Things to Do in Azerbaijan

What to Do in Azerbaijan

Check Out The Old Town Of Baku, Visit Bibi-Heybat Mosque And Check Out Its Interior, Admire The Hypermodern Beauty Of Heydar Aliyev Centre, Buy Some Spices And Tea Leaves At Yashil Bazaar and many more.

The beauty of Azerbaijan lies in the mountains and semi-arid plains stretching down to the endless horizon which holds the history revealing towns and places. There are a lot of things to do in Azerbaijan which includes a visit to the beautiful mosque of Bibi-Heybat where history redefines or walking around the Baku Promenade stretch can make your evenings refreshing. Talking about adventurous activities then this place has many activities such as skiing, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, and many more which will add-on to your travel experience.

Get ready to experience an all-new flaming temple of Ateshgah Fire Temple during the nighttime where a beautiful aura is created with the fires of the temple. It’s time to pump your adrenaline with adventurous activities residing in Azerbaijan. You can find various activities to do in Azerbaijan such as a thrilling hiking experience in the Candy Cone mountains, mesmerizing scenic view while Skiing at Shahdag, feeling water rush while doing Kayaking in Baku, and many other exciting activities. Get your gears on and get ready to create endless lifelong memories with your friends and families.
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Absheron National Park
Absheron National Park happens to be one of the most sought after places in Azerbaijan. Located in the Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forest Ecoregion, this national park is spread over an area of 783 hectares. The national park is home to a wide range of birds and wildlives such as snakes, turtles, jackals, and foxes.

There are about 50 warm blooded animals and you will also be able to find more than 25 different types of flora. If you wish to capture the Caspian Seals, then you would need to come over to one of the most popular Tourist places in Azerbaijan in between May and August. 

Location: The Caspian region, Bakı, Azerbaijan

Highlights: National Parks
Located in the Astara District, this is one of the best places in Azerbaijan which is popular for its caspian lapped seashores, fragrant natural elements, underground aquifers, and sweet smelling tra. Astara is also very much popular for its TV broadcasting and telecom centre that was constructed in the mid 1980s.

The architecture of the tower was constructed futuristic in those times and it is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan that you should not miss out on during your trip. 

Location: Astara District, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Caspian Lapped Seashores and TV Broadcasting Centre
Maiden Tower
Maiden Tower is a 12th century landmark that is located in the old city close to the Shirvanshahs’ palace. The tower was listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. The tower has become one of the public symbols of the country that is even included in the currency notes as well as official letterheads.

The tower is home to a museum that displays the narrative of the notable development of Baku City. Heading to the top of the tower, you will get to capture some alluring views of the Baku Boulevard, Baku Bay, and Place of Isa Bek Hajinski. 

Location: Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan

Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage Site
Heydar Aliyev Centre
Heydar Aliyev Centre is a complex in Baku that is planned by Iraqi British Designer named Zaha Hadid. The unique character of this architectural marvel is its sharp points and bends.

The avenue was named after Heydar Aliyev as he happened to be the main secretary of Soviet Azerbaijan. This centre has played a major role in the past being a place for urbanism. 

Location: 1 Heydar Aliyev Ave, Baku 1033, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Architectural marvel
Azerbaijan Carpet Museum
Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is one of the largest carpet museums in the whole world. Visiting this place, you will be able to come across a wide range of weaving styles and materials from various ages. The museum is also home to a wide range of pottery and metal works that date back to the 14th century as well as from the bronze age.

Every year, the museum hosts a number of talk shows and seminars to educate the society about various advancements in the carpet industry. During your tour, you can also purchase goods from the souvenir shop. 

Location: 28 Mikayıl Hüseynov Prospekti, Bakı 1000, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Largest Carpet Museum
The Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea happens to be one of the largest inland waterways that is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The Caspian Sea is endorheic, which means it has no regular outlets and there are about 130 waterways that stream into the Sea.

It stretches for about 1200 kilometers from north to south and has a width close to 320 km. The total area covered by the sea is about 386,400 square kilometers. As per the legends, the inhabitants had perceived it to be an ocean because of its salty water and mammoth size. 

Highlights: Largest Inland Waterway.
Shirvan National Park
Shirvan National park is one of the most remarkable and intriguing spots in Azerbaijan that is spread over an area of 54,373 hectares in Garadagh, Neftchala and Salyan districts. The recreational area of the park has got about 4000 hectares of water activities while a majority of the area appears to like a semi desert. 

