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About Punjab

Punjab is one of the 29 states of the country and lies in the north western part of India. It is often regarded as the ‘land of five rivers’.  Immensely fertile, the land of Punjab is ranked high amongst the ancient civilizations of the world. It is also known for the several religious movements that were conducted here and the regional diversities that are very well prominent even now. The rich cultural history, scenic landscape and the renowned religious sites are some of the many reasons for you to plan a trip to Punjab.  

The bordering states of Haryana and Punjab were typically carved from the Indian half of Punjab post the partition. Ever since then, Punjab has grown over the years. Homeland to the humble and amazingly welcoming Sikh community, Punjab is a green Indian state.   

Embellished with the blazing gurudwaras (Sikh Temples) including the much popular Golden Temple of Amritsar, Punjab has become a prominent tourist spot amongst the travelers.

Loved dearly for its authentic Punjabi cuisines – butter chicken, tandoor chicken, chicken tikka masala and tadka dhal, food here is indeed one major reason why tourists from across the world are driven towards this beautiful Indian state. Enjoy the travel here!
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Punjab FAQ's

Travel advice:

  • Keep touts at bay.
  • Do not entertain the beggars. If you give money to one, many others will follow you back.
  • Though the street food and delicacies in Punjab are very authentic however, you must still check for the quality before you buy anything.
  • Whenever you buy a bottle of drinking water, you must check for the seal. If the seal is broken, you must avoid buying that bottle.
  • Buy a bottle of the brand that is known to you. Several replica brands come into play and tend to deceive you.
  • Make sure you never leave your cash or valuables in the hotel room.
  • Avoid going out of the room with too much cash in your pocket.
  • Avoid traveling during the night hours.
  • Ensure that you maintain the integrity of the place by not getting involved in any brawls or fights.
  • Do not indulge in drugs of any form.
  • Carry with you a necessary first aid kit.
  • Do not wear clothes that are skimpy or revealing.
  • Always be polite when you communicate with the locals.
  • Always carry with you a copy of your necessary documents like ID, passport or license.
  • Make sure you do not book a hotel in a secluded place.  

Drinking laws

The legal age for drinking in Punjab is 25 years.

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The moment you hear about Amritsar you are certainly going to think of the most renowned attraction in the land – The Golden Temple. This ancient land is a home to a range of places and shrines of religious and historical importance. Some of the top places to see in Amritsar include:

  • Golden Temple

  • Bathinda Fort

  • Jallianwala Bagh

  • Durgiana Temple

  • Kaiser Bagh Park

  • Summer Palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

  • Rambagh Garden

  • Tara Taran Sahib

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

  • Khalsa College

  • Akal Takht

  • Wagah Border

  • Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary


Chandigarh is a beautiful union territory of India. It is a joint capital of Haryana and Punjab. The place is believed to be the best planned city of India. Also known as ‘The City Beautiful’, it is in this very city where modernization has not yet demolished the natural treasures of the land. Some of the top tourist attractions in Chandigarh include:

  • Sukhna Lake

  • The Rock Garden

  • Rose Garden

  • Le Corbusier Centre

  • International Dolls Museum

  • Government Museum and Art Gallery

  • Butterfly Park

  • Terraced Garden

  • Leisure Valley

  • Sarkaria Cactus Garden

  • Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park

  • Morni Hills

  • Garden of Fragrance

  • Shanti Kunj

  • Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park

  • Yadvinder Garden

  • Chhatbir Zoo

  • Timber Trail


Jalandhar is a beautiful city that is particularly famous for its sports goods and rich history. This ancient city of the world is also mentioned in Indian mythological, Mahabharata. The city has several sites that have religious and historical significance.   

Some of the top tourist destinations in Jalandhar include:

  • Wonderland Theme Park

  • Devi Talab Mandir

  • Prithvi’s Planet

  • Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum

  • Company Bagh

  • Sheetla Mandir

  • Imam Nasir Masjid

  • Shiv Mandir

  • Rangla Punjab Haveli

  • Pushpa Gujral Science City

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral Church

  • Tulsi Mandir

  • Niku Park


Ludhiana is the largest city of Punjab. It has an array of historical monuments as well as religious centers. The city lies in close proximity to the river Sutlej. Ludhiana played a significant role in the fight for Independence. Though not very high in numbers, this destination has some tourist attractions which should not be missed when you are on your tour to Punjab. Must see places of Ludhiana are  

  • Tiger Zoo

  • Phillaur Fort

  • Punjab Agricultural University Museum

  • Rural Heritage Museum

  • Deer Park

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum

  • Gurudwara Charan Kamal

  • Nehru Rose Garden

  • Lodhi Fort


Patiala is a former princely state that is known as the ‘City of newspapers’. It has some of the finest architecture that brings forth the royal past of this state. Patiala largely is an amalgam of Mughal, Rajput and Punjabi cultures. Some of the notable places to visit in Patiala are:

  • Baradari Garden

  • Moti Bagh Palace

  • Bir Moti Bagh Sanctuary

  • Sheesh Mahal

  • Darbar Hall

  • Qila Mubarak Complex

  • Samana

  • Lachman Jhoola

  • Kali Temple

  • Banur


Another archaic city of Punjab is Bhatinda. Some of the monuments found here go back to 3000 BC. Known for its historical associations, Bhatinda is the very place where Guru Gobind Singh fought with the Mughals bravely. Most renowned attractions of Bhatinda include:  

