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One of the most picturesque destinations for mountain lovers, Kudremukh is located in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. It is a quaint hill station and a mining town which has enchanted the trekking aficionados from time to time. It is known for having the Kudremukh peak which is the second-highest peak after Mullayangiri in Karnataka. The town was historically famous as ‘Samseparvata’ as one way approaching it was through the Samse village. 

Known for its religious tourist attractions, waterfalls and for being a trekker’s delight and a bird watcher’s paradise, Kudremukh is a beautiful destination to be explored if you crave for adventure and thrill in your life. Showcasing a carpet of pristine natural beauty, Kudremukh is one of the most brilliant getaways for a memorable escapade with your loved ones. 

Literally meaning horse face in Kannada, Kudremukh is a fascinating mountain peak resembling a horse face from one side. It has a height of 1,894 metres and is one of the most alluring places for mountain lovers in South India. It is a wonderful respite where you can enjoy a plethora of scenic vistas and marvel at the natural beauty. It is blessed with a landscape that comprises eye-catching mountain peaks and verdant valleys. 

The tourists here are in for a treat as they can witness the beautiful flora and fauna along the popular trekking routes through the Western Ghats. It is located in the protected area of Kudremukh National Park which makes it a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. Kudremukh is known to be a habitat for a number of endangered and endemic species where you can see tigers, leopards and wild dogs in the landscape. It is blessed with distinct flora and fauna that comprises tropical wet evergreen forests. 

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Pragnya Cheruku Trek to Kudremukh Peak
"the trip was not as it was in the itenary. we did not get to see the somavati falls. although the trek was a really good experience. the food and stay provided were really good."
06 January 2017
Being my first trip with strangers I enjoyed it throughly. Getting lost in the nature with thrillophlia was an amazing experience and I look forward for more of its kind
04 January 2019
I had no plans till 28th for the new year and then m friends decided to go somewhere nearby for some fun. We thought of doing adventure and decided to go to this place for trekking. Booked this from thrillophilia instantly and i can say that yes it was the best new year i have celebrated ever. Celebrating new year at the peak of a mountain with a scenic view. Just loved it. thank you everyone.
05 January 2019
The Kudrekmukh trekking was so wonderful!!! We Celebrated New Year 2019 trekking to so beautiful destination, the pleasant weather, the greenery everywhere was so mesmerizing. The arrangements were so nicely done be it accomodation or food everything was so good, We had the best experience,It was a perfect new year away from the city, Loud music. Thanks, Thrillophilia for such a memorable new year.
02 January 2019
What a way to celebrate the joy of the new year, for a trek lover this is the best thing happening around Bangalore, the campsite is really at a very good location & the DJ will gonna make you dance anyhow. Thank you Thrillophilia for this beautiful experience.
02 January 2019
It's the first experience to Kodachadri trek and that too on the new year 2019 and it was soo amazing, it's all because of PTU !! The homestay was clean and good, also they had a campfire.
24 October 2017
The trek is for not recommended for beginners, we went during september end in team of 9 people all beginners in trekking enjoyed a lot. we reached the place at 7 we started at 9 post breakfast. we reached the peak at 2 and we waited there for half an hour then started down hill which was most difficult part of trekking also when it was raining it was too slippery and dangerous. there are guides but still risky, be along with your team. there is nothing fancy at the peak, no food no tent nothing. There is a board which says you have reached the peak. Had too much fun at the waterfall. be aware of leeches near the peak water.

People Also Ask About Kudremukh

  1. Which are the places to see in and near Kudremukh?

    1. Kalasa -
    Situated in Chikkamagaluru, Kalasa is a temple town on the banks of the River Bhadra. The place is famous for its mythology and its natural landscape. Kalasa is popular for having the Sri Kalaseshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva attracting devotees from all over South India. Tucked in the heart of Western Ghats, Kalasa is must visit to seek a spiritual respite.

    2. Gangamoola -
    This is a UNESCO world heritage site which is also known as the Varaha Parvatha in Karnataka. It is famous as the source of some important rivers of South India like River Tunga, Bhadra, Netravati etc. Some of the popular attractions here include the temple of Goddess Bhagavathi and the presence of more than 107 species of birds.

    3. Janta Market -
    For the shopping lovers, Janta Market is a popular getaway from Kudremukh. It was earlier called Bhadra Market and it is a nice stop for shopping souvenirs and daily goods.

    4. Lakya Dam -
    Built over Lakya, which is a tributary of River Bhadra, Lakya Dam is a popular attraction near Kudremukh. Lakya Dam has a pleasant background which consists of hills and rivers delighting the tourists with its picturesque terrain. The unique characteristic of Lakya Dam is that it has a height of 100 m and was constructed as a dam of silt as Kudremukh Iron Ore Company undertook an initiative to collect wastes from mining activities.

    5 . Horanadu -
    For the seekers of spirituality, Horanadu is famous for having the Annapoorneshwari Temple in Malnad district of Karnataka. It is blessed with eye catching natural beauty and surrounded by green landscapes. The famous temple here attracts a lot of devotees as it is believed according to the legends that it was established in the 8th century by Maharishi Agastya. The temple offers a nice visit during the months of winter as you can appreciate the pristine surroundings along with it.

