to Mount Zwe Ka Bin offers you a perfect blend of culture as well as adventure. The trek to the summit takes about 2 - 3 hours which will take you through the Buddha Forest with a sweeping viewpoint. You can also spend your nights at the local monastery.

3. Bike Tour in Bagan: Bike Tour in Bagan happens to be one of the popular adventure things to do in Myanmar that you can indulge in. Takes you to some of the popular routes through the remote villages and rice paddies. You will get to enjoy the rural lifestyle as well as spend some time in tranquility.

4. Go Scuba Diving: Myanmar is home to some of the untouched spectacular coral ridges located close to Ngapali Beach and Myeik Archipelago. Tourists can indulge in some wonderful scuba diving as well as snorkelling activity. In order to take part in these things to Do in Myanmar, you would need to travel to some of the remote areas.

What is the best time visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar would be in the winter season that lasts from the month of November to the month of February. Planning a trip at this time of the year you can easily cover various wonderful places in Mandalay and Burma. You can also visit Burma in the rainy season to capture alluring natural beauty.

How to reach Myanmar?

The best way to reach Myanmar would be by taking a direct flight to Yangon and Mandalay. You will get regular flights from a majority of foregin destinations to Myanmar from places like Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap, and many others. Some of the major flight operators in Myanmar are Golden Myanmar Airlines, Myanmar National Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, Air KSZ, Myanmar Airways International, and Mann Yadanarpon Airlines

What is Myanmar famous for?

Myanmar is famous for its pristine beaches and age-old remarkable buddhist monasteries. You will also get to enjoy a wonderful heritage of the country that dates back to ages in the past. The country has got a widespread coastline along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

What can I buy in Myanmar?

When you are visiting Myanmar, you can get some of the beautiful souvenirs to keep the memories alive all through your life. Here are some of the best things that you buy:
- Longyi
- Sand Painting
- Burmese Carpet
- Wind Chimes
- Buddha Statues
- Burmese Wooden Sculptures and Carvings
- Burmese Puppet
- Pathein Umbrella
- Burmese Cigars?
- Burmese Lacquerware
- Shan Handbags
- Gold Leaf
- Silk

Is a visa required to visit Myanmar?

It is required to carry a valid passport as well as a valid passport with at least six months validity. You can apply for the visa approval at the Burmese Embassy. You can also apply for a visa at the official government website.

Which are the famous historical places to visit in Myanmar?

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon: Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon happens to be an enchanting sacred Buddhist site in the country that dates back to about 2500 year and is covered by 60 tons of gold leaf and has been termed as a golden mystery by Rudyard Kipling. You will also come across a number of shrines, stupas, and status in the pagoda complex.

Mount Popa: Mount Popa is yet another major historical and pilgrimage destination in Myanmar. In order to reach the main hill top temple, you would need to trek for 30 minutes. On the way to the summit, you will be welcomed by panoramic views.

Golden Rock Stupa, Kyaiktiyo: Golden Rock Stupa, Kyaiktiyo is one of the most prominent landmarks in Burma because of its boulder shapred Golden Rocks that rest perilously on a mountain top. As per the legends, it is believed to be held by the hair of Buddha. Many tourists come over to this place every single year to offer prayers, meditate and contemplate.

Amarapura and U Bein Bridge: Amarapura happens to be the 18th century capital of Myanmar that is best known for alms collection at the famous Mahagandayon Monastery. It is one of the famous places for young monks. You can also visit the famous U Bein Bridge that is about 1.2 km long footbridge made up of 984 teak posts completed in the year 1851.

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