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Helsinki Honeymoon Packages - Browse through a wide range of Helsinki honeymoon holiday packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Helsinki honeymoon package tour with exciting deals & offers.

Embark on an enchanting honeymoon with Thrillophilia’s Helsinki Honeymoon Packages. Explore this magical city with many romantic activities which vary from candle-light dinners to casual strolls in the lush gardens of Esplanadi Park. Boasting many historical churches, mouth-watering cuisine and marvellous city squares, Helsinki beckons honeymooners to cherish many lasting memories. 

You can savour a romantic dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant like Demo and Lily Lee or go on a coffee date in Cafe Regatta or Fazer Cafe. If your idea of romance involves exploring historical marvels, you can explore Helsinki Cathedral and Seurasaari Island. You can bond with your significant other with a rejuvenating spa in the luxury spas like Löyly Sauna. For romantic day trips, you can also discover Sea Fortress Suomenlinna, Porvoo’s Old Town and Tallinn. 

Thrillophilia brings to you a range of Helsinki Packages for couples which can be customised as per your travel needs and preferences. Our packages are inclusive of accommodation, selected meals, transportation, airport transfers, selected meals and guided sightseeing. Moreover, we ensure you have a seamless travel experience with our 24*7 customer assistance and on-ground support during the trip. 

So pack your bags and gear up for a wonderful time with your partner by curating a suitable itinerary for your Helsinki Honeymoon Package with us.

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Visa Requirements: 

To visit Helsinki, you need to apply for a short-stay Schengen Visa with the Embassy of Finland. The visa allows you to stay in Finland for up to 90 days and can be applied for INR 7700. The visa remains valid for up to 6 months and takes 10 to 15 business days to be processed. 

You can start your visa application on the official website- and submit the required documents. The mandatory documents include an original passport with 6 months validity, 2 recent passport-size photographs, a copy of flight tickets, hotel reservations, and travel insurance. You also need to submit a personal cover letter with income tax returns for the last 3 years. 

After applying, you can schedule an appointment for a personal interview at the Embassy. You can submit the visa application not more than 6 months before the date of your intended visit to Helsinki.

Best Time to go to Helsinki

The harbourside city of Helsinki is packed with captivating places and activities that boast their unique charm throughout the year. Based on your preferences and priorities, you can choose the best time to plan Helsinki Honeymoon Packages. 

1) Peak Season (June to August): During this time, Helsinki experiences the summer season. The temperature remains between 20°C to 25°C which makes it ideal for walking tours of the city or exploring Suomenlinna Fortress. With days blessed with sunshine, Helsinki is packed with tourists to enjoy outdoor activities like sightseeing in Suomenlinna and Uspenski Cathedral. You can also enjoy swimming in Heitaranta Beach or Lauttasari Beach this season. Also, attend Vappu, the Helsinki Festival during this time.

2) Shoulder Season (April, May, September and October): During the shoulder season, Helsinki’s temperature ranges between 10°C to 15°C. It is a fantastic time to explore museums like the National Museum of Finland and the Natural History Museum. You can also indulge in outdoor activities like hiking and picnicking in Esplanadi Park. During this time, the Lux Helsinki festival is also celebrated in Helsinki. If you are fond of exploring new eateries, this is a good time to try out dining in various restaurants. 

3) Waning Season (November to February): With temperatures ranging between -2°C to 3°C, Helsinki experiences the cold winters in the waning season. It is the most affordable time to visit Helsinki as the rates of accommodation and activities are lower. You can try winter sports like skating, skiing and ice hockey or visit art galleries like the Finnish National Gallery and Amox Rex. You can also view the spectacular Northern Lights or celebrate events like Finland’s Independence Day and Christmas.

How To Reach

By Air: The most convenient way to travel to Helsinki from India is by flight. Our packages are curated to accommodate your flight timings so that we can provide seamless airport transfers to our customers.

Direct Flights   

From India: Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

To Helsinki: Helsinki Vaanta Airport

Places to Visit in Helsinki

1. Sea Fortress Suomenlinna: Treasure a visit to Sea Fortress Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by including it in your itinerary of Helsinki Honeymoon Packages. Also called the Castle of Finland, this fortress is located on a group of islands off the coast of Helsinki. While you are here, you can travel back in time to witness the history of the Swedish era, the Russian era and Independent Finland from 1748 to till date. You can take a ferry to reach here and marvel at the breathtaking natural and archaeological remains preserved inside this fortress.

