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About Zagreb
The flamboyant metropolis of Zagreb happens to be the capital and largest city of Croatia. Lying in the northwestern part of the country, this city came into existence in the 2nd century AD, when Hungarian King Ladislaus established its first diocese. At the present day, the cosmopolitan city of Zagreb makes for the centre of the government, academics, and culture of Croatia. The entire city of Zagreb is categorized into three parts - the Lower Town, the Upper Town, and New Zagreb.

The Upper Town is the historical hub of the city, which will impress you with majestic palaces, medieval churches, and quaint cobblestone streets. The Lower Town is packed with modern theatres, lush parks, and swanky cafes and restaurants. With towering skyscrapers and elegant buildings, New Zagreb is the industrial and commercial hub of the city. Zagreb is home to some of the most famous places to visit in Croatia.

It has beautiful heritage sites, including Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury, Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Mimara, The Croatian National Theatre, The Croatian Museum of Naive Art, and The Art Pavilion and the Mestrovic Gallery. While you are in Zagreb, you can engage in a number of activities, including sightseeing tours and cultural walks. You can also unwind and relax in the peaceful, green surroundings of the Zagreb Botanical Garden and the Maksimir Park. Zagreb enjoys warm weather with periodic rains. The most ideal time for visiting Zagreb city is between the months of April and September.
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