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Isfanbul Theme Park (Vialand) Tickets, Istanbul6 hours
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Istanbul Theme Parks

Head out to any of the Istanbul theme parks for a fun, thrilling day out with friends and family, which guarantees you fun, adventure, and lasting memories. The city boasts some amazing theme parks which have world-class rides, swings, roller coasters, slides, game rooms and more. Visit Vialand, an essential part of Turkey tour packages from India, and hop on various adventurous rides like cascade down river rapids, Viking longboats, and gargantuan Nefeskesen. If you are an adventure soul, you can plan a visit to Xtrem Aventures Istanbul and hop on to the rides according to the level of difficulty that suits you. If you are travelling with children, you can go to the Moi park which houses a number of video games, amusement rides, and two roller coasters.

If you want to have an unforgettable time with your loved ones, you can mark your presence at Marina Aquapark Waterland which offers different slides of different heights - 60-metre, 90-metre, and 100-metre slides which you can choose according to your preference. Enjoy free fall, blue-black holes, and a variety of torsional slides that are sure to give you a thrill. Make sure you visit these best theme parks in Istanbul which promises you entertainment and safety hand in hand.

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Istanbul Theme Parks FAQs

Which are the best theme & water parks in Istanbul?

1. Vialand Theme Park: Plan your trip to Vialand, also known as Isfanbul, one of the best theme parks in Istanbul if you're seeking a vacation filled with adventure. The Breath Taker rollercoaster, Drop Tower, Viking, and Dungeon are just a few of the well-known rides at this 600-square-metre theme park's 30 distinct entertainment areas. Apart from it, this theme park is packed with attractions, charming streets, fancy boutiques, festivals, restaurants, and more that will immerse you in what feels like a parallel universe.

Location: Vialand, Ye?ilp?nar, ?ht. Metin Kaya Sk
Timing: Monday to Friday except for Tuesday and Thursday and starts from 10 am to 6 pm.
Price: ranges between TL 150 to TL 170

2. Xtrem Aventures Istanbul: The Xtrem Aventures Istanbul theme park is the destination for anybody seeking an adventure that will push them to new limits. There are four unique high ropes courses, as well as a zip line track, which guests of all age groups can enjoy at the place. Take a leap of faith from the Quick Jump tree at a height of 15 metres above the ground. Children between the ages of four and eight can use a large net that is strung 10 metres above the ground. Without a doubt, this is the best theme park in Istanbul for you to begin your experience.

Location: Huzur Mh., Maslak Ayaza?a Cd. No:4
Timings: Opens every day from 10 am to 8 pm
Price: ranges between TL 65 to TL 150

3. Park Ada: Park Ada is the best theme park in Istanbul where you can have a great day out on a budget. Visitors can explore with their loved ones to experience a unique atmosphere away from the typical tourist attractions. While the youngsters can have a gala time in the amusement park playing games and enjoying rides, adults can unwind and enjoy a picnic in the lovely surroundings of the lake. There are eateries, bowling alleys, and much more besides the green space. Only 80 kilometres separate Izmir from the realm of limitless excitement, joy, enthusiasm, and magnificent vegetation.

Location: Y?ld?r?m, ?ehir Park? Caddes?, 34045 Bayrampa?a/?stanbul, Turkey
Timing: Every day between 9 am till 6 pm.
Price: ranges between TL 70 to TL 100

4. Bostanci Lunapark: One of Istanbul's oldest theme parks, Bostanci Lunapark is conveniently positioned in the centre of Istanbul. In addition to the more heart-pounding rides like Horror Tunnel and Bumper Cars, they also offer kid-friendly activities so even the youngest visitors can have a great time. Dont forget to hop on to a spinning mouse ride called Twister Coaster which is sure to satiate your adrenaline rush. Everyone who wants to have a good time can visit Bostanci Lunapark thanks to its affordable costs.

