Things to Do in Morocco

What to Do in Morocco

Explore Casablanca, See the Medina in Fez, Wander through Aït Benhaddou, Explore the city of Marrakech, See the Blue Village of Chefchaouen, Spend a few days in Tangier, Hike the Gorges of Dades and many more.

Literally known as the "place where the sun sets," this country has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a unique adventure, and rest assured, there are umpteen things to do in Morocco. Besides checking out nature's wonders located all across Morocco, you can indulge in some adventures as well. Be it horse-riding by the beach in Agadir or going on a camping trail along the Oasis trail - there’s something to do for all the days you spend in Morocco. For those who enjoy water sports, there’s water-skiing, sailing, canoeing and more.

While you will find yourself occupied marveling at the beautiful sights that the country has to offer, top among the activities to do in Morocco also includes taking a trip down the local markets, which will compliment your experience as a whole. Still, looking for a reason to visit Morocco? One country that has been romanticized the most, a quaint, cultural burst of life awaiting its visitors at the Atlantic Coast border and the Mediterranean sea of North Africa.

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Lying on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco, Asilah is known popularly for its beaches and white-washed street walls adorned with colourful murals. This town is also famous for its quaint restaurants that serve the best tortillas, rioja, and paella. Packed with picturesque beaches that offer excellent surfing and swimming opportunities, Asilah is also one of the best Morocco places to visit to beat the heat and receives peak crowds during the summers.

While you are in the fascinating coastal town of Asilah, you can click pictures against the artwork walls, go biking along the picturesque promenade, and shop your heart out in the souk. You can also seek blessings at the Church of San Bartolome and marvel at El-Hamra tower.

Location: Atlantic Coast, Morocco 

Highlights: Paradise Beach, Aplanos, Asilah Festival
High Atlas
Also referred to as the Grand Atlas, High Atlas, the highest mountain range of North Africa is one of the most recommended places to visit in Morocco for trekkers. This mountain range diagonally stretches 1000 kilometers across the country with its sharp Jurassic peaks acting as a barrier between the infringing Sahara and the calm Mediterranean weather. The high altitudes of the mountain receive heavy snowfall during the winters and offer excellent winter sports opportunities, such as skiing and snowboarding.

The High Atlas will also impress you with its postcard-perfect kasbahs, including Telouet, Ouarzazate, Tifoultoute, and Ait Ben Haddou. Other scenic attractions in High Atlas include the cascading Ouzoud Waterfalls and the gorgeous Dades Valley.

Location: Central Morocco, North Africa

Highlights: Jebel Toubkal, Toubkal National Park, Tizi n’Test Pass
The former fishing village of Essaouira is known popularly for serving as the shooting site for several episodes of the famous TV series, the “Game of Thrones”. Flaunting rich culture, music, and history, this rustic town offers you peace and flamboyance, away from the monotonous city life. One of the important attractions of Essaouira are its idiosyncratic cafes that offer excellent local dishes and champagne along with live piano music.

Packed with a number of gorgeous beaches, this town is also one of the top places to visit in Morocco for enjoying adrenaline-fueled watersports, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. Essaouira is also a great destination to shop for amazing souvenirs including fresh fish, handicrafts, and argan oil.

Location: Atlantic Coast, Morocco

Highlights: Essaouira Citadel, Gnaoua World Music Festival, stunning ramparts
Sahara Desert
The mighty, golden Sahara Desert is one of the most off-centric places to visit in Morocco, flaunting stunning giant dunes, the fiery sun, rugged stone plateaus, and fascinating camels. A journey to this gigantic desert will treat your eyes with the virgin scenic beauties of remote kasbahs, palm-forested valleys, and almond and hazelnut orchards.

Touring the Sahara Desert can never be complete without exploring the two important Saharan dune systems, Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga in a 4x4 vehicle or on the comeback. You can also soak in the breathtaking views of the picture-perfect Draa Valley. You can go camping in the desert and spend the evening enjoying bonfire and stargazing.

Highlights: Desert safari, stargazing, Saharan dune systems
Oudaias Kasbah
One of the most picturesque places in Morocco, Udaias Kasbah is known famously for its relaxed atmosphere and peaceful vibes. Flaunting typical Moroccan style architectural design, this ancient fortress has high walls surrounding the beautiful blue and white houses that lie inside.

