Amaazia Waterpark Overview

Counted among the biggest water parks in Asia, Amaazia Waterpark is also considered as the best one in its city Surat. This great combination of amusement park and distinct buying options makes up for a great weekend escape for your entire family.

You can enjoy its various sections and choose to get either drenched in water, fly in the sky or satiate your shopaholic soul. Not just that, you can expect the best quality rides from around the world as all the rides in the park are exclusively designed and imported for the park from Australia’s Sanderson Group.

With which the park has ensured the safety and durability of the rides without compromising on the thrill. In inclusion to numerous water slides, thrilling rides, drenched dance floors and cosy cafeterias the park also has a big LED screen near the wave pool which synchronizes its music with the waves in the pool.

The fun isn’t restricted to the rides in this beautiful park based on Amazon Jungle theme as you can enjoy various other options laid by the park. These options include a Bird Park, Snow Park, Shopping Mall, a 3-star Hotel, Halls various programs, a three-screen cinema and a 7D theater. You can do what-so-ever you feel like doing, just in the same premises. With this, it ensures everything for each member of your group.

How To Reach

By Air:
Surat International Airport is the nearest airport to the Amaazia Waterpark. The distance of 16.7 KM between these two places could be covered by hiring a cab or hailing for an auto. It will take you around 33 mins to commute through this distance.

By Train: Surat Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the Amaazia Waterpark and you can easily hire an auto or book an online cab to cover this 4.2 KM long distance. It would only take 13 mins to reach the park from the railway station.

By Road:
As it is settled in the centre of the city, it becomes very easy to find the waterpark, especially if you are driving on your own. However, you can even board a bus and drop down at Amaazia Amusement Park BRTS stop and walk the rest of the distance of 850 m which would not take more than 5 mins.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Amaazia Waterpark is the months from October to March.

Summer: As the state of Gujarat is edging the coasts of the Arabian Sea, the cities of it gets very humid during the summers and becomes very irritable to travel around the city in these hot months.

Monsoon: Monsoon should be avoided to travel around the city as this part of the country receives a significant downpour which might affect your day out.

Winter: Winters are the best to visit the water park as the temperatures around this area of the country remains soothing enough to wander around. Plus you will not face any humidity which will keep you fresh and happy all day long.

Other Essential Information

Places to eat around Amaazia Waterpark

After burning calories on the rides and slides of the park, Amaazia gives you various options to recharge yourself. Here is a list of some chosen places in the vicinity of the park where you can eat peacefully.

1. Dishoom -The Bollywood Restaurant:
Settled beside the Amaazia Waterpark, Dishoom is a Bollywood themed restaurant. You can enjoy their la carte menu which includes items from Indian and International cuisines at worthy prices. Along with that, their dessert menu is a must to explore. The best part is that because of its settlement inside the park, you will not have to travel to reach here.

2. Nova Restaurant:
Settled at a distance of 1.4 KM from the Amaazia Waterpark, you can reach Nova Restaurant within 5 mins. It is a casual dining restaurant where you can enjoy each dish from Gujarat and some choicest options from Indian cuisines. Average cost for two people eating at the place is just INR 300 which means there would be no hole in your pocket.

3. Indian Cowboys:
Indian Cowboys is just 1.2 KM away which will take just 3 mins by drive and if you are on foot, then too, it would not take more than 5-7 mins. They serve a wide range of fast food and finger food which you can pair which a great cup of coffee or some other beverage. Especially the kids are always excited to eat at this place as their menu is loved by them.

4. Domino’s Pizza:
Domino’s doesn’t need a mention as we all know what they serve. The quality of the food and service both are great and you can enjoy a vast menu of Italian options in a hygienic environment. It would not take more than 3 mins if you drive to this place settled just 1.1 KM away from the waterpark.

Medical Facilities near Amaazia Waterpark

You are visiting an amusement park which also includes a water park inside it. It is obvious to ensure the presence of all the nearby medical facilities. First of all, the park has a first aid kit to ensure the first needed precautions being given to the needy one.

This would be fine for minor injuries like cuts and bruises. But in case of major injuries like fractured bones or something, you should rush to the nearby hospitals and clinics. Some of the good hospitals around the park are Anupam Hospital, Krishna Hospital, Unity Trauma Center and ICU, Shivam Hospital and Kalp Hospital.

Travellers’ Tip before visiting Amaazia Waterpark

Here is the list of the tips which might come handy when you will be visiting for your outing at Amaazia Waterpark:

1. Ensure an extra set of clothing while you pack for the park.

2. Make sure to pack towels and undergarments as you will need them once you come out of the water.

3. You should not wear heels and other uncomfortable footwear to the park. Instead, wear a comfortable pair of perfectly fitting sports shoe.

4. Plan your trip to the park on weekdays as weekends are extremely crowded and it would take a lot of your time waiting in the queue for your turn. In fact, the ticket cost is also higher on weekdays.
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Amaazia Waterpark FAQs

How much are tickets for Amaazia Waterpark?

Children above 2 years of age (below 4ft) and senior citizens will be charged INR 499 whereas adults and children above 4ft will be charged 599 on weekdays. However, INR 100 each increases on the weekends making INR 599 for children under 4ft and above 2 years of age and seniors citizens as well. Adults and children above 4 feet of height will have to pay INR 699 on weekends.

Is outside food allowed at Amaazia Waterpark?

You can bring food inside the park only if you have an infant or you are a mother expecting a baby. Other than that, no outside food is allowed inside the park. However, you can buy fresh and delicious foods from the food joints inside the park offering you a great range of variety.

How do you get to Amaazia Waterpark?

You can reach the Amaazia Waterpark through any mode of transport. You may catch a flight to the Surat International Airport which is 16.7 KM away or you may find a train to the Surat Railway Station which just 4.2 KM away from the park. All this distance can be easily covered by either a taxi, an auto, an online cab or private vehicle.

What are the rides in Amaazia Waterpark?

There are numerous rides in the Amaazia Waterpark which are specially designed for this waterpark and imported from Australia’s Sanderson Group. You can enjoy various interesting and safe rides like wild raft, windigo, free fall, king cobra, black hole and much more.

What are the timings of Amaazia Waterpark?

The timings of the Amaazia Waterpark are 10:30 am to 05:30 pm for all the days of the week.

Is Amaazia Waterpark worth visiting?

Yes, Amaazia Waterpark is definitely worth visiting. It has one of the world’s best water park, amusement park, snow park, cafeterias, shopping complex, hotel and much under one sky. A great weekend could be planned in this waterpark which makes it the best pick.

Is wi-fi available at the park?

No, there is no wi-fi service available at the park. You will have to ensure that either your sim card have an active data connection or you complete all your important work before leaving the house or your hotel room.

Are locker facilities available at the park?

Yes, you can expect a locker facility at the park. In fact, people who have experienced the park claims that the facility of the lockers at the park are very convenient, secure and feasible.

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