Location: Salyan Rayon, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Recreational Activities
Agh Gol National Park
Agh Gol National Park happens to be situated on the boundary of Iran and is very much popular for its bone dry scene. The national park is home to the second largest lake which was set up in the initial days to secure the wetlands environments.

The national park is home to 140 types of birds and other animal species. This park is visited by zillions of migratory birds every single year. You can come over to one of the best Tourist places in Azerbaijan during the migration season to indulge in some wonderful bird watching tours. 

Location: Ağcabədi Rayon Beyləqan Rayon

Highlights: Birdwatching Tours
Goyazan Mountain
Goyazan Mountain, located in Northwestern Azerbaijan close to the villages of Abbasbeyli and Alpout. The summit of the mountain is about 857.9 meters above sea level. This place is usually visited by tourists to witness the amazing fortress that dates to almost the 14th century.

Location: Northwestern Qazakh District of Azerbaijan
Lake Goygol
Lake Goygol is one of the largest lakes in Azerbaijan that is located at an elevation of about 1500 meters above sea level. The lake is surrounded by rich timberlands which makes the environment much more enchanting and delightful to visit.

The lake was created in the year 1139 just after an earthquake that caused some part of kapaz mountain to collapse and block the path of  Kürəkçay River. 

Location: Murovdag, Azerbaijan

Highlights: stunning, crystal-clear water
Icheri Sheher
Icheri Seher is one of the pearls that is located in the heart of Azerbaijan. This place can be considered as the centre of cultural heritage of ancient Baku city. This place is famous for being a strong pillar of the economic development of the country in the 19th century.

The city started to expand beyond the fortress walls as the oil industry got life in Baku. heading over to this place, you will be able to marvel at some of the age old architectural marvels. 

Location: Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Architectural monuments
Garasu Volcano
Garasu Volcano happens to be one of the most elevated mud volcanoes in the whole world. It is located at a height of 350 meters above sea level. During its eruption the volanoces has heaved mud for more than 1000 meters into the air.

This place is very much popular for its Naftalan oil Resort which has the best unrefined petroleum that has got headline properties. 

Highlights: Naftalan oil Resort

Gobustan happens to be one of the most popular places to see in Azerbaijan that is famous for stone petroglyphs and mud volcanoes. This place has been existing from about 8000 BC and it is very much famous for its stone etchings.

Heading over to this place, you will be able to get insights of the petroglyphs that date back to almost 38th Millenium BC. 

Location: Qobustan, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Rock petroglyphs and mud volcanoes.
Nabran can be considered as a well known retreat and district in the Khachmaz Rayon which is about 3 hour drive from the capital city Baku. Spread over a few square kilometers, this place is home to some ancient houses, amusement places, luxury resorts, and lively cafes.

Heading over to this place, you will be able to discover some of its oceanfront area and surreal beaches. Tourists also love to watch its pristine sunrise and sunset views during their excursion tour of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan. 

Location: Khachmaz Rayon of Azerbaijan, close to the Russia-Azerbaijan border

Highlights: All-night dance clubs
Baku Seaside Park
Baku Seaside Park which is also known as a national park has been existing since 1909. It is a promenade that is set up along the seafront of Baku. Visiting this place, you will be able to gather insights that date to centuries in the past as well as spend some relaxed moments in the lively atmosphere.

This is one of the best evening hotspots in Azerbaijan that you must not miss out.

Location: Dənizkənarı Milli Park, 77 Neftchilar Ave, Baku 1095, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Shopping and entertainment center
Ateshgah is one of the popular places to see in Azerbaijan, an attraction that is famed as its Fire Temple. The temple of fire is listed under the UNESCO world heritage site and millions of tourists flock to this place to capture the majestic views.

Visiting one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan, you will be able to witness a number of Persian and Indian inscriptions. 

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Fire Temple of Baku
Ismailiyya Palace
Ismailiyya Palace is one of the most visited historical places in Baku that serves as the academy of sciences. Located on the Istiqlaliyyet Street in Baku, this palace was constructed for the Muslim Charity Society by Józef Plośko.

The palace was built as a dedication to the deceased son Ismayil of Musa Naghiyev. The construction of the palace building started in the year 1908 and was completed in 1913.

Location: Ismailiyya building10, Istiqlaliyyet Street, Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Nizami Ganjavi Mausoleum
Nizami Ganjavi Mausoleum was constructed in the 12th century and was dedicated to Persian Poet Nizami Ganjavi. The Mausoleum that is located in Ganja at the present time has been rebuilt in the year 1991 after it collapsed due to earthquakes.

