Venice Group Tour Packages

Venice Group Tours Packages

Duration Price
Rome Florence and Venice - Best Of Italy10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,57,000
European Jewels With Cruise | Group Departure13 days & 12 nights
INR 1,72,600
European Wonders Group Tour | Free Excursion to Mt Titlis14 days & 13 nights
INR 1,76,000

Venice, also known by the nickname 'The Floating City', is famous among tourists across the globe for its beautiful canals, gondola rides, and bridges. Explore the town's charm with Thrillophilia's carefully crafted Venice group tour packages.

Choose from Thrillophilia's all-inclusive group tours that cover transfers, meals, and premium stays at affordable prices. We promise you a great journey with our skilled destination experts and a huge group of dependable vendors. You can also customize the Venice group tour packages to add your favourite activities and attractions. Enjoy 24*7 customer assistance and excellent on-ground assistance from Thrillophilia. 

You can visit Saint Mark's Basilica and admire the blend of Gothic, Romanesque, and Byzantine elements used in its architecture. Venice group tours also include a boat tour through the Grand Canal. You can also get a chance to admire the classic architecture of many historic buildings like the Ca' Foscari and the Ca' d'Oro here. Experience a relaxing day trip to the Murano & Burano Islands.

So, what are you waiting for? Book Venice group packages with Thrillophilia today and spend a relaxing vacation in Venice with your friends and family.

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Best Time To Visit Venice

Venice is open for tourism throughout the year. However, the best time to visit depends on your personal preferences.

1. Peak Season:

Venice experiences its peak season from June to August. You'll find the average temperatures ranging between 18 to 27 degrees. During this time, you can enjoy a gondola ride in the Grand Canal or visit St. Mark's Basilica.

2. Shoulder Season:

Many tourists also choose to book their Venice group packages between April to June or September to October. The average temperatures stay between 12 to 20 degrees. You can attend events like the Venice Film Festival during the season.

3. Waning Season:

From November to February, Venice observes less tourist footfall. You can expect an average temperature range of 4 to 9 degrees at this time. Also, get a chance to visit many museums like Accademia Galleries and Museo Correr.

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Venice Group Tours FAQs

How long do you need to visit Venice?

Generally, 6-7 days are enough for Venice group tour packages. This timeframe will allow you to cover most of the tourist hotspots in the town. You can check out museums like Museo Correr, Ca Rezzonico, and Museo di Palazzo Fortuny. Also, don't forget to enjoy a Gondola ride on the Grand Canal.

What is the cost of a trip to Venice?

Ideally, Venice group tour packages from Thrillophilia will cost you roughly between INR 1,53,000 and 1,65,000 (per person). Our tours cover everything from classy accommodations, meals, and transfers to the most popular activities. Additionally, you will enjoy 24*7 customer assistance and ground support in Venice.

Do Indians need a visa for Venice?

Yes, Indian citizens require a visa to travel to Venice. You'll need a Schengen Visa (Type-C Category) for travelling with Venice group tours. The validity for this visa is up to 90 days which can be used within 180 days.

Is Venice worth going to?

Yes, Venice is one of the most beautiful destinations to explore in Europe. You can discover many attractions like Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal, and more with Thrillophilia's Venice group tours. Get a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the town with a gondola ride in the Grand Canal.

What is the tourist tax in Venice, Italy?

There are 2 forms of taxes that you need to know before booking Venice group tour packages. The Overnight Tax, which costs roughly INR 400 (per individual, per night), needs to be paid at the accommodation. The other is the Day-Tripper Tax, (approximately INR 600 per individual) for those who don't stay overnight. This tax needs to be paid via the online platform.

How much money will I need per day in Venice?

On average, you will need to spend approximately INR 20,000 per day during your stay in Venice. Or you could book budget-friendly Venice group packages with Thrillophilia. Our group packages cover everything from meals, transportation, and accommodation, to trending activities, ensuring a beautiful experience for all.

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