2. Helsinki Cathedral: Originally constructed as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicolas I from 1830 to 1852, Helsinki Cathedral is among the prominent attractions to explore with Helsinki Packages for couples. It enchants the onlookers with its magnificent architecture that blends neo-classicalism and traditionalism uniquely. Designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, this historic cathedral is a delight for all shutterbugs and newlyweds. You can see various religious events, exhibitions, weddings and concerts being held at this iconic building here.

3. The Esplanadi Park: Helsinki is known for its elegantly designed green spaces and you can see this example in Esplanadi Park. The urban park, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel promises to enthral you with its architectonic style that boasts straight-lined alleys of trees and flower beds. You can enjoy a laid-back picnic in this park or indulge in entertaining musical and theatre performances in the park. Make sure you head to the historic restaurant Kappeli after you explore the park to try their coffee or cocktails.

4. Temppeliaukio Church: Designed by architects and brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, this is a Lutheran church in Töölö neighbourhood of Helsinki. You and your partner can admire the splendid architecture here as Temppeliaukio Church boasts a unique copper dome on the outside and rugged stone walls on the inside. With brilliant acoustics, it has become a popular venue for concerts and you can attend events like Helsinki Spring Light Chamber Music Festival here.

5. Seurasaari Island: One of the most enchanting places to discover with Helsinki Honeymoon Packages, Seurasaari Island is an outdoor park and an open-air museum. You can bask in the sunshine, enjoy a laid-back stroll or connect with nature while you are here. You can catch a glimpse of the traditional Finnish way of life as it consists of various buildings and manors brought from all over Finland. If you feel hungry, you can find Cafe Mieritz or grill your own food at the Festival Ground. You can also enjoy various events like the yearly Midsummer bonfires, Christmas path and Easter bonfires here.

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Helsinki Honeymoon FAQs

Is Helsinki good for honeymoon?

Yes, Helsinki is a wonderful destination for honeymooners as it enchants everyone with the phenomenon of Northern Lights. You can also explore romantic places in Helsinki like the lakeside city of Hameenlinna, Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi and ski resorts in Kittila. 

How much does a honeymoon trip to Helsinki cost from India?

A honeymoon trip to Helsinki costs between INR 1.5 Lakhs to INR 3 Lakhs per person for 5 days and 4 nights. This cost is inclusive of accommodations, airport transfers, selected meals, tour guides and sightseeing activities. You can choose from the various Helsinki honeymoon packages offered by Thrillophilia, which can be customised as per your preferences. The cost can differ based on your customisation if you are looking to stay in Helsinki for a longer duration. 

Is Finland visa-free for Indians?

No, Finland is not visa-free for Indians. You need to apply for a Finland Schengen Visa which allows you to stay in Finland for up to 90 days. It takes around 10-15 working days to process your visa application with the Finnish Embassy. The cost for the visa is around INR 7700 and it comes with a validity of 6 months. 

How many days in Helsinki is enough?

A trip of 3 days is sufficient to explore the major attractions with our Helsinki Honeymoon Packages. You can curate a full-fledged itinerary which includes a visit to the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Tower, Helsinki Cathedral and Government Palace. You can go on a sightseeing cruise around the Helsinki archipelago or visit museums like the Design Museum and the Helsinki City Museum in this duration of time. However, for a more comprehensive experience, you can always opt for a longer stay here.

What is Helsinki famous for?

Helsinki is a notable city and attracts tourists for the following reasons:  

1) Nordic Cuisine: Helsinki promises to mesmerise all the foodies with restaurants like Spis, Finnjavel and Lasipalatsi which specialise in Nordic Cuisine. From quaint cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants, the culinary experience in Helsinki boasts creativity, flavours and freshness of seafood. The popular Finnish foods that can be tried in Helsinki are Lihapullat (Finnish Meatballs), Karjalanpaisti (Karelian Hot Pot), Leipäjuusto (Bread Cheese) and craft beer.

2) Diverse Museums: For the history buffs, Helsinki spoils you with countless choices as it boasts museums centred around showcasing contemporary art and architecture. You can visit Seurasaari Island and the Open-Air Museum to get a glimpse of rural Finland or see the oldest and largest collection of art in the country at Ateneum. Other popular museums to see here are the National Museum of Finland, Kiasma and Amos Rex. 

