Bell Tower Overview

The Bell Tower is an ancient structure with European architecture that stands tall in the square's southeast corner. On top of the twelve-meter-wide square brick shaft is a white Istrian stone belfry with a balcony and a pyramidal spire, making the whole thing almost 100 meters tall. The bronze statue of Archangel Gabriel is at the top which can be explored with Venice tour. It was built for the first time more than a thousand years ago and has been fixed up and changed many times until it got its current look at the start of the 1500s. 

Lightning kept hitting the poor bell, which is very tall and has a metal sculpture. It has yet to be determined why the whole structure fell apart on July 14, 1902. Early in the morning, just before nine, the tower fell over on top of itself, sending a cloud of broken glass and concrete into the air. Even though tourists ran away screaming, no one except for the caretaker's cat was hurt. Over the next few years, it was rebuilt the same way it was, and the square got its landlord back. 


• Explore the bell tower's brick exterior and intricate details that make it a Venetian Gothic masterpiece.
• Discover the bell tower's centuries-old Venetian history and catch the panoramic views from the top.
• Enjoy the world-famous Venice landmark, an iconic structure that attracts tourists from around the world.
• Climbing up the tower's stairs to the observation deck is a memorable cultural experience. 

How To Reach

1. By road: It's easy to get from Venice City Centre to the Bell Tower by car. It will take you about 33 minutes to drive to Venice. The 4 km Ponte della Liberta bridge connects Venice to the rest of Italy. The number 2 Vaporetto (water bus) can take you to the Rialto stop. The bus leaves from Ferrovia B, which is in front of the Santa Lucia train station. It takes 16 minutes to walk from there to St. Mark's Square. This is a simple way to get to the bell tower.

2. By train: You can take a train to Santa Lucia's train station and walk for 28 minutes to the bell tower. You can take water buses from the train station to St. Mark's Basilica.

3. By boat: To get to St. Mark's Bell Tower by boat from Venice's main city, take the #1 or #N ferry at San Marco (Vallaresso) SX. The tower is only a 5-minute walk away.

Best Time To Visit

The San Giorgio Maggiore Bell Tower is open throughout the year, and is eternally bustling with people of all sorts. 

1. Best season: The best season to explore the bell tower is in the summer months of April to June, when the temperature is the most optimum for touring the city of Venice. Also, in this season, Venice witnesses smaller crowds and the trip may also be budget-friendly. 

2. Best day of the week: Sunday is the best day of the week to visit the tower. 

3. Best time of the day: You may explore the church as per your requirements. In case you are fond of bright and sunny weather, you may visit in the afternoons. However, witnessing the city at the time of sunset has its own charm. 

Other Essential Information

  • If you want to skip the lineup, get to the bell tower early.
  • To beat the crowds, go in the early morning or after lunchtime, or visit during the off-season from November to March and enjoy a more peaceful vacation.
  • Although the elevator is easily accessible, there might be a line if you want a clear view.
  • When the bells ring, it gets very loud, so kids should bring earplugs. 
  • Views of Venice, particularly at sunset, are breathtaking from the bell tower's peak.
  • You can get commentary and entry to restricted areas with a guided tour. 
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