Nezami is believed to be one of the greatest Persian poets and heading over to this place you will be able to learn more about his life and works. 

Location: R51, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Highlights: Built in honor of the 12th-century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi

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Azerbaijan Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Azerbaijan?

1. Check Out The Old Town Of Baku: The most famous and glamorous city of Azerbaijan is the old city Baku, which is the nation’s first World Heritage site. Get ready to soak yourself in the friendly atmosphere of the city and explore cafes and restaurants nearby where you can feel a refreshing vibe.

The historical place holds some beautiful monuments of the medieval period including the iconic Maiden Tower, Palace of Shirvanshahs, and many other attractive monuments. Wonder with your friends or families in the narrow streets and watch the beautiful museums and temples.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

2. Visit Bibi-Heybat Mosque And Check Out Its Interior: Get a charming experience at the historical mosque i.e Bibi-Heybat in Baku, Azerbaijan. Being the oldest Mosque, it still stands still at its position and now it has been recognized as the spiritual center for the Muslims. The Mosque depicts great architectural design from outside and inside the mosque, you’ll be surprised to see the amazing artworks and delicate design of the workers.

The captivating look of the mosque is escalated with the beautiful view of the massive blue sea and distinct mountains. Must add this place to your bucket list of things to do in Azerbaijan.

Location: Bibi-Heybat Mosque, Baku, Azerbaijan

3. Admire The Hypermodern Beauty Of Heydar Aliyev Centre: A perfect example of modern beauty in Azerbaijan is the Heydar Aliyev Centre, which is an important cultural center in Baku. This beauty is modern in style but speaks about the growth of Azerbaijan’s culture, where you can have a mind-blowing experience with walls and artifacts speaking about Azerbaijan’s past history and beautiful culture.

Enjoy each corner of this multi-functional center where different cultural events, workshops, and exhibitions are performed. Join the cultural events with your friend and enjoy the peaceful entertainment where you will get to know more about the Azerbaijan language and culture.

Location: 1 Heydar Aliyev Ave, Baku 1033, Azerbaijan

4. Buy Some Spices And Tea Leaves At Yashil Bazaar: Wondering about what to do in Azerbaijan then take a walk to the world of Azerbaijan tastes and aromas, Yashil Bazaar is one of the largest food bazaars with thousands of stallholders. Strolling around the stalls in search of different spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and spices will give an experience of all new flavors and aromas from distinct corners of the world.

In this hustle-bustle, you can test your bargaining skills and get some species at a very low cost. In order to have an immense experience, you must add this to your list of things to do in Azerbaijan and make the best of your trip.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

5. Stroll Along Baku Promenade And Check Out Mini Venice: The Baku Promenade is built along the coast of the beautiful Caspian Sea, which is a 4-km long stretch. You will see flaming towers while taking a walk around the Promenade, where you’ll find the massiveness of the Capsian sea.

Explore the market near the Baku promenade which will make you fall in love with stunning architecture. Make your trip more memorable by visiting a replica of Venice, yet a smaller version. It is a beautifully designed man-made waterway having the best attraction spot by travelers.

Location: 73 Neftchilar Ave, Baku 1004, Azerbaijan

6. Hike Up The Highland Park At Sunset: Talking about a beautiful park where you can get a mesmerizing panoramic view of Baku then Highland Park of Baku ranks on the top. Reaching out to the top of Highland park gives you a small trekking experience as it has 250 stairs to cover.

Catch the evening vibe of the park as at that time you can beat the heat with a cool and calm environment, giving you a great feeling. On top of the park, you can see some statues devoted to the people caught in the tragic history of the Azerbaijani nation.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

7. Be Blown Away By The Beauty And Scale Of Heydar Mosque At Night: Unleash the secret treasure of Baku’s street i.e Heydar Mosque, which is located in the northern part of town. Feel the quietness and calmness in the Heydar Mosque where spending even a few minutes will give you a mindful relaxing experience.

The beauty of the mosque lies in the night where the whole mosque is turned into beautiful twinkling lights, which create an eye-catching attraction for locals nearby. The actual beauty is in the interior having delicate designs and architecture that will take your breath away. Explore this one of the best things to do in Azerbaijan with your friends or family.

Location: Hamza Babashov, Baku, Azerbaijan

8. Go On A Day Trip To Gobustan And The Mud Volcanoes: Gobustan is a must place to visit when making a trip to Baku, it is one of the oldest yet wonderful places to explore. The outer look of Gobustan might not look much appealing but the interior of Gobustan speaks a lot about history.

