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California Packages

Duration Price
USA Group Tour to California and Vegas7 days & 6 nights
INR 1,65,120
Coastal California - Self Drive Expedition9 days & 8 nights
INR 1,95,000
Southern California Self Drive Trip9 days & 8 nights
INR 1,79,000
Holidays in Golden Triangle USA10 days & 9 nights
INR 2,18,000
California Self Drive Trip - Highway to Heaven12 days & 11 nights
INR 2,55,000
Glimpse of West Coast USA with FREE Universal Studios Tickets10 days & 9 nights
INR 2,261.66

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The California Tour and holiday packages by Thrillophilia boast of a lot of attractive features. From exciting deals and discounts and bonus offers, to several additional benefits such as package deals and more, Thrillophilia guarantees you a Californian holiday that you will remember for years to come. The experts at Thrillophilia curate these packages keeping in mind the latest travel trends, and can also customize it according to your preferences.

Thrillophilia’s California Packages offer you a chance to explore some of the best attractions and places and indulge in activities in this holiday destination. Whether you are travelling alone or with your near and dear ones, the packages are available at reasonable costs. You can also choose to include other places and activities in the already available packages if you wish to, for a more unique experience. Plan a Californian holiday with Thrillophilia and experience the ultimate thrill and adventure of this place.

Best Time For California Tour:

California is an all-year-round destination. The best time to plan and book California tour packages entirely depends upon the seasonal preferences of the visitors. There are three main seasons- peak, shoulder, and waning season offering different and unique experiences to the visitors.

1. Peak Season (Jun to Aug): The months from June to August offer an ideal time to go on sightseeing tours in California. Some of the iconic destinations you can visit during the season include Disneyland as well as the happening cities of San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Participate in vibrant festivals such as Summer Fest and Long Beach Jazz Festival, enjoy warm weather, and visit bustling attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Joshua Tree National Park. Soak in the lively atmosphere during the season, and make the most of the state's diverse offerings - from stunning beaches to picturesque national parks.

2. Shoulder Season (Mar-May and Sep-Oct): Consider visiting California during the shoulder seasons during fall (September-October) and spring (March to May), for a perfect blend of comfortable weather and fewer crowds. Experience mild temperatures, making it ideal for exploring cities, coastal areas, and natural wonders. With California trip packages, enjoy the bonus of lower accommodation rates and fewer tourists, creating a more relaxed and budget-friendly travel experience.

3. Waning Season (Nov to Feb): For those seeking tranquillity and scenic beauty, California's winter season (November to February), offers a unique charm. In some coastal areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco, you can enjoy beaches amidst mild weather conditions. Also, mountain regions in California become picturesque winter wonderlands offering you a unique experience. During California tours, enjoy cosy retreats, winter sports as well as festive holiday celebrations, and get a chance to explore popular sites without the usual crowds.

How to Reach California:

By Air: For travelling to California from India, various direct and connecting flights are operating from major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Travellers can take direct flights to California from Mumbai and New Delhi. California tour packages are curated keeping in mind the flight times and give you seamless airport transfers. 

Direct Flights:

  • To California:
  • From: Mumbai, New Delhi
  • Major Airlines: Air India

Places to Visit on California Trip:

Here are the best places to visit in California:

1. Yosemite National Park

One of the best places to visit during your California Tour Packages is the stunning Yosemite National Park. Situated in the majestic mountains of Sierra Nevada, this world-famous park is known for its unique black and white landscapes. Sprawling across 1,200 square miles, the park is home to verdant valleys, tranquil wilderness and wildflower meadows, in addition to pristine waterfalls, thereby exuding tranquillity and serenity. You can also catch glimpses of various species of plants and animals here, along with granite monoliths and sequoia forests.

Location: Tioga Rd Hwy 120 & Hwy 140 Yosemite National Park, CA 95389

2. Lake Tahoe

Situated in the city of Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a famous alpine lake and a popular spot for enjoying picnics, relaxation and other activities. Home to beautiful ski resorts, Lake Tahoe also boasts of many nature and hiking trails and serene beaches, among other things. Some of the most popular attractions around lake Tahoe include the Sand Harbour Beach, the Spooner Lake and the Tahoe Rim Trail. In addition to boating in the lake, you can also spend some time exploring the historical towns, restaurants and pubs and other things around the lake.

Location: California-Nevada Border, North Sierra Nevada

3. Joshua Tree National Park

Your California Tour is incomplete without a visit to the Joshua Tree National Park in the southern region of the country. Tucked in amidst two deserts, this national park is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. The park is known for its surreal terrains and vast wilderness that is sure to amaze you. The park gets its name from the huge Joshua Trees that have huge leaves and zig-zag branches, in addition to having somewhat of a biblical significance. The park is a great place to enjoy hiking, camping, bird watching and rock climbing, among other activities.