Most of these houses were constrcuted by the Spanish Muslim refugees in the bygone days. You can also spot the breathtaking Andalusian Gardens that adorn the southern edge of Oudaias Kasbah and serve as an excellent hangout place. Oudaias Kasbah is also home to an intriguing museum and the oldest mosque of Rabat.

Location: Lot Abtal Numero 37 Temara، Rabat 12000, Morocco

Highlights: White and blue houses, Andalusian Gardens, winding streets
The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Volubilis is an ever-charming, well-preserved Roman city. This place is packed with a number of majestic heritage buildings and gorgeous mosaics. There is a small intriguing museum here, which is famed to be sheltering some of the oldest discoveries of this ancient city, including fine bronze objects. The rich olive gardens and the age-old olive presses are worth a walk through for every tourist.

The remnants of the Galen's Thermal Baths also form a prime attraction in Volubilis and showcase the intelligent underfloor heating technique. Dating back to 218 and dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, the Capitol is also a remarkable site with the 1300 square meter Forum and the Basilica lying on its north.

Location: Mauretania, Morocco

Highlights: Galen's Thermal Baths, Triumphal Arch, House of Orpheus
Dades Valley
Packed with the stunning rose valleys, quaint kasbahs, and rustic nomad crossings, Dades Valley is one of the most sought-after Morocco tourist places. Nicknamed as the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs, this majestic valley features the rocky Jebel Saghro range on its south and the imposing High Atlas on its north.

One can enjoy the most spectacular views of this region by taking a walk through the trail between the gorges of Dades and Todra. While you are in Dades Valley, remember to explore the unique rock outcrops and fossils. You can also pay a visit to Skoura Palmeraie, which is a UNESCO-protected palmeraie, full of beautiful green palm groves. 

Highlights: Breathtaking panoramic views, old kasbahs, Todra Gorge
Ait Ben Haddou
Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, Aït Ben Haddou is a fortified village lying in the southeastern of Morocco. Dating back to 1000 years and flaunting a brilliant architecture, this place has served as the shooting set for a plethora of iconic Hollywood movies, including Game of Thrones, Lawrence of Arabia, Prince of Persia, and Gladiator.

Considered to be the biggest kasbah of Morocco, this mud city is packed with quaint age-old houses, rugged lunar landscapes, lovely cafes, and colourful souvenir shops. The timeless ruins sheltered here offer an insight into the awe-inspiring Moroccan architecture and the rich rich Moroccan culture.

Highlights: Historical remains, picturesque views, ancient vibes
Rose Valley
Offering an enchanting amalgamation of green environs, snow-clad Atlas Mountains, clear blue waters, and vast expanses of fig and olive trees, the picturesque Rose Valley is one of the most iconic places to visit in Morocco. As its name suggests, the entire Rose Valley is shrouded with a huge carpet of pink roses that fill the atmosphere with their rich fragrance.

The valley is also packed with fruity-smelling pomegranate, orange, dates, and fig orchards. While you are in Rose Valley, you can spend time enjoying trekking and shopping for rosewater and rose oil.

Location: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Highlights: Rose gardens, trekking, plantation walks, nature photography, Festival of Roses
Lying in the southern part of Morocco, Dakhla presents a breathtaking blend of the Sahara sands and the Atlantic waters. One of the most scenic places to visit in Morocco, Dakhla is the perfect paradise for the leisure seekers. The excellent waves of the photogenic beaches here offer the adrenaline seekers the chance to indulge in a myriad of exhilarating water activities, such as wakeboarding, kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Dakhla is also known famously for its exotic seafood delicacies, including grilled prawns, fish carpaccio, spicy crabs, and exotic shrimps. This place is also famed for its traditional Moroccon spa therapies that are practiced using natural products with soothing music playing in the backdrop.

Location: Oued Ed-Dahab Province, Morocco

Highlights: Watersports, Moroccon spa, fresh seafood
Toubkal National Park
Lying near Marrakech, the Toubkal National Park propels nature lovers with its fresh cool mountain air and the  snow-clad Jebel Toubkal. With the 4176 meters high Mount Jebel Toubkal lying in its center, this national park offers excellent hiking opportunities. The hiking trail starts from Imlil village, which is packed with quaint cafes, small shops, and cheerful locals.

