Venetian Arsenal Overview
Possessing the classic style of Byzanthine architecture, Venetian Arsenal is one of the world’s first and biggest industrial compounds as well as one of the well preserved Venice Tourist Places. Started to take its shape in 1104, the factory served the purpose of a shipyard and a place to keep the armories in its initial years after its construction. A

ll these were kept safe in order to use them against the enemies during the wars. The entire monument is spread across 110 hectares of land which is guarded by high walls to ensure that it could be kept away from the public view. However, even now you can not enter the premises of the building but strolling around it and admiring the excellent architecture is one of the favourite things of the visitors.

Location: 30122 Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

Entry Fee (Only if applicable): Not applicable

Timings (Only If any): 24 hours

Fact: You can not enter the building but it is highly recommended to take some pictures with this picturesque building in the backdrop.
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