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Absorb the natural beauty and vibrant cultural scene of Kisumu by booking the Kisumu tour packages from Thrillophilia. It is the third-largest Kenyan city with several natural resources, museums, lakes, and scenic attractions. Being one of the fastest-growing urban areas, it bears a treasure trove of natural and historical wonders, making it a perfect destination for a mesmerizing tour.

With our expertly crafted Kisumu packages, you don’t need to worry about any travel arrangements. From comfortable accommodation to hassle-free transfers, interesting activities, and guided sightseeing, we will get you covered throughout your trip. From distinctive honeymoon packages to itineraries designed for solo travelers and families, we offer Kisumu trip packages for all kinds of holiday needs.

With an array of activities to choose from, and varied sightseeing options, we’re dedicated to provide you with unparalleled travel experiences. You can get close to the wildlife animals at the Impala Sanctuary, see the natural history exhibits at the Kisumu Museum, appreciate the heavenly beauty of Lake Victoria, and attend festivals like the Luo Festival too.

Book the Kisumu holiday packages from Thrillophilia to immerse yourself in the local culture and unravel the city’s rich history, while enjoying spectacular views of the vistas of this destination.

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Visa Requirement for Kenya Trip:

All Indian tourists need to apply for a Kenya e-Visa while planning their trip with our Kisumu holiday packages. You can get both a single and multiple entry visa depending on the frequency of your visiting to Kenya. Visa on arrival is not available for those visiting Kenya from India so you will have to apply for visa online. An e-visa for Kenya allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. It takes around 72 hours (around 3 days) to process your Kenya eVisa application from India. You can apply for a visa at least a week before your travel date to avoid any unwanted issues. For a standard Kenya e-visa, you’ll have to pay around INR 5000, and for an urgent visa, you’ll have to pay approximately Rs 6,500.

Best Time for Kisumu Tour:

You can visit Kisumu all around the year, as every season offers unique experiences and activities for the tourists to enjoy.

1. Peak Season: December to March, June to July, and September, marks the peak season in Kisumu with pleasant climate and moderate temperature. The average temperature during the day is around 24°C to 30°C and night-time temperature ranges between 14°C to 17°C. This season is best for sightseeing and enjoying outdoor activities like trekking, bird watching and safari adventures.

2. Shoulder Season: April to May, and August, line the shoulder season with slightly balmy weather and moderate humidity. The entire city comes alive with greenery during this season due to incessant rain. Most of the attractions are not crowded so you can have a hassle-free tour. 

3. Waning Season: October- November is the waning season in Kisumu with tropical climate and increased humidity. Since the footfall is low during these months you can have a hassle-free tour of the famous attractions. The rates of flights and hotels are also low during this time of the year, allowing for a more affordable trip to Kisumu.

How to Reach Kisumu:

There are no direct flights to Kisumu from India but you can take connecting flights from Chennai. Kisumu International Airport is the main airport at this destination that has good connectivity with major Indian cities. Air Arabia, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air India, and Etihad Airways run regular indirect flights from India to Kisumu. It takes around 16 to 35 hours to reach here, and most of the flights have a layover at Nairobi and Abu Dhabi.

Places to Visit on Kisumu Trip:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kisumu:

1. Hippo Point: Hippo Point is Lake Victoria’s open sunset viewing point from where you can see diverse bird species. This scenic spot also offers breathtaking views of hippos gracefully basking or swimming in the lake. It offers a spectacular vantage point from where you can capture the stunning sunset and sunrise views.

2. Kit Mikayi: With the Kisumu tour packages, you’ll get to visit Kit Mikayi, a stunning rock formation standing 70-80 feet tall. As you explore this rock formation, you will come across many crevices and caves that gave shelter to early human beings.

3. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary: Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is one of the best wildlife destinations to have an up-close interaction with these endangered animals. You can see different varieties of Impalas here and engage with them up-close as well. The sanctuary also houses many other wildlife species such as hippos, zebras, giraffes, and monkeys. 

4. Art Markets: Book the Kisumu trip packages to explore the art markets where you can see professional artists penciling and creating portraits. You can buy paintings, handcrafted jewelry, craft items, contemporary artworks, and souvenirs to take back home from these art markets.

5. Kisumu Museum: Kisumu Museum is one of the best places included in the Kisumu tour packages, where you can learn and gain valuable insights about the city’s rich cultural heritage. You can see exhibits showcasing the local traditions, tribal history, and traditional artifacts of the region at this museum.

6. Ndere Island National Park: Ndere Island National Park is a picturesque island situated in the middle of Lake Victoria. You can take a boat ride to this serene park to see various wildlife species such as crocodiles, colobus monkeys, and bird species. Try not to miss out on an exciting safari at this park, while on your trip to Kisumu.

7. Kiboko Bay: Situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kiboko Bay is a beautiful resort with comfortable accommodations and scenic natural surroundings. The resort also features an outdoor swimming pool and well-manicured gardens, and a top-notch restaurant offering a diverse range of dishes for you to relish.

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Kisumu Tour FAQs

How much time does it take to get a visa to Kisumu?

It usually takes 72 hours to get a tourist visa to Kenya from India. Indian citizens can apply at least a week days before their travel date to avoid any unwanted delay. However, if you are in a hurry apply for an urgent e-visa that gets processed within 24 hours.

Is a visa required for connecting flights to Kisumu?

If you wish to tour the layover cities or if the layover is too long you’re recommended to research about the transit visa requirement for the major layover cities. Generally it is not required to have a transit visa for a shorter duration of layovers.

What is the best time to visit Kisumu?

February to March is one of the most ideal times to visit Kisumu as the weather remains pleasant and comfortable. The average temperature during this time is around 20-23° Celsius, making it ideal to explore the city and indulge in outdoor activities. Many events and festivals are also organized in Kisumu during these months. 

Is Kisumu expensive to visit?

No, Kisumu is not expensive to visit. You will find several budget-friendly accommodations and eateries here. Kisumu also has various free attractions for tourists who want to tour the city on a limited budget. You will have to spend around INR 1500, per day, during your stay in Kisumu.

What is Kisumu Famous For?

Kisumu is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and historical attractions. It has many open-air shopping centers and art markets, from where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts. Kisumu is situated close to Lake Victoria and produces the best freshwater fish in Kenya including tilapia, catfish, Nile perch and several other indigenous species.

What languages are spoken in Kisumu?

English and Swahili are the most widely spoken languages in Kisumu. They are also hailed to be the national languages of Kenya. Most people in Kisumu can also speak the native languages of the region like Luhya and Dholuo.

What is the ideal duration of a Kisumu tour?

A 2-3 day Kisumu package is enough for the Kisumu tour as it is packed with scenic wonders and historical attractions. Kisumu also offers various recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and hiking, which you can cover in this period of time. If you want to have an in-depth exploration of the city you may need even more time.

Is fooding and drinking expensive in Kisumu?

No, fooding and drinking are not expensive in Kenya as it houses many budget-friendly restaurants and cafes serving mouth-watering delicacies. You can also try out the local dishes sold by the street vendors at affordable rates.

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