The summit of the mountain offers mesmerizing panoramic views of wobbling mountain tops and rolling hills. The entire area of this breathtaking national is shrouded with lush forests of Atlas Cedar, Aleppo pine, Kermes Oak, Juniper, Holm-oak, Argan, and Carob. 

Location: Tubqal, Rue Toubkal, Al Aaroui, Morocco

Highlights: Trekking
Sidi Ifni
One of the least explored Morocco tourist places, Sidi Ifni is known famously for its stunning Art Deco architectural marvels and typical Spanish vibes. This place was surrendered by Spain to Morocco back in 1969 and the faded art deco structures are still evident of the haunting colonial ambitions. This place served as the center for slave trading in the times gone by. It was also used as a fish exporting hub by Spain in the later period.

Once dusk takes over the place, Sidi Ifni seems like a beautiful mystic outpost. The entire town has been painted in white and blue and the locals show amazing support for the Spanish football teams. One can also hear loud Spanish music playing in the quaint cafes of this place. The amazing Atlantic waves of the beaches of Sidi Ifni call for the avid surfers.

Location: Sidi Ifni Province, Morocco

Highlights: Spanish colonial feels, Art deco buildings, surf beaches
Lying in the southern part of Morocco, Merzouga is one of the most ideal places in Morocco for your desert fantasies. Lying near the Algerian border, this small town is a getaway for the stunning Erg Chebbi. The desert of Merouga offers excellent camping opportunities, letting you enjoy stargazing like never before.

One can also pay a visit to Dayet Srji, which is a picturesque seasonal salt lake, lying on the west of Merzouga. This place lets you spot a host of colourful desert birds and migratory avians, including flamingoes. You can also enjoy a sunset camel ride or go sandboarding. 

Location: Errachidia Province, Morocco

Highlights: Desert camping, stargazing, camel ride
Hassan Ii Mosque
Featuring 60 storeys, the 210 meters tall Hassan II Mosque is considered to be the highest minaret of the world. Constructed during the rule of King Hassan II, this minaret is set overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean. The construction work of this mosque started in 1986 and around 6,000 brilliant craftsmen worked day and night to complete the building by 30th August 1993, the eve of the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad.

Also open to non-muslim devotees, this magnificent mosque has the capacity to accommodate a total of 25,000 people at a single time. The surrounding courtyards have enough space to accommodate additional 80,000 devotees.

Location: Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca 20000, Morocco

Highlights: Typical Moorish architecture

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Morocco Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Morocco?

1. Explore Casablanca: Casablanca has received a lot of attention, especially after it started featuring in major Hollywood movies – the most recent one being 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.' The city is home to some of the most spectacular mosques globally. It offers tonnes of activities to do in Morocco.

There's a burgeoning Art scene reflecting all throughout the city – be it through the many modern pieces showcased by Moroccan artists in famous galleries like the Transcultural Slaughterhouse or Loft or the architectural wonders that occupy the corners – a great example of this would be the Art Deco building.

2. See the Medina in Fez: The Medina in Fez has a significant presence, so it makes sense for it to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The building has existed since the 9th century. It is also home to one of the oldest universities in the world, Fez.

The structure received maximum prominence under the rule of Marinids during the 13th and 14th centuries. Fez later replaced Marrakesh as the capital of Morocco. Although at a later stage Fez was replaced by Rabat as the capital – it continues to retain its spiritual essence and thus, tops the list of things to do in Morocco.

3. Wander through Aït Benhaddou: If you're wondering what to do in Morocco? You really don't need to. Marrakesh and Sudan have a trade route, and just between them lies the city of Aït Benhaddou. Famous for fortified villages, it has been thriving since the 8th century. It was often subject to a lot of bandits trying to loot the place.

Therefore, high-rising defensive walls were built around the city to ensure its protection – which can still be found to date. The majority of the town represents olden characteristics, kept intact by the Government to preserve history. Visiting this place should definitely be on your list of activities to do in Morocco.

4. Explore the city of Marrakech: It's time for you to experience luxury. When we refer to luxury, we are indicating Marrakech. Known as the city of luxury, the city is home to some of the world's most extravagant palaces.

Top in the list of things to do in Morocco, be sure to take a quick trip to the Mamounia and its enchanting gardens, the luxurious Royal Mansour hammam, and most of all, taste the local delicacies offered at the glamorous Namaskar Palace. You can even look to book exclusive Desert-side experiences wherein you'll find yourself stargazing in the middle of a desert.

