Simlipal National Park Overview
Sprawling over an area of 2700 square kilometres, Simlipal National Park is a wonderful respite for all nature lovers. It was once famous as a hunting ground and known to be bestowed with a rich diversity of forests, waterfalls and rivers.

The biodiversity in this national park is breathtaking and makes it a paradise for all nature lovers. It is blessed with more than 1000 species of colorful plants and offers a serene getaway for everyone.

The presence of the beautiful Barehipani Falls and Joranda Falls makes it a blessing for all the adventure seekers in Simlipal National Park. Moreover, wildlife lovers will be excited to see a number of elusive creatures roaming around like elephant, langur, python, crested serpent eagle, grey hornbill etc.

Highlights: Nature, waterfall, birdwatching, wildlife etc.

Best time to visit: November to Mid-June.
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