Ca’ D’Oro Overview
Ca’D’Oro is a Palace on the Grand Canal in Venice, northern Italy and has been famous for decades for its opulent architecture and refined style. The Palace came to be known as the “golden house” for it’s lavishly adorned polychrome walls and gilded balconies, it’s a mesmerising location and all the wonderful collection of fine arts.

Present-day Ca’ D’Oro serves as one of the best and intriguing spaces for tourists to understand the grand architectural styles of the Venetian period.

The Palace of Ca’ D’Oro was designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon, two conceptual architects of their time. They built the ethereal architecture between 1428 and 1430 for the Contarini Family, one of the most important and wealthiest families in Venice. This family alone provided 8 Dukes, and donated generously to the state of Venice.

The Palace has always been a symbol of higher stature, with its iconic gothic style that has been replicated throughout the city of venice, tourists visiting the Palace are always amazed by its attention to detail and its perfect location. 

The Palazzo is situated in one of the most visited spots in Venice, overlooking the grand canal and ancient bridges such as Rialto, which connects to other local markets famous for fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs. Apart from its royal existence in the history of architectural genres, the palace is also serving as one of the most unique Galleries which is inhabited by works by great artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt and many more.

How To Reach

1. Taxi -
Pick up from taxi stand
- Time: 24x7 (22 min journey)
- Price:  ₹2000

2. Train -
Venice Treviso (TSF)
- Time: Arrival at the station every 30 mins (40 min journey)
- Price: ₹200 - ₹450

3. Bus- 
Outside Airport bus stand
- Time: thrice a day (41 min journey)
- Price:  ₹ 180 - ₹900

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit is Mid-spring, April ending and the beginning of May is a beautiful time to sightsee in Ca’ D’Oro Venice, Italy. Since it is just the beginning of summer you will enjoy the crisp blue river flowing by the Palazzo of Santa Sofia, with a soft breeze and bright blue skies. 

Visit the Palazzo In the morning or in the evening, both times have their own unique quality. Night times are especially romantic if you are going for a little rendezvous with your partner. 

Monday  ( 8:00 AM to 14:00 PM) 
Tuesday - Sunday ( 8:15 AM to 19:15 PM).

Book your tickets in advance or connect to local museum services.

Other Essential Information

Entry Fee:
Full price: € 14.00
Reduced *: € 11.00
Free ** 8.00

Opening Hours:
Monday  ( 8:00 AM to 14:00 PM) 
Tuesday - Sunday ( 8:15 AM to 19:15 PM).

Distance from Nearest Airport:
The Palazzo resides 21 minutes away from the Venice Airport, and transport is easily available. 

History of Ca’ D’Oro

The Palazzo of Santa Sofia or the Golden house was designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon two great designers of the time, the palace was built between 1428 and 1430 for the Contarini Family. 

Since it was one of the most important families in Venice, the palace was made with great detail and fantastical decorations. This family also provided 8 Doges to the state and donated generously to the people of Venice. This exquisite architectural style of buildings in Italy allows one to taste the beauty of gothic style Italy and how the renaissance shaped with its architecture. 

This architecture was further developed and made into the beauty it is from the inside by the last baron of the place, Giorgio Franchetti. One of the building's most notable adaptations are its intricately designed patterns running through its corridors and balconies.

The pillars in this fine structure are made of smooth white marble with specs of grey. At present, it is a renowned gallery with artworks from many painting geniuses and sculptures.

Architecture of Ca’ D’Oro

The architecture of C’a D’Oro adorns the city of Venice with its elegance and gothic style. The mesmerizing building was designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon. This ethereal building is also known as the Golden house as the walls and the balconies of the Palazzo of Santa Sofia were decorated with gilded gold sheets and leaves, ornated,  colorful balconies that made anyone who passed by the Palazzo swoon with admiration.

There is a direct transition of the Gothic and renaissance style present in this building, the smooth marble traces through the first and the second floor and the barriers running along the windows and balconies show a great deal of gothic style, wherein the corridor facing towards the Canal show a more renaissance projection.

The buildings have numerous details that make it a true beauty in architecture, from its ceilings, pillars and walls, all of it was pure work of art.

Ca’ D’Oro Franchetti Gallery


The Ca’ D’Oro is a well-known Building from the veneitial renaissance. Its name is derived from its real-life outlook, where the walls of the building were gilded with thin gold sheets and leaves. The building’s last baron Giorgio Franchetti was a huge Art collector and appreciated all the beauty and gothic style art pieces and sculptures that came his way.

The gallery houses photographs by Andrea Mantegna from the veneitian school of photography. Other magnificent pieces were from Tuscan and flemish schools, the palazzo also inhabits many bronze sculptures from the renaissance. 

Tips for visiting Ca’ D’Oro

- It's best to visit a site of attraction when you know a bit about the history of the place. A great way to do that is by surfing the official page of any tourist spot you are visiting.

- In the tourist season it can get quite exhausting in the hustle and bustle of people, so it is recommended to reach at least 20 minutes before your tour timing, to save you the trouble of waiting in a long line.

- Take a boat ride to Ca’D’Oro to make it more exciting whilst seeing Italian architecture.
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