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Armenia Tour faqs

What are the best places to visit during the Armenia tour?

1. Lake Sevan: Your Armenian exploration will be an imperfect one if you do not visit Lake Sevan. This high-altitude largest freshwater lake is known as “Armenia’s pearl” and is brimming with not just the bluest water but legends, several thousand-year histories and stories. You can visit the Sevan National Park to explore the myriad cultural monuments, picturesque landscapes, and mineral springs.

If you are a water baby then you will particularly enjoy swimming, diving and surfing here. Lake Sevan is replete with medieval monuments like the Sevanavank Monastery, and the Hayravank Monastery that you can visit here. For a wholesome experience do not miss gorging on some Kufta, and delicious delicacies made from the popular catches of whitefish, trouts, and barbels.

Location: Gegharkunik Province, Armenia

2. Dilijan: This spa town located in the Tavush Province’s picturesque forests is not just one of the fastest-growing urban settlements but treats you to the most scenic landscapes, remarkable food, and historical sites. The locals call Dilijan as the Little Switzerland because of its spectacular beauty. One of the leading reasons to come here to visit the medieval monastery of Hagharstin and the oldest St Gregory - The Illuminator church, that make for a beautiful sight.

During your visit to the monastery you can engage in a master class and learn to make the traditional sweet bread gata. The whole episode of making a heavenly smelling, crisp and brown, fruit-filled gata coupled with a tour of the iconic medieval architectural masterpieces, will take your Dilijan experience several notches higher.

Location: Tavush Province, Northeastern Armenia

3. Garni Temple: Built in the midst of the first century AD, this Greco-Roman style monument, erected by King Tiridates to honor the Pagan Sun God Mihir, is the only remaining temple. An earthquake of 1679 nearly destroyed this temple but it was reconstructed in 1975.

You must come here to witness the rituals performed by the Pagan priests or simply soak in the beauty of its awe-inspiring location along Gegham Mountains and Azat River.

Location: Road H3, Garni Armenia

4. Geghard Monastery: Cut into a living rock, and illustrating the best of medieval Armenian architecture, the Geghard Monastery at Azat valley’s entrance is a complex of medieval buildings.

This monastery contains several tombs and churches which are set into a landscape of astonishing natural beauty. You can come here to witness the elegant Armenian stonework, and the holy spring inside the Avazan Chapel to fill bottles with holy water.

Location: Near Goght Village, Geghard Armenia

5. Republic Square: One of the biggest and principal squares in Yerevan’s capital city has to be the Republic Square that extends to an area of 3.5 hectares. This square perfectly embodies the Armenian creative mind and culture by incorporating national symbols and national stones.

You can come here to visit the History Museum, the National Gallery and the singing fountains that make the square an architectural marvel. You will be amazed to see the buildings made out of pink felsites tufa stone, and the musical fountains that combine tasteful as well as classical music pieces together.

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

6. Sanahin Monastery: Founded in 966 by Queen Khosrovanush, the Sanahin monastery once used to be an eminent school of calligraphers and illuminators. This UNESCO world heritage site permits you to escape into an ancient world where you will be pleasantly surprised by the jaw-dropping old facilities and an eerie silence of the stone khachkars and ornaments. This magnificent historical and architectural masterpiece will surely blow your mind.

Location: Alaverdi 1705, Armenia

7. Amberd Fortress: Constructed on the confluence of Arshaken and Amberd streams, this 7th century majestic stone fortress commands special attention from tourists far and wide. You can come here to visit the ruins of a chapel, a 13th century cistern and bathhouse that stand downhill.

This incredible sight must be topping your visit lists as the mineral architecture with encompassing black stone walls holds many secrets. Do come here to visit this picturesque ruin that has withstood centuries of fighting.

Location: Amberd Road, Armenia

8. Saghmosavank Monastery: The complexes of Saghmosavank Monastery lie on the Kasakh River’s precipitous gorge. You must visit the place to view its intricately ornamented stone crosses that still lie well preserved.

The main temple of the monastery was erected by Vache Vachutyan Prince and has the similar cross-winged domed structure with 2 floor annexes in every corner of the building. Do plan a visit to this 13-th century monastic complex that has a library church and beams with luxury and splendor.

Location: Saghmosavank 0211, Armenia

9. The Alphabet Monument: One of the most enchanting Armenian monuments has to be the The Alphabet Monument that gives honor to all the Armenian alphabets in the most unique manner. This masterpiece has existed for centuries despite the country facing the threat of getting assimilated by several kingdoms.

When at some point the country lost its national identity, it was Mesrop Mashtots in 405 AD that created the Armenian writing and brought about educational enlightenment, thus saving the national identity. In 2005, the Armenian Alphabet commemorated its 1600th birthday and put 39 giant letters as statues on Mount Aragats’ slopes.

