Kolsai Lakes National Park Overview

Located along the northern edge of the famous Tuan Shan Ridge, the Kolsai Lakes National Park is one of the most placid and auspicious attractions in Kazakhstan. From here, one will have a crystal view of both the Kaindy and the Kolsai Lakes. If you are planning to go on an adventurous trip, you can either camp or stay in the guest houses.

Here, the main vegetation covers are that of the Alpine and spruce types, along with crystalline frozen lakes in the middle portion. Twelve different rate flora species are present in the national park, mainly in the protected region. Apart from this, several other animals are also found like the Turkestan Lynx, Tian Shen bear, Rainbow trout fish, and others.

Location: Grigorievka, Kazakhstan

Entry fee: 750 tenge per person and a surplus of 1000 tenge for personal cars

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