There are thousands of rock engravings and petroglyphs which depict the hunting scenes, constellations, humans, and other ancient engravings. The magnificent look of mud volcanoes creates an eye-catching look and attracts a lot of travelers to this spot and adds a new experience to their visit.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

9. Learn About The History Of The Zoroastrianism At Ateshgah Fire Temple: Holy rituals in the fire temple are one of the favorite spots for tourists coming to Azerbaijan. The fire temple at Aatishgarh was a place of sacrifice which used to run on natural gas, but now, the vents are switched with a gas line to make this place look beautiful to worship during nighttime.

The wall and structural design of this temple speak about the history of Zoroastrianism. The flames are visible from a large distance, thus grabbing the attention of tourists. Feel the positive vibes during your visit to this spiritual place with your friends and families.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

10. Spend The Night Away At Nizami Street: Think of anything and you’ll find that Nizami street, which is one of the bustling famous shopping streets in Baku, must add this to your things to do in Azerbaijan. shuffling between the clothing collection at stores will make you fall in love with the street market.

You can find many luxurious outlets, beautiful fountains, and small architectural buildings that make your travel experience more interesting and delightful. Don’t miss to try the traditional and luscious food at the stylish restaurants in Nizami street with your friends or families as this will add a peaceful experience to your journey.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

What are the best adventure activities to do in Azerbaijan?

1. Kayaking in Baku: Kayaking is one of the perfect adventure-filled activities to do in Azerbaijan that makes your blood pump faster. Enjoy your trip with Kayaking where you get a chance to do fishing on Kayak. The best spot for kayaking is in Lankaran and lake Goygol.

2. PaddleBoarding in Baku: One of the toughest adventurous activities to do in Azerbaijan that you can explore in Azerbaijan. Get your strength skill refined before going for paddleboarding, as you will be needing muscular strength for paddling.

3. Skiing at Shahdag: Plan your trip to Azerbaijan in winters for skiing, snowboarding and enjoy a cozy stay at the beautiful resorts of Shahdag. You can double up your skiing experience with fabulous scenic beauty, creating special moments for your memories.

4. Shooting at Gabala club: Experience an unparalleled target shooting experience at Gabala shooting club, which is located near the Caucasus Mountains. You can improve your shooting skills and side by side enjoy the relaxing natural surroundings.

5. Hiking in the Candy Cane Mountains: Have a daring hiking experience around the colorful rocky landscape of candy cane mountains, where you get a chance to showcase your hiking skills and add them to your experience.

How to reach Azerbaijan?

You can reach Azerbaijan through Flights and Trains.

Via flights: Reach the main international airport Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku from your country.
Via Train: Take a direct train from Russia and Georgia to Azerbaijan.

What is the best time to visit Azerbaijan?

The best time to visit Azerbaijan is between April to June and September to October. During this period you will have pleasant weather conditions, making your travel experience delightful.

What is Azerbaijan known for?

1. The surprising fire temple of Ateshgah: This historical and magical place attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world who want to experience the stunning view of the temple fire during nighttime.

2. The old town of Baku: The old town of Baku holds the maximum tourist gathering as it has beautiful museums, mosques, and traditional villages that depict Azerbaijan history and culture.

3. Heydar Aliyev Centre: A perfect example of modern technology and architecture where you can spend a relaxing time in a calm and quiet environment.

What to buy in Azerbaijan?

1. Beautiful ceramics
2. Traditional Chirag
3. Matching handbags & purses
4. Colorful Kelagayi, and some stunning jewelry from the street market of Azerbaijan.

Is it safe to visit Azerbaijan?

Yes, it is safe to visit the beautiful city of Azerbaijan, where you get a chance to discover new places, traditions, and cultures. The police of Azerbaijan are always on patrol especially during night time and if anyone is caught doing any crime then strict actions are taken against them.

How to reach Azerbaijan from India?

You can go to Azerbaijan by plane from India, where you take flights from New Delhi or Mumbai. Available airlines are Jet Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, and Gulf Air, having a connecting flight from Istanbul, Dubai, or Bahrain to Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku.

How many days do you need in Azerbaijan?

You might need at least 5-6 days to explore each corner of Azerbaijan covering famous places like the old town of Baku, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Yashil Bazaar, Ateshgah Fire Temple, and many adventure-packed places which will make your travel more memorable.

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