3) Modern Architecture: The architecture of Helsinki is renowned for reflecting modernism, minimalism and elegance. You can see the popular Helsinki Cathedral which is a fine example of neo-classical architecture. To click photographs of stunning architectural marvels, you can head to Oodi Library, Amos Rex, Temppeliaukio Church and Central Railway Station.

4) Rejuvenating Saunas: If you are in the mood to relax and unwind, try the unique saunas in Helsinki. Deep-rooted in Finnish culture, the concept of saunas in Helsinki dates back more than 100 years. Additionally, what is better than pairing a sauna with refreshing drinks in the same place? So, you can try this soothing experience in Löyly, Lonna Sauna, Kulttuurisauna, Allas Sea Pool and Uusi Sauna.

5) Nature and Green Spaces: Helsinki’s urban plan is renowned for having vast green areas that offer a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle. You can explore Esplanadi Park where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic or catch live musical performances. To find some scenic locales, visit Keskuspuisto – Helsinki’s Central Park, Niskala Arboretum and Haltiala primaeval forest. 

What are the best places to go shopping in Helsinki?

The best places to indulge in shopping in Helsinki are: 

1) Stockmann: This department store boasts 10 floors which are home to many international brands like Prada, Zara and Nike. Located in the heart of Helsinki, Stockmann’s building dates back to the 1920s and is famed for having many coffee shops and eateries. You can shop for clothing and jewellery at this magnificent shopping centre.

2) Kamppi: With more than 90 stores and 50 cafes, Kamppi is a bustling spot for retail therapy to include in Helsinki Honeymoon Packages. The urban shopping centre is home to brands that range from lifestyle and clothing to household and footwear. If you wish to relax, you can spare some time at a beauty salon or try bowling in the entertainment zones too.

3) Hietalahati Flea Market: If you wish to find a range of items at bargained prices, Hietalahati Flea Market is the place for you. You can shop for antiques, household items, vintage gems and high-quality food here. It has more than 150 stalls and remains open from Monday to Sunday. Also, make sure you try korvapuusti (traditional Finnish cinnamon buns) here.

4) Kiseloff House: Renowned for local handicrafts, Kiseloff House is a modern market in Helsinki where you can explore the latest Finnish fashion. Some of the popular brands to discover here include Jukka Rintala, Globehope and Tiia Vanhatapio. If you are a history buff, you can also admire the medieval Kiseloff House and marvel at its splendid design.

5) Kamp Galleria: With a mix of domestic and international brands like Arket, Marimekko and Gant Store, you can easily spend hours in this stylish mall in Helsinki. It has 40 fashion and design shops, bustling restaurants and beauty services which are spread across 3 floors. You can admire the charming history of the building and indulge in shopping for luxury items while you are here. 

What are some famous restaurants for couples in Helsinki?

Some of the popular restaurants for couples in Helsinki:

1) Restaurant Wellamo: Cherish a glass of delicious wine with your partner in the cosy ambience of Restaurant Wellamo. It is located in Katajanoka and is considered as one of the iconic eateries in Helsinki which specialises in Nordic and Finnish cuisine. You can try some innovative dishes like grilled carrots with frozen sour cream, tartar with fermented rhubarb or canard with asparagus.

2) Restaurant Bona Fide: This is a small restaurant that is big on delighting you with its sumptuous food in a cosy setting. You can try their dishes like courgette a l’escabeche and Pistachio baklava which boast a fresh take on Finnish cuisine. Try pairing your food with delicious drinks, as you can choose from a curated list of champagne and wines here.

3) Ravintola Nolla: Known for its sustainable way of dining, this restaurant is among the most popular restaurants to visit with Helsinki Honeymoon Packages. They offer a four-course menu with dishes that are sourced from local ingredients. It has made its name in being a zero-waste restaurant that serves innovative Nordic cuisine. 

4) Restaurant Forza: Hailed as one of the top restaurants serving pizza, Forza brings in many foodies. You can try their authentic Neapolitan pizza which is baked in an authentic wood-burning oven. You can cherish an unforgettable meal here as the pizzas are made by hand with high-quality ingredients. 

5) Hills Dumplings: Savour many veg and meat dumplings at this famous Asian eatery in Helsinki. This restaurant brings to you distinct flavour combinations in handmade dumplings made fresh from local ingredients. You can also try their popular pan-fried dumplings, Pork Wontons, and Kallio Fish Dumplings.

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