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In Trashigang Dzongkhag district of eastern Bhuta, Murak valley is a pristine destination with unmatched scenic beauty and remains inhabited with people referred as Brokpas. The Brokpas are exceptionally rooted to their traditions and are quite secluded from the happenings of outside world. The culture of this place is unique and quite different from any other communities of Bhutan.

The Merak Tshechu is celebrated at Merak Lhakhang for a continuous three days and it provides a much needed break to the Brokpas from the monotonous life of cattle herding. Traditional dances and music are performed by the locals here to celebrate the occasion. Famous dance performance AcheLhamo is also performed during this festival. It is a unique spectacle and many visitors from other communities and travelers visit the festival to enjoy the beauty of the festival.

: Yak Dance performance

Festival time
: In the month of November

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