Khambhalida Caves Overview
Located near Gondal town are the popular Khambhalida caves also known as the Rajkot Caves.  Discovered by the renowned archaeologist, Shri P. P. Pandya in 1958, these Buddhist caves are a major attraction among the tourists. Three caves had been cut out of limestone rocks in the 4th – 5th century AD.

The central cave known as a 'chaitya' has a worn-out stupa, where according to popular belief Buddhist monks had meditated during ancient times. The entrance of the chaitya has two large sentinel sculptures known as the Bodhisattvas- Padmapani (on the right) and Vajrapani (on the left). These sculptures are similar to those of the late Kushan-Kshatrapa period. Maintained by the Archaeology Department of Gujarat, the caves lure history buffs from across the country and are among the prominent tourist places in Rajkot. 

Timings: Open all-day

Location: Khambhalida, Gujarat

Best Time to Visit: April to October
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