Murano Overview

Murano is a Venetian lagoon situated about 1.5 km North of Venice and is a group of seven islands linked with bridges and canals. The island is famous among tourists for its unique style of glass making which dates back to the 10th century. As per the story, the Venetian rulers banned glassmaking across Venice fearing that the furnace used to make glass might cause a dangerous fire across the island and so, moved all the glassmakers to Murano. However, the island made a great name and good money as the sophisticated glass items were a sign of luxury and royalty. The elite class as well as the royalty purchased glass items from Murano and made it a style statement.

As a tourist, visiting Murano you can experience this stunning technique of artistic glass making by going to the glass factories, art showrooms as well as attending the expert workshops on Murano glass making by the glass masters. However, if you are checking out your exploration options in Murano beyond just glass making, the island certainly holds more to it with the architectural richness of historical sites, churches, European architecture.

Just not that, the floating island houses many modern day cafes by the sea side with the venetain view making it a pretty destination to go to. Some of the activities you can participate in during your visit to Murano are enrolling in a master class of glass making, touring across the island learning about their life and culture and also giving the venetian cuisine a taste.

How To Reach

The nearest airport to Murano is Venice. The distance from the airport to Murano is about 5 kms via waterway and around 14 kms via land. Here are the various commute options to choose from:

Via vaporetto (water bus): Vaporettos have multiple water lines. The waterline 12, 4.1 and 4.2 from Fondamente Nove takes about 9 mins to reach your destination. Whereas, the waterway 4.2 and 4.1 from San Zaccaria take about 40 - 50mins to arrive at Murano.

For the shortest route: Board a vaporetto line on 12 from the ACTV docks at the Fondamente Nove to arrive at Murano Faro in about 9 mins. This is the fastest route to arrive at your destination, as you are departing from the northern side of Venice.

Via a ferry: You can board a ferry from the airport to Murano, which takes about 50 mins to reach your destination.

Via bus: A bus from aeroporto marco polo would take you to Murano in about 24 - 30 mins.

Via car/taxi: Driving down to Murano will take about 15 - 30mins from Venice.

Best Time To Visit

If you are thinking of pleasant weather and moderate temperature for a trip to Murano, Italy it is best to visit during the spring and fall season i.e., in the months of April to June or September and October. The pleasant weather and moderate temperature is apt for a comfortable vacation. You also get the cheapest deals during this time of the year due to lesser tourists. However, the summer season is considered as the peak season to explore Italy. But it is also the most expensive time of the year for a tourist.

To explore the most of Murano it is recommended to pay a visit during the day. The museums, glass blowers and tourist sights would be open and you can also witness the glass makers demonstrate their fine art of making the famous and alluring glass artifacts. 

Other Essential Information

1.5 km North of Venice, Murano is a Venetian Lagoon.

Timing: Throughout the day

Entry Fee: Entry to Murano is free

Distance from the nearest airport: 5.2kms (GPS distance)

Famous Places to Eat in Murano

1. Osteria al duomo:
Close to the Museum of glass is Osteria al duomo. Famous for its stone baked pizzas and gluten free italian dishes, this is one of the highly recommended places in Murano. (Location: Fondamenta Antonio Maschio, 20/21, 30141 Venezia VE, Italy)

2. La perla ai bisatei: This small eatery on the island is well known for serving authentic italian food. Termed as a gem of a place by reviewers, this restaurant is a place you should head to if you want to try a sumptuous italian platter. (Location: Campo S. Bernardo, 7, 30141 Venezia VE, Italy)

3. Versus Meridianem: Known for its highly maintained quality of food, this place has impressed visitors with its delicious pizzas, mushrooms and risotto. You could also treat your sweet palate with some delicious tiramisu served here. (Location: colonna, Fondamenta Manin, 1, 30141 Venezia VE, Italy)

4. Pizzeria Marlin Ristorante: Pizzeria Marlin has a wider variety to choose from. You have multiple options to savour in pastas, oyster based dishes and more. (Location: Fondamenta dei Vetrai, 53, 30141 Venezia VE, Italy)

5. Murano artisan ice cream: A highly recommended destination for an authentic cone of italian gelato. This dessert shop is one of the favourite spots for tourists. (Location:  Calle Angelo dal Maestro, 3, 30141 Venezia VE, Italy) 

Tips to Travel Murano

1. Visit during the day:
The best time to explore the island is during the day when the glass makers are at work. It is a beautiful site to witness the artistic make of glass.

2. Walk around the town: The best way to explore Murano is by walking around the island. It is suggested to roam around the town to savour some italian food, capture pictures by the canals and bridges, board the boats and explore the floating markets.

3. Travel independently: The travel guides or travel agencies around might try to trap you as a tourist. However, exploring Murano by yourself isn’t a tough task. You can easily explore the island yourself and request a local to guide you if necessary.

4. Water taxi pass: Take the waterboat pass that allows you to travel through it as many times you wish to for 24 hrs. It is a convenient and cheap way to manage your commute.

5. Witness the glass blowing technique: The extraordinary glass art and the glass blowing technique of making it cannot be missed on your visit to Murano.
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Murano FAQs

What is Murano famous for?

Murano is famous for its glass artisans and their creative glass creations. It is an island formed by seven islands linked by bridges.

Which is better, Murano or Burano?

Murano is great for an exploration of a variety of art while Burano, which is known as the fisherman’s island is colourful and bright for some amazing pictures.

Is Murano glass expensive?

You can buy Murano glass for less than 20$. However, the prices increase depending on the artisan making it and the fine detailing given to the item. The glass making technique used in the making of the item also adds to the value of the object.

Is Murano glass a good investment?

Murano glass is of course a beautiful article to possess. If you are a collector of a rich variety of articles this is one art object you must add to your gallery.

Who owns Morano glass?

Morano glass is the glass made in Morano. However, some of the historic glass factories that produce them are Venini, Alessandro Mandruzzato Ferro Murano, Barovier & Toso etc.

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