  • Lakhi Jungle

  • Qila Mubarak

  • Dhobhi Bazaar

  • Chetak Park

  • Bhatinda Lake

  • Bir Talab Zoo

  • Bhatinda Zoological Park

  • Rose Garden

  • Bhatinda Fort


Pathankot is the central point of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab. It is the scenic beauty as well as the historical richness of Pathankot that make it a vital tourist attraction. Key sightseeing destinations in Pathankot are

  • Ranjit Sagar Dam

  • Kathgarh Temple

  • Mukteshwar Temple

  • Hydraulic Research Station

  • Ashapurni Mandir

  • Nurpur Fort

  • Kali Mata Ka Mandir

  • Shahpurkandi Fort


Kapurthala is known as the ‘Paris of Punjab.’ It is an alluring destination with breathtaking gardens and interesting architecture. This is the place where in the year 1499, Guru Nanak attained enlightenment. Spectacular monuments, scenic landscape and historical significance make Kapurthala a must visit destination in Punjab. Some of the notable attractions of Kapurthala are:

  • State Gurudwara

  • Elysee Palace

  • The Jagatjit Palace

  • Panj Mandir

  • Kanjli Wetland

  • Nihal Palace

  • Shalimar Garden

  • Moorish Mosque

  • Jagatjit Club


Punjab’s Tri-city comprises of Panchkula, Chandigarh and Mohali. The city of Mohali gets its name from Sahibzada Ajit Singh who is the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh. This is perhaps why it is called as SAS Nagar. Mohali is also a home to several IT industries. Renowned attractions of Mohali are:    

  • Sukhna Lake

  • Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Rose Garden

  • Mataur Lake

  • Mansa Devi Temple

  • Punjab Cricket Association Stadium

  • Rock Garden

  • Gurdwara Amb Sahib

  • Gurudwara Nada Sahib

  • Silvi Park


Rupnagar also known as Ropar is another ancient town located in the city of Punjab. If legends are to be believed, this place belonged to the Harappan civilization. This also happens to be the first Harappan site of the independent India. Some of the top destinations here are:

  • Chamkaur Sahib

  • Gurudwara Parivar Vichhora Sahib

  • Jateshwar Mahadev Temple

  • Ropar Wetland

  • Anandpur Sahib

  • Gurudwara Bhatta Sahib

  • Bhakra Nangal Dam

What you will like here?


Think of Punjab and the first thing that comes to your mind is the scrumptious food which is served across the beautiful state. There is no shortage of the places to eat here. Right from the chola kulcha to the mouthwatering butter chicken, yummy choley bhature, rajma chawal and aloo paratha, everything available here is finger licking good and is available at pocket friendly prices.


Punjab is a land of Sikhs thus there are a number of attractive Gurudwaras found here. Some of the notable Gurudwaras found here include Jamni Sahib in Ferozepur, Golden Temple of Amritsar, Dera Baba Nanak Sahib in Gurdaspur and Anandpur Sahib in Rupnagar. Each of the gurudwaras has its own charm that compels you to come over and over again. Make a visit to experience some tranquility and peace.

The Famous Lassi 
Sounds unbelievable? It maybe so but believe me friends, a simple glass of lassi is enough for you to travel all the way to Punjab. Flavored, sweet or salty, just a glassful of lassi is enough to be classified as an entire meal. People often drink a lassi with some delicious Punjabi breakfast.  

Picturesque Landscapes

Wish to run around the mustard fields just the way Kajol and SRK did in the movie DDLJ? It is time you pack your bags and visit Punjab. The countryside has an array of fields and farms with fresh green produce. Do carry a camera along.


Right from the woolen shawls to the phulkari dupattas, accessories colorful bangles, and kurtas, there is so much to shop for in Punjab that you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is an abundant scope for shopping in Amritsar and Jalandhar. Don’t forget to bargain as good as you can.

Hospitable People

The hospitality of Punjab is incomparable. Spend some time with the people of Punjab and learn about their traditions, festivals, culture, past and present and you are indeed going to be left in awe. Do ensure you have a huge appetite as you’ll be stuffed with loads of home made food here.  


If you still haven’t experienced the manner in which festivals are celebrated in Punjab, you are definitely missing out on something big. Right from singing Punjabi folk songs to enjoying bhangra and giddha performacnes, the atmosphere of Punjab is indeed electrifying. The best place to experience the festivity in Punjab is Ludhiana.


You no longer need to be in Delhi to relish on the nightlife. Just spend few days in Punjab and you’ll know how satiating the nightlife of the state is. Be it Chandigarh, Ludiana or Jalandhar, the state has innumerable clubbing options.


Roads in Punjab are very well maintained so much so that you’ll never face any problem moving in between or from the city. All the roads are broad making the experience of the road trip a great fun.

Budget Friendly
The best thing about Punjab is that it is a delight for everyone on budget. You can stay at one of the budget friendly stays in Punjab and eat at the dhabas on the roadside and save buck loads of money.

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