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Built in 1430, Santi Giovanni E Paolo is a magnificent spot that seems like the finest example of Italian Gothic-style architecture. It is a historical site constructed using red and brown bricks. The place is regarded as the resting spot of several statements, noblemen, renowned artists, military commanders and others. You might not find the building's exterior impressive; however, its interior is decorated lavishly.

Santi Giovanni E Paolo, an incredible site located in the heart of the city of Venice, is a mesmerizing masterpiece that reflects the Italian Gothic architectural style. The exterior of the buildings is one of the finest examples of Italian-Gothic architecture; hence they are simple and classic. However, its interiors are decorated beautifully, making it one of the most magnificent destinations in Italy. 

Using red and brown bricks, tinted window glasses, paintings of local artists, and so much together brings the charm together. Besides this, Santi Giovanni E Paolo also features the burials of several statements, noblemen, renowned artists, military commanders, and others, making it a historically important site. The inside of the church features massive pillars connected to original columns. 

If you're someone who loves to explore classic attractions and unfold the pages of history, visiting this place will complete your tour of Venice. 

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• Santi Giovanni E Paolo, a prominent site in Venice, was founded in AD 398; however, it was opened in 1951. 
• The buildings have been designed and constructed in various architectural styles, including Romanesque architecture, Baroque architecture and Early Christian architecture.
• Saint Pammachius, a Roman senator, is known as one of the many founders of Santi Giovanni E Paolo.
• This building is a mesmerizing masterpiece built using red bricks and stones. Although the exterior of the building could be more impressive, its interior is designed carefully to awestruck all visitors.
• Santi Giovanni E Paolo is sometimes called 'The Pantheon of Venice.
• The building's interior is magnified with decorated walls, colorful artwork, lovely designed rooms, giant chandeliers, and several art pieces created by local artists in Venice and Italy.
• Since Santi Giovanni E Paolo is one of Venice's most treasured destinations, it is visited by a considerable number of people every day. 

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