Location: Artashavan, Armenia

10. Zvartnots Cathedral: One of the first churches to be built in the world, the Zvartnots Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Etchimadzin’s holy city. This 7th century structure was ravaged by a 10th century earthquake but even the ruins of the cathedral are worth visiting, to this day.

If you are an architecture enthusiast you must come here to marvel at the architectural techniques and unique design of the “Celestial Angels Cathedral”. Around the cathedral you will still find the ruins of the Catholicos Palace, Stone tanks and wine press of a medieval winery.

Location: Yerevan-Vagharshapat Highway Near the Echmiadzin Monastery Complex, Vagharshapat 1101 Armenia

What are the best things to do during the Armenia tour?

1. Marvel at the strange rock formations in Goris: The ancient, 19th-century town of Goris is one of the most picturesque towns of Armenia and your Armenia holiday packages will definitely include a visit to the charming province of the Marz of Syunik.

Once you reach Goris, the most treasured attraction in the form of a natural wonder will surprise you. It is the labyrinth of cone-like peaks and rocks elongating towards the sky. The Goris stone forest has the weirdest and eccentric rock shapes formed by the water and wind’s action, and looks like a complete other-worldly landscape.

Location: Syunik Province, Armenia

2. Explore the pink city of Yerevan: If you have recently purchased your Armenia packages then a visit to the fascinating “pink” city of Armenia will surely be included in them. The buildings made of colored volcanic rocks in differing pink shades will catch your attention. You are going to love the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the city along with its bustling nightlife.

Yerevan is world famous for its restaurants, cafes, and pubs that stay open till the crack of dawn as well as the wee hours of the morning. To experience tranquility you can visit the monument of Mother Armenia that watches over the entire city or visit the Matenadarn to learn about the history of Armenia. You can participate in a brandy tasting session or head to the Vernissage art market to buy bags made from carpet and various handicrafts.

Location: Yerevan

3. Witness a ritual in the last remaining Pagan Temple: Your Armenia packages will certainly include a visit to the Garni Pagan Temple, that is the only Pagan temple left in Armenia, after the introduction of Christianity.

Though almost all temples were destroyed and replaced with churches, this particular temple could not meet the same fate as it was too fetching to be demolished. You can come here to not just marvel at the beauty of this Greco-Roman colonnaded structure but also witness a unique ritual performed by a Pagan priest.

Location: Garni, Kotayk Province, Armenia

4. Delight the taste buds with the flavorful fruity wines: You cannot come to Armenia and not taste the delicious fruity wines here. That is because the county is one of the oldest wine producing countries owing to the fact that the best quality grapes grow here on Mt Ararat’s fertile valleys.

Therefore, when you buy your Armenia holiday packages, make sure you undertake a wine tour to taste wines in interesting flavors of pomegranate, apricot and grape.

Location: Areni village, southeast of Yerevan

5. Be amazed by the Noratus Cemetery’s beautiful Khachkars: The best part about the Armenia holiday packages is that you get to visit the Noratus Cemetery that is world famous for its assortment of over thousand Khachkars (cross stones), beautifully preserved and having unique carvings on them. Some of the oldest cross stones date back to the late tenth century.

You will marvel at the design and age of these ancient tombstones at the cemetery, along with over 800 steles with intricately carved professional insignia, scenes of weddings, and farm life. Even today the majestic site is dotted with stones, steles, tombstones and orange lichens with snow-clad mountains in the backdrop.

Location: Noratus, Gegharkunik Province, Armenia

6. Sip on the famous Armenian coffee and Indulge in local Armenian cuisine: One of the primary things to do in Armenia is to relish the local Armenian cuisine and to have surch (coffee). When buying the Armenia holiday packages make sure you stop and smell the coffee at Yerevan that houses some of the best coffee roasteries. Some of the popular coffee houses include the AfroLab Roastery, Lumen Coffee, and the BREW café.

Along with the coffee do indulge in some of the local Armenian delicacies like dolma (minced meat wrapped in fresh leaves of grapes), lavash (flat chewy bread) and the traditional ghapama (stuffed pumpkin).

Location: Yerevan

7. Explore Tatev monastery on the longest aerial tramway: 
The Guinness Book of Records recognizes the long aerial tramway of Armenia as the longest reversible cableway in the world. Named “wings of Tatev”, the 5.7 kilometers long aerial tramway is one of the most enthralling and quickest ways to reach the famed Tatev Monastery, over the treacherous canyon of the cruel Vorotan River.

During your ride you will enjoy stunning views from the top and to not miss visiting such an incredible spot, make sure it is included in your Armenia tour packages.

Location: H45, Tatev 3218, Armenia

8. Get around the ancient caves in Vayots Dzor: Your Armenia tour packages are incomplete without a visit to Vayots Dzor- the southeastern province of Armenia that has some of the most entrancing landmarks.

