5 Things to Do in Nusa Lembongan 2021: Upto 40% Off

If you are heading over to Bali for your vacation, you should also check out the neighbouring island of Nusa Lembongan. Located off the south-eastern coast of Bali, Lembongan is a magical island full of gorgeous beaches, rippling blue waters, flourishing corals, and thriving marine life. Though it is only 8 kilometres long, the island is a treasure trove of resorts, restaurants and fun-filled activities. Despite the bustling tourism it sees every day, the tropical island retains a charming, laid-back vibe that is delightful after the fast-paced ambience of Bali. Tourists usually come over to Lembongan for a day trip in order to enjoy the water activities, but many looking for solitude also choose to stay over at the resorts and private villas that have come up around the island. Surfers especially enjoy the island and in the days before its boom in popularity, it was an exclusive surfer’s haven. Strong, high waves crashing upon the white sand beaches make surfing here a magnificent activity. Jungut Batu Beach has popularly attracted the most surfing crowds and though the waters tend to get crowded during the high season, the surfing pays off. Diving and snorkelling is one of the best things to do in Nusa Lembongan because exploring the throbbing underwater world around the island is an enriching experience.

But Nusa Lembongan is not just beloved by tourists for its water activities. There are some paradisiacal beaches around the island that reveal awe-inspiring views that have the power to etch themselves in your memory. The sight from Dream Beach, considered to be the most beautiful beach in Bali, is a tear jerker, such is the magnificence of its sweeping landscape. And the powerful sunset vistas from the Sunset Beach will leave you gasping in amazement. There are two other peaceful islands near Lembongan- Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Easily accessible by boat from Lembongan, the two sister islands are also rich in pretty beaches and home to enjoyable water activities. A visit to Bali is incomplete without a visit to Nusa Lembongan since it reveals a different side of the island culture around Bali. So come explore the best things to do in Nusa Lembongan for a fun experience here.

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