5. See the Blue Village of Chefchaouen: Founded back in 1471, Chefchaouen is named the Blue Village because 90% of the buildings, houses, and shops in the city are blue in color. The region was initially discovered by the Jews and the Moors, who were fleeing Spain.

There are many reasons why the town was painted Blue, chief among them stating that the color blue was understood to represent the sea and helped keep the mosquitos away. Whatever may be the reason – the color itself makes for a scenic and fascinating visual for tourists, topping the activities to do in Morocco.

6. Spend a few days in Tangier: Presenting to you another old gold example from Morocco – the city of Tangier, which is over 2,500 years old. The town is filled with a diverse mix of cultures, owing to its location. Situated on the Strait of Gibraltar, the city is easily accessible through Europe.

It is, thus, home to many different cultures and religions. Tangier is known as the White City. The credit goes to the immaculate white houses lined across the region that must be present in your things to do in Morocco list. While you're at it, do check out the Hercules Caves.

7. Hike the Gorges of Dades: There's a local saying that goes around in Gorges of Dades. It says the wind has a son who lives in Gorges of Dades, and time and again, the wind rips a visit down the valley to visit his son. The Gorges of Dades represents a vast landscape filled with high-rise rocks and zigzag layers of mountains that are red in color.

While the valley looks like this most times of the year, it especially stands out during springtime when there are fields of wheat and trees growing around. Hiking through these magnificent valleys is prime when it comes to activities to do in Morocco.

8. Visit Moulay Idriss Zerhoun: Located in the Northern part of Morocco, Moulay Idriss Zerhoun holds religious importance. The first central Islamic ruler of Morocco, Idris I, is hailing from this city, and his tomb currently resides there. Another prominent and olden-age mosque built back in 1939, the Sentissi Mosque, is also located in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun.

An interesting fact about the mosque is that it is the only structure in the whole of Morocco that has a cylindrical minaret with green tiles, white Kufic-style Arabic letters, and white-washed tiles. Make sure you tick it off your list of things to do in Morocco.

9. See the gorgeous Ouzoud Waterfall: Ouzoud Waterfall still remains to be the least crowded tourist attraction in Morocco. Still, it should be on top of your list regarding activities to do in Morocco. It will absolutely win any nature-lover's heart. At 330 feet, Ouzoud Waterfall is the second tallest waterfall in Africa.

Free for public use, one can go take a dip and swim around the waterfall and enjoy the sounds of nature with birds chirping away at a distance. Beware though, there are monkeys around too, and while they may appear friendly, it's important to maintain caution.

10. See the arches of Legzira beach: Sitting between the regions of Mirleft and Sidi is the beach of Legzira. Not only is the beach wide, stretching at 8 kilometers, but it is also home to two large-sized stone arches that were historically formed after consistent erosion took place over the past years.

They really make the beach stand out, with stunning visuals that appear during high-tides as the waves crash against the mammoth rocks. A lot of local life can be found in and around the region. Trying out the regional cuisines is also a must-do when it comes to things to do in Morocco.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Morocco?

1. Horse-riding at Agadir Beach Ranch: Wondering what to do in Morocco? Go horse-riding on a beach! Located roughly 300 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean lies the Agadir Beach Ranch, where you can opt for horse-riding.

2. Camel-riding on the Sahara Desert: What better than taking a ride atop a camel through the never-ending golden sand dunes of the Sahara Desert? End your day by having a luxurious dinner under the stars.

3. Mountain climbing on the Central Atlas Mt: If you love adventure and are a nature-lover, then this is perfect among the things to do in Morocco. The magnificent views of the Central Atlas Mountain are sure to win you over, so be sure to bring your hiking boots along to your trip to Morocco.

4. Camping along the Oasis Trail: A true desert-adventure awaits you along the Oasis Trail. In these situations, the mode of transport is often the Arab-Berber stallions with guides who will walk you through unique destinations.

5. Wind-surfing at Agadir: While Morocco is filled with surf spots all across, among the best ones is Agadir. The reason behind this? It is secluded, offering you a personalized experience. There are classes arranged especially for those who are not highly experienced at wind-surfing.

What are the best things to do in Morocco at night?