You must come here to visit the limestone caverns, also known as the Magels Cave and be dazzled by the stunning structures of limestone. Did you know that in the Bird’s cave a 61,000 years old winery, and the oldest leather shoe, dating back to 5,500 years old, was found here.

Location: Southeastern end of Armenia

What is the best time to visit Armenia?

Late May to early June is the best time to visit Armenia. That is because during this time the weather is super comfortable before the scorching summer heat sets in. You must also avoid going to Armenia in the beginning of May as the country experiences heavy showers.

How to reach Armenia?

By Airways: You can reach Armenia through several airlines that include Aeroflot, Czech Airlines, Georgian Airways, Air France, Air Arabia and many others. These flights reach the Zvartnots International Airport located in Yerevan and the Shirak International Airport, located at a stone’s throw distance from Gyumri province.

How much time does it take to get a visa to Armenia?

It takes 7-8 business days to get the standard Armenian visa and within 5 business days you will receive it. However, the e-visa takes only 2-3 days to process after you submit documents and a team of Visa experts have reviewed your application.

What is the cost of a tourist visa in Armenia?

The cost of a tourist visitor visa for up to 21 days of stay is 3199.02 Armenian Dram. However, the tourist visitor visa for up to 120 days of stay is 16528.27 Armenian Dram.

How much does it cost to tour Armenia?

The cost to tour Armenia in one week will cost you around AMD 64,095 per person. This amount includes your stay in private rooms, or budget guesthouses, meals, transport and sightseeing.

How many days are enough in Armenia?

5-7 days are enough in Armenia where on the first day you can set out to explore historic sights and green spaces of Yerevan. On the second day you can take a day trip to the Sevanavank Monastery and Lake Sevan. You can spend your second day visiting the Haghartsin Monastery and catch up for some drinks at Getap. The third day would be perfect for heading south where you can visit the wonderful attractions of Geghard monastery and Garni Temple.

On the fourth day you can go to the Tatev Monastery or even cable car at Tsaghkadzor. Fifth day would be perfect for a visit to Khor Virap and head back to Yerevan via a marshrutka. You can keep the sixth and seven day for a wine tour and shopping before catching the flight to head home.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Armenia?

1. A hiking tour: If you do not go hiking in the mountainous highland of Armenia then you will not do justice to your Armenia tour packages. Thus, when in Armenia, set out on the hiking trails in the Syunik region, or the Lori region to discover the ethereal spots and nature here.

2. Hot air ballooning: To enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape of Armenia, your Armenia tour packages must include Hot air ballooning as an activity. It feels magical to float above the fills, enjoy the breathtaking Armenian landscapes, and finish the ride drinking champagne, high up in the air.

3. Off-roading: If you are keen on exploring sights driving then your Armenia tour packages must include Off-roading. This activity lets you get to places with the most challenging, hard to cross roads under the guidance of a skilled expert.

4. Ziplining: If you are a thrill seeker your Armenia tour packages must include the extreme sport of zip-lining in the Armenian regions of Dilijan and Yenokavan. During the activity you get to enjoy the stunning views of the mesmerizing terrain and click pictures.

5. Water sports at Lake Sevan: For thrill-seekers and adventurers Lake Sevan is the ideal spot for all the water fun. Your Armenia tour packages must include a visit to the biggest freshwater lake if you desire jet-skiing, windsurfing, or simply swimming.

What are the best historical places to see in Armenia?

1. Garni Temple: Your Armenia tour packages will definitely include a visit to the Garni Temple that today remains to be the last embodiment of the country’s pre-Christian era. This classic Hellinistic structure draws scores of tourists because of its colonnades, rich decorations in Greek architectural style, and its stunning mountainous location.

2. Tatev Monastery: Built on a steep basalt cliff, the ancient 9th-century fortification of Tatev monastery is one of the oldest monasteries overlooking the Vorotan river gorge. This monastery once used to be a medieval university and its compound houses the last Armenian saint, Gregory of Tatev’s grave.

3. Geghard Monastery: Founded in the fourth century the Geghard Monastery is known for allegedly sheltering the spear that pierced Jesus during his crucifixion. You can come here to explore the elaborate structures besides the tombs, churches, and chapels to observe the holy relics concealed here.

4. Amberd Fortress: Armenia’s largest standing fortification is the Amberd Fortress located on Mount Ararat’s southern slopes. Today it may stand as a 14th-century desolate construction, but is a true destination for hikers and explorers following its turbulent history of being attacked by Tatars, Mongols, and Seljuks.

5. Khor Virap: Located in the Ararat plain, Khor Virap started its life as a castle and later turned into a royal dungeon, where the helpless Gregory the Illuminator was held captive. You must come here to witness the scenic and impressive monastery with the massive Ararat mountains in the background.

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