Royal Albatross Centre Overview
The Royal Albatross Centre fairly boasts of being one of the best places in Dunedin to visit as it is an exclusive observatory where you get to see the entire breeding cycle of the giant albatross from courting to raising huge flabby chicks.

The centre is the only mainland breeding colony of the royal albatross in the world. Taking a guided tour inside the observatory you can get to learn into the private lives of these beautiful birds on the nature reserve.

Location: 1260, Harrington Point Road, Dunedin 9077, New Zealand

Timings: Everyday 10.15am- 9.15pm

Entry fee: (117-142) $ for family (2 adults and up to 3 children of school age), (52- 62) $ for adults and (15-20) $ for children (under 16 years). Free for children up to 5 years.
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