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Gomphu Kora Festival

Gomphu Kora festival is a three day religious festival which is popular not only for the local tribes but also among Dakpa tribe from the neighboring Arunachal Pradesh. Gomphu means Meditation Cave. According to the locals the name came into existence from a cave made of rock face where there is also a temple which is built to pay tribute to this location.

The festival comprises of many local tradition and customs. According to a popular song played here by the locals one should go round the cave today or may be tomorrow would be too late. It is a symbol of the victory of good over evil. The place seems too come alive during the festive days and the blessing at this time is considered extremely pious and that is why thousands of devotees travel during that time.


: Sight of Meditation cave

Festival time
: In the month of March

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

It can be one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Bhutan because this Sakteng Sanctuary was apparently established to shelter the infamous snow mountain men ‘Yeti’ or ‘Migoi’. Albeit the character has not yet been witnessed by the tourists, the villagers claim to have seen their footprints at night. The landscape is shadowed by broad stretch of rhododendrons trees.

The park looks spectacular during the spring season when the landscape is adorned with colourful blooms of Blue Poppy, rhododendrons, gentia etc. Satkeng wildlife sanctuary preserves the most isolated semi nomadic tribe, Brokpas who are not very friendly with tourists.

: Capture with your camera snow leopards, red fox, barking deer, Hoary Bellied Himalayan Squirrels during your traverse in the forest; bird watching is allowed and you shall get to see blood pheasants, grey headed woodpecker, dark breasted rose finch, grey backed shrike during your jaunt.

: Trashigang.

Best seasons
: March to September

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What You Should Know More About Trashigang

  • Q. Travel advice

    ·         Bhutan, being not a developed nation, is still a strict follower of age old customs and they are very particular about their culture. Do not disrespect them or their culture. Be a good guest and they will surely be a great host.

    ·         Bhutan is pretty low in crimes. But pickpockets might be common in a few busy areas. Keep your belongings and costly stuffs safe.

    ·         Dress modestly before visiting the monasteries.

    ·         Confirm with the authorities before doing photography inside the monasteries.

    ·         Carry a torch after sunset. Bhutan faces power cuts anytime.

    ·         Don’t plan outing at night. The hilly areas might get dangerous.

    ·         Carry your medicines with you from your home. You might not find pharmacies everywhere.

    ·         Pack your bags with heaviest woollens as Bhutan has a chilling weather. During the winters you will encounter heavy snowfalls.

    ·         If you like going for trekking, carry your special trekking boots.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    The minimum age of liquor consumption in Bhutan is 18 years. If you are younger, don’t risk yourself by consuming alcohol. 

  • Q. Our recommendations-things you can’t afford to miss?

    Gomphu Kora

    Gomphu Kora is a beautifully constructed Buddhist monastery in the lap of nature. The lush greenery all around will please you so much that it would be terribly tough for you to walk away from this place. This monastery is situated on the way to Yangtse. It is said that Guru Rinpoche meditated in this temple to defeat a demon. With captivating surroundings, it is situated on the bank of River Gamri Chhu. Inside, you will see beautiful paintings based on Buddhism. The entire place is enchanting and peaceful.

    Trashigang Dzong

    This is a beautiful fort constructed in around 1659. Strategically built to defeat the Tibetan invaders, this fort is now a great tourist spot in eastern Bhutan. Upon seeing from a far off distance, the fort seems to be floating in the air, as it is situated atop a hill, which scared the invaders and they fled away. You must visit this Dzong if you are in east Bhutan.

    Chorten Kora

    A few kilometres away from Trashigang, Chorten Kora is situated in Trashiyangtse, on the bank of Kulong Chu River. This beautiful white Buddhist temple was created to defeat a demon, believed to be residing in the place where the temple is standing now. Annual festivals are held in the temple compound and a lot of pilgrims pay a visit to this sacred place from not only Bhutan, but also India.

    Rangjung Woesel Chokling Monastery

    This is a beautiful newly built monastery in Rangjung. This monastery was established as a centre of studying Buddhism. As the poor Bhutanese parents cannot send their children for studying Buddhism in India or Nepal, they enrol them in this monastery. The interior of the monastery is colourful and a treat to watch.


    This is a beautiful village in Trashigang district. It is basically famous for Sakteng Wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is a home to a large number of bird species such as the Black rumped magpie. The sanctuary was mainly created with an objective to reserve the migoi, a type of cryptid.


    If you love bird-watching, you must visit the tiny village of Khaling in Trashigang district. There are over 35 varieties of magnificent birds. Do not forget to carry your binoculars. Apart from bird-watching, the Khaling village is naturally picturesque with lofty hilly terrains. You can see the locals and their lifestyle there. To know more, have a chat with a local who will be able to tell you more about Bhutan and Trashigang.

    Sherubtse College

    This is the only college in the entire region under the Royal University of Bhutan. The college is small, yet really beautiful. Around 300 students are graduated every year, which are then absorbed by the Bhutan government mostly. 

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