Pricing: ranges between 10TL to 20TL
Location: Bostanc? Mah, Mehmet ?evki Pa?a Cd. No:8

5. Digital Winter Wonderland: The world's first digital and unique amusement park in Istanbul, Digital Winter Wonderland, has everything from a Ferris wheel to a roller coaster. The "winter tales"-themed "Digital Winter Wonderland" digital entertainment park opens its doors to a magical, future world. It's a New Year's paradise built on a sizable piece of land including everything from a 70-metre Christmas tree to a merry-go-round that is created to look as real as possible. There are 7 distinct scenarios, each carefully crafted in 3D, with a unique form of enjoyment.

Location: 34473 Sar?yer/?stanbul, Kemer
Timings: Opens every day from 10 am to 9:30 pm
Pricing: ranges between TL 30 to TL 50

6. Marina Aquapark Waterland: One of Istanbul's largest water parks, Aqua Marine Water Park is one of the best water parks in Istanbul. Visitors of all ages can enjoy a wide selection of slides and other attractions at the theme park. This water park offers 60-metre, 90-metre, and 100-metre slides, free fall, blue-black holes, and a variety of thrilling torsional slides. The amusement park is open during the week because weekends can get very busy. The aqua park in Istanbul also features leisure baths, live music, comedic animation, a shower, a medical area, and a range of stores in addition to the enormous variety of slides.

Location: Cami, ?stanbul TR, Bal?kç?lar Sk. no:20/1, 34940 Tuzla, Turkey
Pricing: around 269 TL

Which are the best rides are there in Vialand theme park?

1. Nefeskesen: It is the fourth-best roller coaster in the world and has the literal translation "breathtaking," which offers a thrilling ride and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. In just 3 seconds, this roller coaster reaches an astounding top speed of 110 km/h. Children and adults alike will find this ride to be equally thrilling.

2. Carousel: Vialand is one of the best theme parks in Istanbul which houses the children's beloved merry-go-round and its multicoloured horses. It is enormous, colourful, and incredibly entertaining with a width of 15 metres. Vialand's vibrant Carousel is suitable for adults as well.

3. Justice Tower: With your Istanbul Theme Park tickets, you can visit the Justice Tower, also known as the Adalet Kulesi, at the theme park located in Istanbul. This ride will give you an adrenaline boost as you make a dramatic landing from a height of roughly 50 metres.

4. Viking: The ride is the fourth-most popular amusement attraction in the world, which is likely to become your favourite, especially if you enjoy water and amusement. This rapid drop from a height of 15 metres while experiencing the maximum amount of excitement, the Viking or water coaster will appeal to you without a doubt.

Which is the biggest theme park in Istanbul?

Forestanbul is the largest Istanbul theme park, covering 65000 sq m, and offers visitors of all ages an open-air experience. Located in the heart of the city, it offers a variety of outdoor activities for both adults and children.

What is the best time to visit Istanbul?

Mid-April to June and September to October are the peak-season months with the nicest weather and the best time to visit Istanbul to enjoy some of the best theme parks and waterparks in Istanbul. The weather is typically good, there are fewer people around, and all the attractions are open during the off-season. In general, you can also find better deals.

How many days are enough to visit Istanbul?

You can explore Istanbul at arm's length within two to three days if you have limited time, however, it is always better to give yourself plenty of time to explore because there is so much to see in Istanbul.

How to reach Istanbul?

1. By road: Buses are available from all regions of Turkey and also from cities in neighbouring countries, such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Republic of Macedonia. One can also plan a road trip to Istanbul and drive from Bulgaria, Italy, or Greece to Turkey.

2. By train: The Istanbul-Sofya Ekspresi or Istanbul-Sofia Express, which departs Istanbul (Halkal) every evening for Sofia, Bulgaria, with a transfer at Dimitrovgrad for Bucharest (Bükre?), Romania, is the sole train that connects Turkey and Europe.

3. By air: You can board a flight to the Istanbul Atatürk Airport from all major countries and cities of Europe and Asia.

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