Scuba Diving in Malvan

Malvan Scuba Diving Packages

Duration Price
Scuba Diving In Malvan8 hours - 9 hours
INR 1,199
Tarkarli Scuba Diving3 hours
INR 699

If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, you must have tried the thrill of scuba diving in Malvan; if not, this is the time! Malvan is one of those places which gives you a lifetime experience in all adventure activities. It is one of the eight talukas of Sindhudurg district. With its breathtaking views, backwaters and adventure sites, it is one of the most preferred holiday destinations for the young crowd. A large number of people visit this place in the duration between October to April. Scuba diving in Malvan is the most favorite sport for adventure lovers. They dive into the blue sea of Tarkarli to enjoy the rich aquatic life and get a view of rock spaces. Malvan does offer other adventure sports like the bumper ride, banana ride, and the jet-skiing. Yet, scuba-diving is that one water sport which has become a part of the identity of this town.

One of the most popular places to do scuba diving in Malvan is the Tarkarli Beach where hordes of tourists visit for the underwater beauty. You can see coral reefs, fishes and a rich aquatic life while you enjoy this sport. It also gives you some time inside the serene sea away from the noisy surrounding.  It will cost you somewhere between 1000 to 2000 rupees to do scuba diving at the Tarkarli Beach. This is a fun activity for kids and couples too! You get to see the marine life in real, an experience that was only limited to images in the books till now.
If you are looking forward to visiting this place with a large group, you will be glad to know that there are many holiday package groups who organize scuba diving tours in Malvan. It is advisable to join such groups if you are new to the world of water sports since they keep proper equipment required for the safety of the travellers and have a special team of experts who teach the basic rules before you begin your dive.

Though scuba diving is not a tough activity and even beginners can enjoy it, still one always needs to follow the rules taught by the trainers. Since it is such a popular sport in Malvan, many trainers in the city have started conducting scuba diving classes to share their expertise with others. Apart from the popular Tarkarli Beach, if you want to explore more sites for scuba- diving in the town of Malvan, you can also visit Vengurla Rocks, Chibla, and Devbag Sangam. Mostly, the diving activity is organized everywhere within the duration of morning 8 AM to afternoon 4 PM. If you are diving in a commercial scuba dive, then, it might take approximately 30 minutes for it to get completed. The scuba diving operators over there also give permission for underwater photography, so you can make this trip memorable by capturing the rich marine life of the sea and cherish its memories whenever you see the photographs of the trip.

There are two types of dives that can be used while scuba- diving, one is commercial and the other one is a cylinder. In the commercial dive, the oxygen is supplied by the boat and it cannot go deep in the water. While in the second one, that is the cylinder dive, the trainers tie an oxygen cylinder on a person’s back so that one can go as deep in the water as he desires. It offers flexibility to the diver. It is always preferable to use the cylinder dive for exploring deep into the sea. Scuba diving also requires a gear which is made up of a gas cylinder, which in turn is connected to the diving regulator. The diving regulator is a device used to control the airflow in a way that the pressure of air in diver’s lungs and the water pressure remains equivalent. Another equipment used while scuba diving is a buoyancy control device. This device is used to maintain the stability on the surface as well as underwater. The diver is also provided with fins and gauges so that he can record the depth –time.

What else is in store in Malvan? Apart from scuba diving in various beaches, the beautiful town of Malvan also has other places where you can spend your quality time. Some famous tourist attractions at this place include Rock Garden, Devbagh Beach, Kolamb Beach, Karli Backwaters, Malvan Marine Sanctuary and Talashil Tondavali beach. After exiting from the world of scuba diving adventures, you can spend some peaceful time at these locations.  Also, you cannot avoid the historical importance of sites like Sindhudurg Fort and Rameshwar Temple. With its glorious temples, beaches, and backwaters, Malvan doesn’t let anyone go bare-handed from its land.

After knowing everything about the place, If you are already going crazy to try scuba diving in Malvan and can’t wait to add it into the list of your adventures, you can easily book a trip to this beautiful coastal land of Maharashtra. There are many groups and event organizers who organize the tours in Malvan where you can enjoy the famous water sport as well as engage in sightseeing activity.  This holiday, you can try something new and make your vacation a unique combination of adventure and peace. Malvan town has everything you can ask for and once you are done with the water sports, you have a land of serenity waiting for you. Don’t hold your desire to go for a scuba diving tour in Malvan. Pack your bags and book your next holiday ticket to your dream destination.

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