Scuola Grande Di San Rocco Overview

Situated in Venice, Italy, the Scuola Grande Di San Rocco is a unique site renowned for its collection of paintings by Tintoretto who was commissioned to provide paintings which are preserved  and untouched. Almost all the work is by Tintoretto, his assistant and his son Domenico, some of his main works include Sala terrena, sala superiore, sala dell’albergo.

There are over 60 paintings, paintings by Titian and Palma il Giovane who are renowned artists,  are also present. It is located next to the church of San Rocco, which consists of the remains of saints. It is a beautiful white building with a royal exterior and colourful artwork around the windows and entrance door. There are some important sites inside where some of the finest art can be seen that include  the main entrance hall, the medical museum and the ancient library.

The rooms look elegant and royal with the beautiful golden and blue carvings on the walls and ceiling. Melodious music is also an important part of scuola, musicians such as Giovanni Gabrielli, Starvinsky were employed to play music. Visitors get attracted by the melodious music which is played there in the hall. It is a must visit site which appeals to everyone.

How To Reach

Venice Marco Polo airport is the nearest airport to Scuola Grande di san rocco.

If you are planning to go somewhere else and then travel to the Scuola Grande Di San Rocco, then it is less than ten minutes walk from the nearest train stations.

There are different means to reach scuola grande di san rocco,

1. By Bus: There are different buses which can take to scuola grande di san rocco, directly from the airport. It would charge from €8 to €10 by travelling by bus. It will take 40 to 50 mins to reach there.

2. By Car: Scuola grande di san rocco is almost 14 kilometers away from the airport and it takes 20 to 25 minutes to reach there by car.

3. By Public drive: You can easily get a direct cab from the airport to reach scuola grande di san rocco.

Best Time To Visit

Scuola grande di san rocco is a sheltered place so any time can be suitable for visiting it. However, to enjoy all other sites in venice along with scuola grande di san rocco, early spring and late fall is the best time which is from March to May or November to December. Scuola grande di san rocco is closed on christmas and new year.

1. Summer: In summers, the temperature is high and it would be very hot to visit all the places in Venice and enjoy the trip, carrying a water bottle or staying hydrated will help enjoying the trip. However, scuola grande di san rocco is a covered place so there is no need to worry about the sun and you can have a great experience.

2. Winter: Early spring or late fall is the suitable season to visit and enjoy scuola grande di san rocco and other places in venice for an amazing trip.

Other Essential Information

scuola grande di san rocco is located in the metropolitan city of venice in campo S rocco, 3052, 30125, italy.

Timing: It is open everyday except christmas and new year, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Entry fee: The entry fees for one person is €10,00, for a group (at least 20 people) is €8,00 per person.

Photography: Photography of the paintings allowed but no photography is allowed in the church.

Distance from nearest airport: Distance from venice marco polo airport is 14km and it takes almost 20 minutes to reach there by car.

History of Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

Named after San Rocco, the building was established in 1478, popularly considered as protector against plague. A group of wealthy venetian citizens were members of ‘confraternity of St. Roch’. They chose the site next to the church San Rocco which consists of the remains of the saints to construct the building.

In January, 1515, Bartolomeo Bon and his son Pietro Bon were entrusted for the construction of the building. In 1524, the work was continued by Sante Lombardo. After three years, the work was further continued by Antonio Scarpagnino. In 1549, due to his death, Giangiacomo dei Gigi replaced him and finished it in September 1560.

There was a rule at that time according to the Mariegola (mother-rule) which was a precious paper on which official statuses were written and was beautifully decorated. Not only the institutional aspects of confraternity like religion, pilotics, behaviour, economy, morality, administration, but how all the members were supposed to behave everyday was also mentioned in it.

It was believed that if they follow these rules, they would be rewarded by the remission of sins in heaven. This mother-rule was important for the visitors at that time.

Exterior of Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

Situated beside the San Rocco church, Scuola Grande Di San Rocco is a spectacular white marble, large building with colourful artwork around the entrance and the windows . It is a royal building with windows carved with golden and multi colour artwork which makes it look beautiful. Bartolomeo Bon and his son Pietro Bon got the responsibility to construct this beautiful building and Antonio Scrapagnino gave it the final touch.

The white walls with the golden artwork makes its front view very attractive. The windows are having a beautiful design with colourful borders and beautiful patterned sash bars and attractive curtains. Adorable pillars between the windows, with intricate carvings makes the outer look even more amazing. From the side, it is red coloured with windows carved with golden and multi colour pattern.

The san rocco church besides the scuola grande di san rocco building also has intricate patterns similar to the building. It is decorated with statues of the saints on both sides. It enhances the beauty of the site even more as it has similar patterns. Scuola Grande Di San Rocco has a beautiful exterior which appeals to every individual.

Interior  of Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

Scuola grande di san rocco has a beautiful interior consisting of gold and blue coloured patterned ceiling and wall filled with paintings by Tintoretto. It consists of two halls, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. On the ground floor, there are some special exhibits but the first floor has the most beautiful masterpieces of Tintoretto that is the sala superiore. All the paintings are scenes from the old and new testament, given the history of confraternity.

Dark, moody and dramatic are some of Tintoretto’s typical styles. The masterpieces are for private museums and not for any monument but all the paintings are specially created by him for scuola grande di san rocco. There is a big hall on the ground floor followed by a staircase to the first floor where there are two rooms for the visitors.

The intricate marble floor increases the beauty of the building for which Titian and Tiepolo also did a great job. The beautiful floor has detailed and colourful patterns which enhances its beauty. The ceiling is filled with golden intricate work along with Tintoretto’s beautiful paintings. The staircase is another beautiful part to intensify the interior of scuola grande di san rocco on the left of the staircase, there is a long scroll supported by the statue of mercury and the wall filled with the attractive paintings of Tintoretto.

There are different beautiful wooden sculptures on the wall, in the beginning there is melancholy which shows a man with a sad face and long wavy hair. Another one is honour, represented as a handsome young man with exquisite features decorated with a necklace, a sceptre and a flag.

Avarice, which is a strict figure with a flowing beard. Ignorance with cruel ugliness. Science which represents an old man with a purpose of reading a book. A naked young man seen from the back which depicts the distinction between good and evil. The winged fury which was chained and blindfolded. Then the spy which has a covered face.

Among this, there is an admirable library with five shelves and filled with books which is a masterpiece in between wooden sculptures and then Scandal, an old man with a beard, elegantly dressed and musical instruments were placed in his feel which depicts that he neglects serious things and worries about the vain one. Honest pleasure which is a fine looking young man with long hair and all of these are spectacular.

There are lamps which enhance the beauty of the wooden sculptures and there are windows too which amplify the beauty of the walls. 
The beautiful interior is the result of numerous renovations held in the past which gave this final picture of scuola grande di san rocco. In 1725, all the pictures and decorations were removed due to the forthcoming demolition work.

At the end of the decade, some sections were detached to be partially remounted. 
Between 1657 and 1676, Francesco Pianta made allegorical sculptures covered with walnut dossals on the chapter hall.
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