Volubilis Overview
The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Volubilis is an ever-charming, well-preserved Roman city. This place is packed with a number of majestic heritage buildings and gorgeous mosaics. There is a small intriguing museum here, which is famed to be sheltering some of the oldest discoveries of this ancient city, including fine bronze objects. The rich olive gardens and the age-old olive presses are worth a walk through for every tourist.

The remnants of the Galen's Thermal Baths also form a prime attraction in Volubilis and showcase the intelligent underfloor heating technique. Dating back to 218 and dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, the Capitol is also a remarkable site with the 1300 square meter Forum and the Basilica lying on its north.

Location: Mauretania, Morocco

Highlights: Galen's Thermal Baths, Triumphal Arch, House of Orpheus
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