Location: 6554 Park Boulevard, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

4. Death Valley National Park

Situated across the California-Nevada border, towards the east of Sierra Nevada, the Death Valley National Park is known as the hottest and driest place in all of North America, in addition to having the lowest elevation in the entire continent. Regardless, the park is also home to lush biodiversity. It is here where you can find towering snow-capped mountains, and vast meadows of wildflowers during the rare cases of rainfalls. The oasis in the park are home to numerous tiny fish species and wildlife animals.

Location: Death Valley, CA 92328

5. Palm Springs

The next stop in your California Packages should definitely be Palm Springs. Known for its swaying palm trees and surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains, this place is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. A great place to visit in California, Palm Springs is also a popular vacation spot for celebrities all around the world, and is famous for its beautiful landscapes, sceneries and relatively warm weather. From golf courses, gourmet restaurants and luxurious resorts, to hiking trails, museums and shopping destinations, Palm Spring has it all.

Location: Riverside County, California

6. Carmel by the sea

This place used to be an erstwhile artists’ colony and is situated to the south of Monterey Bay along the Pacific Coast Highway, and should be a part of your California Tour Packages. Tucked amidst majestic cliffs and stunning hills, this town remains popular among those looking for relaxation and inspiration, including poets, artists and writers. Boasting of spectacular natural vistas and landscapes, the town exudes a quaint ambience and has many cosy cottages, old houses, art galleries and more. You can also spend time exploring the cafes, boutique shops, restaurants and inns that dot the town.

Location: Monterey, California

7. Big Sur

Located between the Carmel Highlands and San Simeon, Big Sur is a 90-mile stretch of mountainous coastline that you must definitely visit during your California Tour Packages. One of the best places for a west coast road trip, Big Sur is also known for its daunting hairpin bends overlooking the roaring waves of the ocean. The entire stretch of road is characterised by rugged ocean cliffs, forests of redwood trees and nature trails. You can also visit the famous Hearst Castle towards the southernmost point of Big Sur.

Location: Monterey, California 93920

8. Sequoia National Park

Located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Sequoia National Park is known all around the world for its enormous sequoia trees that grow to be more than 90 metres tall with trunks that are almost 30 metres wide. Established in the year 1890, this national park is also the abode of Mount Whitney, which is said to be the highest point in the United States of America. You can also spot many different wildlife species in the park, from bobcats and Gray foxes, to the mule deer and bears. And if you are lucky enough, you can also spot mountain lions or the bighorn sheep here.

Location: 47050 Generals Highway, Three Rivers, CA 93271

9. Anaheim-Disneyland

Situated in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Anaheim-Disneyland is one of the most famous attractions and places to visit in your California Tour Packages. Popular amongst kids as well as adults, Disneyland attracts millions of visitors every year and is home to exciting and exhilarating rides with themes revolving around fairy tales and Disney characters. There are numerous entertainment opportunities here for you to enjoy as well. In addition to enjoying the rides, you can also indulge in shopping, tucking in on delicious snacks and food, or even spending a night or two at the hotels here.

Location: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

10. Santa Barbara

One of the best seaside cities to visit in southern California is Santa Barbara. Tucked in between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this coastal city is known for its mountainous backdrops, pristine beaches and a warm climate, often giving it the name of the America Riviera. It is here where you can enjoy relaxing strolls in verdant parks, or stay at one of the charming Spanish-style buildings. You can also visit the famous Old Mission, and soak in the stunning architecture, flower gardens and ancient artworks.

Location: California

Things to do on California Tour:

1. Road Trip Big Sur: One of the best things to do during your tour of California is to go on a road trip in Big Sur. This 90-mile stretch of mountainous coastline is known for its unspoilt beauty, offering picturesque views of the ocean. Start your road trip from the south of Carmel and reach San Simeon through numerous hairpin turns, whilst you soak in views of the rugged ocean cliffs and dense redwood forests. This road trip is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences that you will have in your lifetime, as you feel the warm ocean breeze in your face with the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean offering a soothing lullaby.

Location: Monterey, California 93920

2. Visit the Hollywood Sign: Include a visit to the legendary Hollywood Sign in your California Tour Packages. Take a hike or simply drive to the sign that hangs large over the city of Los Angeles in California, as a symbol of fame, fortune and success. Erected in the early 1920s, the sign is also located near to the Griffith Park Observatory, which you can pay a visit to as well.

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90068

3. Explore Mono Lake’s Astonishing Tufa’s: Wish to experience the feeling of being on Mars while enjoying your California Packages? Visit Mono Lake Tufa State National Preserve on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and get to see the ghostlike tifa's towering high up above you. This million-year-old lake is surrounded by these tufa’s, which offer a sight like no other. The Mono Lake is a unique ecosystem, which is sure to amaze you during your visit. Explore these astonishing tifa's on kayaks or take a walk along the tifa's during the sunset, the experience is sure to be unique.

Location: Mono County, California

4. A trip to Anza Borrego Desert: Head to the Anza Borrego Desert during your Californian holiday and get to see the largest state park in the country, which consists of a desert terrain and is home to numerous sandy hills, oases, twisting canyons and is dotted with cacti. It is here where you can find the native bighorn sheep in abundance. Known to have been formed due to continual natural actions of flash floods, seismic activity as well as erosion, the desert can be explored on foot or in an adventurous open 4WD vehicle.