    6. Kadambi Falls -
    One of the picturesque attractions near Kudremukh, this is a 30 feet waterfall in Karnataka. Located in Western Ghats, Kadambi Falls offers a pleasant respite where you can appreciate the serenity of nature as it is blessed with scenic surroundings. One can go near the waterfalls and enjoy an adventurous getaway along with a day picnic near Kudremukh.

    7. Kudremukh National Park -
    Spread over a land of 600 kilometres, Kudremukh National Park is a protected area located in the Western Ghats. It is a perfect getaway to enjoy the mountains and bask in the scenic beauty of nature. It was developed as an initiative to conserve the landscape against the adverse impacts of mining in the surrounding areas of Kudremukh. A paradise for wildlife lovers, it is home to many endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna.

    8. Hanuman Gundi Falls (Suthanabbe Falls) -
    Dropping from a height of 72 feet, this is a marvellous waterfall during the monsoons in Kudremukh. It offers a beguiling sight for the onlookers and situated on Kalasa road.

  2. What is the best time to visit Kudremukh?

    The most favorable time to visit Kudremukh is from December to February. This is when the weather is great to enjoy activities like trekking and scuba diving. However, it is blessed with  a pleasant climate throughout the year but the rainy season is not recommended if the primary motive of going to Kudremukh is trekking.
  3. Which are the best homestays in Kudremukh?

    Coffee Ghiri Homestay: Located amidst a verdant natural landscape, Coffee Ghiri Homestay is a nice place to stay for offbeat travellers. It offers a budget accommodation and is located amidst the natural scenery which leaves everyone spellbound. Some of the amenities provided here include a basic kitchenette, bonfire, dining area etc. 

    Hasiru Thana Homestay: This homestay, located 25 kilometres away from Chikmagalur offers a glimpse of how life looks when you live at a coffee plantation. It is a great respite for coffee lovers who can escape here during the vacation and enjoy the days without the hustle and bustle of the cities. 

    Thangaali Homestay: Surrounded by the panorama of misty hills and green valleys, Thangaali homestay is a wonderful escape for nature lovers in Kudremukh. It is a family friendly homestay where you can relax in peace and enjoy the scenic surroundings along with home cooked Malnad food and other modern amenities of the homestay.
  4. What is famous in Kudremukh?

    Kudremukh is famous for the following reasons:

    1. Celebration of fairs and festivals -
    Kudremukh hosts many vibrant festivals like the Karavali festival and Navratri festival. The Karavali festival is organised in February by the Government of Karnataka and is known to observe rituals like Bhuta (Demon Worship), Nagamandala and Demon Dance. There is also the Navratri festival which is held for ten days during the Durga Puja. 

    2. Trekking and hiking -
    A paradise for adventure lovers, Kudremukh offers an exciting trek through the valleys of Western Ghats. The trail is full of resplendent backdrops and offers the trekkers a memorable experience exploring the diverse flora and fauna on the way.
  5. How to reach Kudremukh?

    Kudremukh can be reached in the following ways from other cities:

    - By road:
    Some of the major cities from which Kudremukh is accessible are Bangalore, Karkala and Mangalore. Bangalore is at a distance of 330 km, Karkala 50 km away and Mangalore at a distance of 97 km. There are many KSRTC buses which run from these cities offering a comfortable road journey to Kudremukh.

    - By rail:
    The nearest railway station to Kudremukh is Mangalore which is well connected to major cities. It is located 100 km away from Kudremukh and from there one can take a taxi, bus or cab to reach there.

    - By air:
    The nearest airport to reach Kudremukh by air is Mangalore. It is located 90 km away and well connected with national and international cities. From Mangalore airport, one can take a taxi, cab or bus to reach Kudremukh.

  6. Is Kudremukh trek difficult?

    One of the most popular treks in south India, Kudremukh offers a trail full of magnificent sceneries, rolling hills, verdant forests and serene grasslands. It is an easy to moderate trek which can be completed in a single day. It is an easy trek to start with, however, there is a slight increase in difficulty level from Ontimara as the trail is steep and the trekkers have to follow a zig-zag route to reach the peak.

    The total distance that is covered in Kudremukh trek is 9.5 km from Mullodi base camp. Trekking can be undertaken at Kudremukh after taking the permission of the forest ranger.

  7. Is trekking allowed in Kudremukh?

    Yes, Kudremukh is famous as a trekking destination and trekking is allowed here.
  8. How far is Kudremukh from Chikmagalur?

    Kudremukh is located 96 km away from the main town of Chikmagalur.
  9. How can I go to Kudremukh by train?

    The nearest railway station to Kudremukh is Mangalore railway station. From Mangalore, Kudremukh can be easily reached by a cab through the road. It has good connectivity from there and offers an easy and comfortable ride.
  10. Why is it called Kudremukh?

    It is called Kudremukh deriving its name from the local language Kannada. In the native language, it means a horse face as it resembles the face of a horse when looked from one side.