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About Bumthang

Bumthang has a distinctive charm that entices the visitors and separates it from the other cities, towns and districts of Bhutan. It is composed of 4 small valleys i.e. Chumey, Tang, Ura and Choekhor. Since, all the important temples and the dzongs are found in the Choekhor, is is often referred to as the Bumthang valley. The profound spiritual region of this city is rooted in this religious land. This city is also the traditional home to the renowned Buddhist philosopher and teacher Pema Linga. The present day dynasty traces its origin to the descendants of Pema Linga.  

Legends give 2 key notions on the name of this place. One, the canyon here is supposedly in the shape of Bumpa which is the container of pious water usually found on the shrine of a lhakhang. Thang here stands for a flat place or an open field. Another but rather a less respectful translation of the name relates particularly to the beautiful women residing here as bum stands for ‘girl’.  

Besides, the pristine beauty of the four valleys, Bumthang also has numerous other places to see along with a few of the oldest Buddhist temples of the kingdom. Bumthang is definitely one of the best tourist places in Bhutan which can be well explored on foot with walks to suit everyone.

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Bumthang FAQ's

Travel Advice

  • Get a travel or medical insurance before you get here. You can easily enquire about all the formalities of insurance from the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan

  • INR denominations of 500 and 1000 are unacceptable in Bhutan.

  • Do not carry with you cash more than necessary. You can find ATMs everywhere so make use of them and avoid any mishap.

  • Money can be withdrawn here via VISA or Master Card only.

  • You can easily withdraw a traveler’s cheque to get the requisite local currency.

  • Carry flat to round pin converters with you for charging your electronics here.

  • It may be typically cooler than the surrounding areas so do carry with you warmer layers of clothing.

  • Trekkers must bring with them the kit that may be needed by them during the adventure.

  • Check with your guides whenever you film or take pictures inside the monasteries, temples or the Dzongs. There may be a fair chance that filming or photography maybe prohibited there so kindly respect the same.

  • Make sure you dress appropriately.

  • Nudity is illegal here.

  • Never befriend a stranger or a person you barely know.

Drinking Laws

There is no ban on alcohol in Bhutan. Moreover, drinking the traditional alcohol of this place is believed to be a tradition.

Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

Bumthang brewery
Bumthang is quite famous for its brewery and you can taste the best beer in the town here. The brewery is very close to Jakar. Most of the tours that visitors take includes this place as it is amongst the best micro brewery in Bumthang. You will also get a Red Panda Beer complementary with your admission fee.

Burning lake
Bumthang is one of the most sacred places for pilgrims in Bhutan and this lake has a huge religious significance. It is believed that The Famous Saint Pema Lingpa discovered a lot of hidden treasures from this lake which belonged to Guru Rinpoche. This is one of the reasons why people add it to their places to see list in Bumthang.

Kurjey Lhakhang
Kurjey Lhakhang is a huge temple complex frequented by a large number of tourists. This place is christened after body print of Guru Rinpoche which has been preserved safely inside the cave. The famous temple is located just at a distance of 2.5 km from Chakhar Lhakhang, another popular tourist place.

Ngang Lhakang
The temple is located at a distance of 10 km in the Chokhor valley. The exterior of the temple was recently renovated but the interiors which includes the beautiful statues and paintings still impresses tourists and locals alike.

Deothang Goemba
Your visit to Bhutan is incomplete without visiting a few Buddhist monasteries. Although you will find many monasteries in the city, the Deothang Goemba is the most famous one. It has a huge main hall and 12 metal statues that look marvelous inside the hall. 

What will you like there?

Buying handicrafts
People who like shopping will have a great time at Bumthang as there are hordes of shops where one can buy traditional handicrafts. The place is quite famous for these things and ensure good sightseeing. A lot of tourists indulge in buying good looking handicraft items for themselves or their loved ones from here.

Horse riding
Adventure enthusiasts will love horse riding along the beautiful backdrop of the hilly region. There are various tours in which the package includes a horse ride at an affordable price. The Wind Horse ranch and riding club offers some exciting packages that you can buy.

The best way to discover the cultural and historical heritage is to visit the museums in that place. The Ogyen Chholing Museum is among the most popular ones but you can find other museums in the city too. They promise you a tour in the past to the ancient Bumthang where the things were completely different.

Local Cuisines
If you are here for a holiday, you must definitely try the food cuisines available here. There are various restaurants that promise you a range of delicious dishes and you must make it a point to try them out while you are there. Sunny restaurant is a famous place where a lot of people love to eat because of the hygiene and the quality of food there.

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