Location: 200 Palm Canyon Dr, Borrego Springs, CA 92004, United States

6. Paddle Board on Lake Tahoe: Enjoy paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe during your California Tour and explore this pristine lake in a more unique way. Known for its brilliant turquoise waters, Lake Tahoe is quite sublime and serene, and people from all over the world visit it to indulge in a variety of outdoor as well as adventure activities. However, you can get on a paddle board and explore the lake whilst soaking in the surrounding natural landscapes to enjoy the lake at its best.

Location: California-Nevada Border, North Sierra Nevada

7. Visit Joshua Tree National Park: This national park in California expands across 800,000 acres and is home to the unique Joshua Trees in the desert. Boasting of surreal landscapes, the park is home to a plethora of animals and plants which are sure to leave you in awe. Explore the park and get to see the Joshua Trees, in addition to animals like the bighorn sheep, coyotes, jack rabbits and more. You can also enjoy rock climbing in this park, or indulge in camping, hiking, birdwatching or stargazing here.

Location: 6554 Park Boulevard, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

8. Explore Danish Town of Solvang: Explore the Danish town of Solvang during your California Tour Packages and indulge in relaxation here. Located in the Santa Ynez Valley, this Danish village is known all over the country for having a Christmas-like ambience all round the year. With twinkling lights shining bright at night and baked goods fresh from the oven, Solvang is a 45-minute drive away from Santa Barbara and is a very vibrant place in California. You can enjoy numerous exciting activities, festivals, wine tasting tours and more here.

Location: Santa Ynez Valley, California

9. Visit the Carson Mansion: Located in Old Town in Eureka, this Victorian-era mansion used to be the home of William Carson. Considered to be the grandest Victorian home in all of America, this mansion is not just photographed a lot, but also spoken and written about quite a bit, owing to its architecture. Dating back to the late 19th century, this mansion boasts of stained-glass work, plasterwork as well as wood carved ornaments.

Location: 143 M St, Eureka, CA 95501

10. Visit Catalina Island: Complete your California Tour with a visit to the Catalina Island, known for its swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets, with the turquoise waves of the ocean acting as a stunning backdrop. Located off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is also a great place to spend a weekend. With luxurious ocean-facing resorts, abundance of water sports and activities, quaint cafes and restaurants, wine estate and exotic gardens, the island is a popular spot to get away from the bustling Californian streets.

Location: Gulf of Santa Catalina, Southern California

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California Tour faqs

Do we need a visa for California?

Yes, Indian citizens planning to visit California or any other part of the United States need a visa. They must apply for a U.S. tourist visa (B-2 visa) through the U.S. embassy or consulate in India. The visa application process involves various important documents and an interview to determine eligibility for entry.

How much does a visa to California cost?

The cost for a U.S. tourist visa (B-1/B-2) for Indians will be around $160-185( ₹13,000 - 15,540). It's crucial to check for any updates or changes in fees on the official U.S. Department of State website or with the U.S. embassy or consulate, as fees may be subject to change.

What is California famous for?

California is famous for its diverse landscapes, including the stunning coastline, redwood forests, and arid deserts. It is also renowned as the home of the entertainment industry(popularly known as Hollywood), Silicon Valley's tech hub, iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, and world-class wine regions like Napa Valley. With California travel packages, you can experience the laid-back lifestyle and the cultural diversity of this beautiful destination.

Is California safe for tourists?

Yes, California is a safe place for tourists. However, as is with any tourist destination, it is recommended to remain vigilant of your surroundings while keeping a close eye on your personal belongings during your holiday in California.

Is California expensive?

No, California is not that expensive. While some areas, especially metropolitan regions like San Francisco and Los Angeles, have a higher cost of living, there are more affordable cities such as Bakersfield, Eureka and Chico. California's diversity offers a range of living expenses, allowing individuals to find options that fit their budget and lifestyle.

What is the famous food to try in California?

1. Fish Tacos: With its extensive coastline, California is famous for excellent seafood. Fish tacos, often made with grilled or battered fish, cabbage, and flavorful sauces, are a popular coastal delicacy. The dish reflects the state's fusion of Mexican and American culinary influences.

2. Avocado Toast: California's abundance of avocados can be seen in the famous avocado toast. Mashed avocado on toasted bread, topped with various ingredients like poached eggs, radishes, or chilli flakes make a delicious dish. It represents the state's commitment to fresh, healthy, and flavorful cuisine.

3. Cioppino: Originating in San Francisco, Cioppino is a hearty seafood stew with a tomato-based broth. This Italian-American dish typically includes a medley of fish, shellfish, and sometimes crab, reflecting the state's maritime heritage.

4. California Roll: A sushi innovation that originated in Los Angeles, the California Roll includes avocado, crab or imitation crab, and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and rice. Its popularity has spread worldwide, showcasing California's role in culinary trends.

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