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What You Should Know More About Bern

  • Q. Travel Advice

    •      Do not speak loudly in public areas or point fingers at anyone.
    •      Swiss people dislike loud noise or joking loudly.
    •      Do not give expensive gifts to anyone.
    •      Avoid giving chrysanthemums and white lilies as gifts as they are the flowers used in funerals.
    •      Drink only after the first toast is given by the host.
    •      There is no obligation to tip.
    •      Do not ask personal questions about their salary, personal affairs, etc, as they consider their privacy highly.
    •      Do not clean your nails in public or chew gum while talking.
    •      Do not put hands in your pocket when talking to someone.
    •      Handshake is a form of standard greeting that is followed.
    •      Three pecks on the cheek is a greeting for someone you are familiar with.
    •      Follow European table manners when you dine outside.
    •      Dress neatly and conservatively.
    •      Be punctual when invited anywhere.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    16 years and over is the legal drinking age for wine and beer. 18 years and above is the legal drinking age for spirits and hard drinks in Switzerland.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Museums and parks

    Berne Historical Museum has prehistoric collections which depict the history of this city.  Bundeshaus was built in the 19th century and is the city's Parliament building. Einsteinhaus is the flat that Albert Einstein had rented in Swiss. You will find Einstein's writing desk, and this is the place where he invented the theory of relativity and numerous other works.

    Invasion of Berne is a tour of space invasion. Kunstmuseum is a museum of fine arts that display collections of Picasso, and many other renowned artists. Swiss Alpine Museum showcases a variety of Swiss mountains. Tierpark Dählhölzli is a zoo near the Aare River.

    Zytglogge is a clock tower built in the 13th century. This is the clock that tells time, the zodiac sign of the month, and phases of the moon. The Bear Park is open all day. Bear was the first animal caught at this park. The Gurten is a hill that lays outside the city and gives a panoramic view of the Alps mountain. At this park, you can play balls, enjoy barbecues, stumble upon some cows, and take a walk around. Many open air music festivals are conducted at this park.

    Rosengarten gives a splendid view of the Old Town. Swimming is one activity that you can enjoy in the Aare River.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Shopping, local festivals, and sightseeing

    Festivals, dining out, shopping, and drinking. This is a small city that can be covered by foot. A hub for artists and musicians, this is a city that attracts creative souls. When in Bern enjoy their cuisine, art, music, and local festivals.

    You will love strolling on the cobblestone streets, get a view of the clock tower and arcades that are beautifully preserved since the 14th century. Enjoy the artistic works of  Paul Klee at the Zentrum. You can go shopping for artisan chocolates, couture fashion, and decor items.

    Enjoy the picnics in the parks and lawns of this city. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Forum: Official Forum

  • Q. Books

    Swiss Travel Guides: Bern and the Bernese Oberland No. 1 by Martin Fisher