1. Check out the spectacular show Djemaa el Fna in Medina: Medina in itself is the kind of city that you must absolutely check out at night should be on your list of things to do in Morocco.

2. Spend the night tenting in Erg Chebbi dunes: Erg Chebbi dunes are located in Merzouga Desert and are accessible all year long. Watch the sunset on the horizon and sleep in a tent under the stars.

3. Night culinary tour through Marrakech: Savoury or sweet – whatever may be your favorite, Marrakech is filled with authentic local food eateries that will take your taste buds on a delightful trip.

4. Enjoy live music and belly dancing at Cabarets: Nothing like listening to the local folklore while enjoying impressive belly dancing performances at Cabarets when it comes to activities to do in Morocco. Another major highlight is the 'Funtasia' night, a combination of live music and dancing but amidst decorated tents.

5. Drinks on Jardin de la Koutoubia Hotel: The Jardin de la Koutoubia hotel overlooks Koutoubia Mosque, and the rooftop bar offers an exciting experience for you, thus an important item to check off in your list of things to do in Morocco.

What are the best things to do in Morocco for couples?

1. Indulge in a relaxing Marrakech couple's massage: Nothing beats relaxing along with your loved one through a typical Marrakech-style massage followed by a Turkish bath.

2. Walk alongside Seafront Promenade at Agadir: What's more romantic than walking hand-in-hand along the seafront in Agadir. The Seafront Promenade is a centre piece of Agadir.

3. Indulge in local delicacies at local Moroccan markets: The Moroccan cuisine is sure to tingle your taste buds, followed by amazing local desserts and the most popular Turkish mint tea to top it all off.

4. Check out the Saadian Tombs: Morocco is home to rich culture and history, and nothing's more enjoyable than learning more about the country along with your partner.

5. Dinner under the stars at Agafay Desert: If you want to escape the hustle-bustle of the city, there's a desert located not too far off from Marrakech that offers you the quiet and serene that you're craving for.

What are the best water sports one can experience in Morocco?

1. Kitesurfing at Essaouira Beach: The ultimate extreme water sport that combines all adventures in one, including surfing, sailing, snowboarding, and paragliding, known as kitesurfing, is available for you at Essaouira Beach.

2. Jet-skiing at Marrakech: Pick up your personal watercraft and take it on an adventurous ride through the numerous seas surrounding Marrakech.

3. Surfing camp at Agadir: This is perfect for beginners who are wanting to opt for surfing lessons. A 7-day surfing camp won't make you an expert but will surely bring you close to being one.

4. Scuba-diving at Dar Bouazza: Morocco has a wealth of diverse marine life that is worth checking out, so put on your protective gear and allow yourself to completely immerse in the scuba-diving experience.

5. White water rafting in the middle of High Atlas Mountain: Top among the unique things to do in Morocco white water rafting right in the middle of the grand High Atlas Mountains.

How to reach Morocco?

Flight: The quickest way for you to get to Morocco is naturally via flight. The country is well linked with major airports.

Ferry: If you want a more unique experience, you can pick up a ferry from Spain or Gibraltar to take you to Morocco.

Drive: You could drive down from Ireland or Britain; however, it will require you to sail after all.

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

The best experience you must visit Morocco during spring or autumn is between March-May and September-October.

Is Morocco safe?

The crime rate in Morocco is low. Morocco is a highly safe country to visit, and it is improbable that you'd be harmed during your visit.

What is Morocco known for?

Besides the spectacular wonders of nature existing in the country, there's a lot of history to be explored. Of course, shopping at the local Souks (markets) is among the unique things to do in Morocco.

What to buy in Morocco?

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit Morocco. There are many local goodies that you must take ownership of while you're visiting. Some of the things you must buy include Moroccan leather, Argan oil, lanterns, rugs and carpets, and pottery items.

How to reach Morocco from India?

By air: Traveling by air to Morocco is perhaps the most common and the most practical option you can choose. There are nearly 15 airports available in the country – each one of them is connected through India. However, the city of Marrakech is the most famous one – being the capital of Morocco and its central location.

How many days do you need in Morocco?

Spending at least 13 days in Morocco is highly recommended so that you can spend enough time in each of the primary cities. There's so much for you to explore, and of course, one trip won't cover it all. However, we want to ensure that you experience the best of all in your journey, and you will need plenty of time for that.

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